Any infringement of rights with DIY montage?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by gre8t_day, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. gre8t_day

    gre8t_day New Member

    Does anyone knows if DIY montage will have any issues with copyrights for songs or even animation clips?

  2. jrimagexpress

    jrimagexpress New Member

    To add on, even the photographer on photo montage/ videographer / cinematographer on express highlight did bought the lic to play during wedding dinner, the couples can't share it at blog/youtube/vimeo unless the couples bought the lic from the compass directly. Info was confirmed when we had the group conference with RIP/MPS/Compass. Pls don't take the risk before they use legal action.
  3. blinky03

    blinky03 New Member

    Yes, I agree. Don't wait for tough enforcement before compliance as I believe they are very serious about it this time and they won't hesitate to take action.

  4. blinky03

    blinky03 New Member

    Eugene, my PG, my PG warned me about it for my wedding and i decided it was not worth the cost... so I scrapped the idea of a montage.
  5. cookiekaya

    cookiekaya New Member

    I am glad that PG and VG are responsible.
  6. angjanice

    angjanice Member

    ya true true..better be safe and get companies to do wor than getting fined later. [​IMG]
  7. jacqurine

    jacqurine Member

    companies to do the photo montage, they will tends to pull up their price pretty high right?
  8. jrimagexpress

    jrimagexpress New Member

    Another way to save cost is to use copyright free song, as you can share the montage or final video production online freely...
  9. jacqurine

    jacqurine Member

    john: oh, how can go abt this?
  10. two_piece

    two_piece Member

    Hi John, there's such thing as copyright free songs?
  11. smilem

    smilem New Member

    isnt it DIY MOntage embeded with the original CD song, also cannt??
  12. meiguan

    meiguan New Member

  13. pocketpig

    pocketpig New Member

    thanks a lot mei guan, thanks for sharing ..
    one question, can we use the diy music we play? Also need to get license?
  14. huixian123

    huixian123 New Member

    if we were to use songs for montage which are from original cd, and we do not cut it, is that considered as an infringement?
  15. lovegreed

    lovegreed New Member

    saw the previous link for the list of VG in SGbride, now i am checking with one record company. List is gone. [​IMG]

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