Any help on teeth whitening for naturally yellow teeth?


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Hi burningfire,

the downside abt using whitening toothpaste is sensitivity in the long run.whitening toothpastes only removes external stains.if ur teeth are very yellowish due to coffee,tea,smoking,whitening toothpaste will only offer a little help as those stains are likely to be more internal stains than external stains.


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Ya I realized I cannot do whitening on my teeth cos my teeth sensitive too. Those whitening tooth paste does not Help much too


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hi jasmine,
wah means u need de dentist to desensitise u before u can do whitening. or use a product that wont cause too much sensitivity.
i did mine abt a week ago too, no feeling during treatment, sensitive for a few days after but used colgate prorelief so ok after a few days.


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I've used a lot of teeth whitening products and the colgate tooth whitener didn't really work for me. I'm currently living in the states and the drugstore brands of teeth whiteners actually work really well for me. I'm currently taking orders for Crest White 3D professional effects and seeing if i can ship it to Singapore. If anyone is interested in it, I have thread going on in the marketplace section under others. Look for "Crest White" and you're bound to find it!


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apple cider vinegar is another natural teeth whitener. It is mixed with some baking soda to form a paste which is then used to brush your teeth with. You can also make a more liquid mixture to use as a gargle. Once again, this can also be dangerous to your enamel if you use it improperly.


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i dont know why this is but....
my sister used to have this
and what she does is whitening her teeth
by mixing regular tooth paste with some bicarbonate soda
and then brushing your teeth with it her teeth are really white
even sometimes i do it , its completly safee and doesnt take any enamel of
your teeth , i even asked my dentist once


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I bought some whitening products from dental clinic and my teeth lightens 3 shades after using for a year on and off. letting go at more than half price, u can get a piece from me to try out first no harm. I paid $480 for first time to do the cleaning, impression and the whitening kit.lettin go at 10+ each only.


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go to the dentist directly. some whitening toothpase on the market will weaken teeth. Its better to have yellow teeth than no teeth at all lol


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You can make your teeth white by following some simple steps and make it your daily habit. Say for example you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. You can also use many natural products, like baking soda, coconut oil etc. I have gone through a blog couple of months ago. I followed them and the effect was seen from the second week after using them regularly. And now my teeth are white. Most important thing is that all those products are easily available at our home.


Can try the home kit whitening not too ex.. but like for about few weeks la. And my teeth turns really sensitive after about a week.. i stopped halfway.. but if u can stretch thru then i think not too bad..