Any good Thai food restaurant to recommend?


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I like Thai Express.
Variety is slightly different from others.


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Yup lemongrass is good and the food is delicious including their services.I attached the website for you to take a look at WWW.LEMONGRASS.COM.SG and you can apply the free discount card online and they will mail you the card by post.


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There is also no service charge that is what I like about it too. You may consider and try it out. I promise you won't regret.


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1. Patara (Tanglin mall)
2. Paddyfields (opposite Ikea)
3. Thanying (Amara hotel)
4. Supsip (Chun Tin Road - opposite Beauty World)
5. Renn Thai (Ngee Ann City - 4th floor)


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u r welcome Cecili...

i have a few to reocmmend if u r still interested...

Taste of Thailand at sembawang shopping centre, v v cheap thai food! less than $20 for 2 person meal....portion is big! No service charge as they r not really a restaurant.

Wang yin thai restaurant at Purvis Street, ex but v gd food too! yum yum!

BaliThai restaurant at IMM, abt $30+ for 2 person service and food

so far, like Lerk Thai best....they really have the most variety of thai food and desert there....portion is big and mid price too. abt $30+ only and 2 of us were so full untill we couldnt walk...kekekek :p goin to eat them next week again....


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you should try A-Roy Thai, it is really good. location - Funan & Siglap. I tried many thai restuarant, A-Roy Thai is my recommendation


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Patara Thai at Swissotel. They hv ala carte buffets (24 dishes to choose from + dessert buffet) on weekends for like $24+++ per pax. FOod's tasty and if you can eat alot, its a pretty decent deal.


I personally like Sup Sip (the one Mint recommended). It's a sister restaurant of Vis-a-Vis and located at Chun Tin Road, off Upper Bukit Timah Road where the stretch of eateries are. It's quite a quaint and classy place, and for its atmosphere, the prices are rather reasonable. About $20 - $25 per person a la carte.


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I would recommend the Thai food at Purvis St, the one that is along the stretch as Can cafe. Its right at the other end. No GST and Svc charge.
The other would be at Beach Road- Inside Golden Mile, the restaurant is near the toilet on the first floor. Price wise is reasonable.


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I would recommend "Paddyfield Restaurant" located in Alexandra , opposite IKEA.
The number is 64723833, the food is very good and is under Tong Tok group.


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Along Purvis street, there are about 3 thai eateries. The upmarket one is YhingThai Palace. Very good and not very cheap. They have another Yhingthai which is a cheaper version a few shops down the same street.

The most affordable one amongst the 3 is First Thai. Drinks about $3. One dish is $8 onwards. Not bad.


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There's 3 I patronize:

A-Roy Thai (@ funan centre)
- love their lemongrass salad. can't find it anywhere else.

Lemongrass (@ Heeren - got other branches too)
- their thai honey chicken and stir fried vermicelli are my faves.

Then there's one in Thomson Shopping Centre (opposite Hans)
- it's a small eatery which is cheap and good. their mango sticky rice cost only $3!


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I would like to continue...

The Thai restaurant at Funan 4th floor (I think)..

Oh! bladers already mentioned it 2 years ago.. I believe the restaurant is still around.

The best restaurant ever! We tried other Thai restaurant, but the taste still cannot beat the Funan one. The owner and the cook is from Thailand.. and she told us before that the spices she also bring in from Thailand.. Must try!


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hi all.

recently been to a new thai restaurant near beside Old Town White Coffee at upper bukit timah (opposite beautyworld).

prices are restaurant standards and the food are not bad. Interesting and new place worth a try


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i recommend Siamese Thai Restaurant is best restaurant with a variety of foods.
The price is good and affordable.


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We just tried out a new Thai restaurant on Pokrovka (about halfway down between Globus Gourmet and Pokrovskie Vorota, on the right, 'Tai'). It's been put where previously was the ZigZag.

Their menu shows pictures of all the dishes and levels of spicyness. Apart from the Thai name and one or two words indicating the type of meat or fish, there is no further description.

We were pleasantly surprised by the decoration, quite good and comfortable, primarily tables for 2 or 4. The prices are reasonable (although no business lunch), service for us was very quick. We chose a variety of soups and chicken, beef or pork dishes. Most of us liked spicy - so not just I the foreigner but all four of us enjoyed different levels of spicyness. Mine was a great, spicy mushroom soup; a colleague had a slightly less spicy mushroom coconutcream soup. My main dish - brought within minutes of receiving the soup - was just OK (beef) and not very spicy; one pork dish was especially flaming.

For lunch we ended up per person at approx 400-500 r each. Certainly we'll go back.


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You guys should try the thai food located at yishun industrial park, the food is superb and the price is damn cheap!