Any good sunblock to recommend?


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hi gals,

i'm looking for good sunblock for face and body but do not know which are good... As i play golf, will be under the hot sun... so afraid i'll become too dark or have uneven tones/patches on my body, will not look nice on wedding & evening gowns. heard that normal sbf50 sun block can only last for 2 hours. came across over the radio last time that there's a kind of pills to be consumed that work like a sun block, but couldn't find it at retail stores... anyone has came across this?


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Hi Alicia,
You may want to try Kiss me Sunkiller powder milk spf50+ pa+++.
Not oily, won't clog pores, mint feeling, not expensive and easy to keep.
They have wide range to choose from waterproof, green tea, clear water n etc..
This is my 1st tube, gog to get my 2nd after finished using it.

I'm using Nivea sun spray 20 for body. It is an active cell protection.

A few golf shop do sell Kiss me products. Or you can get it from watson.

For sunblock pill, you may need to check wif Guardian counter.


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Hi Ezan,

Thank u for your recommendation. The KIss Me products are for face or body?

I've checked with Guardian counter for the pills but the pharmacist there have never heard of such products before... but i'm quite sure i've heard of such products before over the radio...


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Hi Alicia,
It's for my face only.
Eh? I am not too sure kiss me products can use for body or not.
You may want to go watson n have a read on instruction n etc..

It was a promotor of this product recommended me. She had advised me after used spf, must use their cleanser. Otherwise normal cleanser will not wash away spf totally.


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Bleaching with Sun Block Protection!
Bleaching Cream with Sun Block or Miracle 7 Sun block-
Best Sun block you can get Made in France!
try it...
i really love it!
Hey gals, i see from magazine that spf above 30 is not necessary in singapore coz our sun sets after 6pm and spf30 is enough to cover 9hrs already.


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Hey gals, try heliocare sunblock gel, spf 50, is 4 oily skin n those troubled by acne, oil free, water resistance is gd 4 protection. best sunblock i ever try. non-comedogenic, after applying skin look radiant. can get fr hospital phmacy.


I used to NOT believe in sunblock and sun screen.. until one day.. my freckles are SO visible that i actaully rather my face is not that fair.. i used a new range of skin care, then my face becomes clearer and pimples lessen.. though gone were my pimples but my freckles popped out around my upper cheek bone.

i was so upset. until i used Nouvelle Blanc Series. My skin color is now more even. and the freckles are slowly fading! i hope they will all be gone by the time i hold my wedding dinner next year!

This is the description of the UV milk that I am using: Nouvelle Blanc UV Milk
With SPF20, this UV Milk forms a light veil over the skin to protect against daily ultraviolet rays and prevent dark spots and pigmentation.

Not oily but add slight sleen to your face and even minimise the pores..


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la roche-posay 50+ fluid. it's called shaka shaka too. it's not oile n they have papers showing it really works. docs recommend too.


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sunkiller is definitely the best, i used many before.. i think almost all in the market, and sunkiller is the only one that keeps me fair.

shiseido is next best but drying.


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swim at night after sunset. Though still prone to UV ray better better than in the sun.
use banana boat for body
use neutrogena for face (but find bit oily), thinking of changing to Nivea after recommendation by friend, also shaka type..


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hi im a active golfer and tried alot of sunblock like sunkiller...etc but don't know whether u come across this sunblock which is very popular called parX spf 80 golfer's cream it can really prevent u from getting burned and getting dark. as u know its really hot out in the golf course which normal formulated sunblock cant block out those damaging rays out there try it u never regret.


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I now using Heliocare extreme50 UVB/UVA gel on my face and neck I find it not very rich & it absorb into the skin well moreover it had a very nice fragrance too.


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I have a Lancome sunscreen protector spf 50

Full size,30ml + 10ml tube for $40

Interested party, pm me


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I like Sunkiller sunblock too. It's completely non-oily nor sticky! I used to buy from my dermatologist at a cheaper price when it wasn't sold at Watsons/Guardian. But I later stock up during my Japan trip last year. I've been using it for years now and though I've changed dermatologist, I still continue to use Sunkiller instead of the new sunblock which my current dermatologist recommends.

It's only about $10-$12 if I remember correctly.


I recommend Aloe Sunscreen from Forever Living Product which currently i'm using now. It is a SPF 30 that blocks both UVA & UVB rays. This high SPF gives more sun protection as the lotion contained pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel, rich moisturizers and humectants that helps to maintains the skin moisture balance. One good thing is it has a waterproof formulation which retains its SPF up to 40 mins after water activity. Also suitable for sensitive skin ppl too. Currently my bro-in-law is working in Dubai, weather is hot there, so far he has no problem using it too!


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u try dr goh seng heng ,its a medicated sunblock,wont clog ur pores,and see instant radiant after using,so fantastic..number 6100 1234 clinic number


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Avene is good. They have different texture e.g. cream, lotion, etc to suit different skin type and different levels of protection e.g. SPF50, SPF25, etc.

Easily available at watsons and guardian and it's also good for sensitive and extremely oily skin (I have extremely oily skin).



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I currently using Dr Secret's Sunscreen.
It helps prevent premature skin aging and defend your complexion against unwanted pigmentation by providing aginst the damaging effect of the sun's UVA/UVB ray. This moisturising sun screen also hydrates the skin to enhance cell renewal.
If you are interested please PM me. Thanks.


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Hai Jasmine,
It cost S$76. 30ML per bottle. SPF25. This sunscreen not only for protection and it also has reflection on UVA/UVB.


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I m currently using Nuskin Sunright Sunblock. Can be use on face & body.
SPF35 PA+++, UVA & UVB Protection, water resistant and it contain SeaLastin. Only cost S$32 per btl.


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Hi ladies

I've also a sunblock qn, in relation to my upcoming outdoor photoshoots (PSs).

I'm v, v sun-conscious (nv gg out w/o umbrella). However, my MUA told me I cannot put sunblock for my PSs, even if I do, she'll clean it off b4 putting on the 'right' type of make-up (somethg abt it being reflective, or not) for the PS.

At 1st I thought she told me I can use some Kose thing, which I cld've borrowed, but when I asked again she said no.

What are you ladies' experience? Pls advise. Am concerned coz my skin's q gd and I can't bear the thought of being out in the sun all day w/o sunblock!!!


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The best sunblock i'm using now is The Nu Skin Sunright SPF35 PA+++, guaranteed safe and effective, protected from the sun. It is not sticky nor itchy, doesn't give me breakouts and oiliness or too dry on the skin. Really perfect for any skin type at any season! Try it

that is our website for Nu Skin products, we do transaction worldwide! Contact us NOW!


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hmmmm urs in philiphine? need how long to ship over? any extra cost? P1,431.00 in convert to singapore dollar is how much?


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Yes we're from the Philippines, here are the prices in Singaporean Dollar plus shipping rate.

Sunright 35 Face and Body - S43.93
Shipping fee in US Dollar - $USD28.00

Thanks, kindly visit our online website for your orders of Nu Skin / Pharmanex Products!


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i will recommend you to use Coppertone Sport Sunblock Lotion for only 10$. This is especially important if you are active in sports, or other sweaty activities, because many sunscreens have a tendency to drip into the eye area and cause a burning sensation.


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i try this sunblock from Lady Map for body...
its using spray and gave cold feeling onto the skin~
not badfor sunscreen to body~
but am also hunting for sunscreen for face
currently using Laurent Bleu sunscreen for face~so far is the best i eva try on sunscreen for face. but a little sticky~ anyway, its not that ba thou


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i'm using Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection. not sticky at all. it kinda whiten your skin after a long period of usage.
suitable for tan skin i guess. my friend using it as well.
she has not so fair skin, and now her skin like really nice and whitish pinkish a bit. like always blushing like that.


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Sunplay SPF 130++ Super Block Clear Finish is fantastic for body and face - non-greasy, sinks into skin immediately, extremely high protection!
For face, L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 is one of the best. Only released in Asia, I know tons of friends from overseas who buy them in bulk when they visit. Has Anti-dullness formula (light purple tinge) to brighten complexion as well as moisturising properties.


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I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch sunblock in SPF 45 (that's the highest it goes). But it protects against UVA/UVB rays. I love it. It's not greasy at all. It's also PABA free. Some of the higher sunblocks have PABA in them. I break out in a bad rash from PABA. It' s also water-proof and sweat-proof. I really like it. I've never tried the TOTAL BLOCK before. I've actually haven't ever heard of it. Hope you find one that's right for you ! ~Butterfly 8)


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My fav sunblock, Shiseido Anessa, perfect UV sunscreen SPF 50+.PA+++, 60ml, gold bottle. non oily n gressy..perfect for make-up base too..