Any good recommendation for facial IPL?


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Is there like an age limit? I am 20 yrs old. Can do IPL at regional skin lab anot?
I set an appointment over the phone at 6pm today already...the people sound really friendly.. Hopefully it is good!


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Hi Andee,

Sorry for the late reply.
i supposed you muz have gone thru the treatment?
how is it?
Haven been there for a month due to travelling..
have already fiz appt for end this month.. Hope the treatment works well on you...


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Hi all,

If any of you are interested, I have a PTF (IPL) package, I can bring friends together. If you wanna to try out, can let me know.
Just pay me tat session will do. If you are interested to share the package with me, you are also welcome. As I got cheaper session for the 40x package I have. I am going there every week.


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Hi Joy (joypeace)

How was your IPL treatmetn at Wen &Weng @ keypoint?
I was considering the carbon laser peel for my oily skin & open pores when I saw their brochure.

can provide more infor abt your experience?


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Hi jie,

I have completed a package of Leg Hair removal and Skin Rejunv.

90% hair on the legs are removed and the leftover hair is tiny. Those hair is acceptable when put on skirt.
My face is more firm and the "que ban" is lightened too.

So I don't think so <<lhe>>

More information from


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Hi everyone,

Just want to share, that my roomate went to spa ziwi. She took IPL face rejuvenation and felt satisfied with the result.. Check your PM..


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I checked the web and found spa ziwi's advertisment in 88db, $38 for trial and a few good feedbacks about them in forums and went to their jurong east branch to try it out 3 weeks ago.

As a Singaporean, I asked all I want to know about IPL Face Rejuvenation before the treatment...the therapist I met there certainly knew what she is doing. And I saw their IPL certificates from UK. They gave me a mirror after treating half face and I could clearly see the radiance and much more refined pores on the cheeks near my nose which normally look rough with enlarged pores. The laughlines also look shorter and less obvious. I have a one-carat reddish acne on one side of the lower cheek and it felt quite painful when the light goes on that area but it subsided after 2 days! Not bad for one treatment.

The Christmas offer was good.. 6 sessions $558 or 10 sessions $828, so I took up 10 sessions. I am planning to sign up package for UnderArms and Lower Legs IPL Hair Removal before promotion ends this month.

Just check out their website Or call them at 66650250 (Jurong East) or 62557067 (Toa Payoh).


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Hi just to share on a new beauty salon that I went to on recommendations from friends. Called True Shape, located at The Adelphi (opposite funan, near City Hall MRT). Their service and products are really good! and the beautician that attend to me are so friendly and approachable.

They are having a promotion right now for Bust Enhancement, RF Face or BOdy Slimming for only $28 nett for 1 session.

I tried RF Face and did a IPL with them and results are impressive!

Call them at 63366596 for enquiries if you are interested.


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I bought 10 sessions diamond peel during Spa Ziwi's Christmas party in early November and today went there to sign up for ipl hair removal (underarms and bikini). This is my 3rd time there and I did ipl underarm hair removal trial 2 weeks ago, this spa is not bad - cheap and not pushy. As for result, my face is not oily and shiny any more and the pores not so visible. I also saw something like 30% of the underarms hairs gone already after the 1st session.


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Hi Lian Lian, I saw many good reviews on spa ziwi in many forums, especially for IPL hair removal. Did you go to Toa Payoh or Jurong East Branch? I am thinking of removing my lower legs and armpit hairs.


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Hello TallyDolly, I went to Toa Payoh Branch because it's in front of my block. My IPL treatment is done by Julie. When I first saw her, I thought she is stern but after talking with her, I find she is ok. I am pretty happy with her doing the IPL because she seems to know what is doing and explain well too.


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Appreciate if you can share your experience and charges in getting IPL treatment at any of below or other clinics:

1)Singapore Aesthetic Centre
2) Doctors Inc Medical Group
4) David Loh Surgery
5) Clavin Chan Aesthetic &amp; Laser Clinic



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I have done facial trial at many spas because trials are always cheaper and I would not sign package. I thought why sign package when I could just get by doing cheap trials. I like to do to Jurong East Central near the MRT Interchange because there everything is cheap. You see, I am still a student and my hubby just started to work only. Must save money. Last 2 month, I pass by this spa and they have banner outside then promoting Diamond Peel trial at $29 and RF slimming $38 only. So I just went in and did the trials. It is good, the therapist who attended to me is meticulous and I could feel my face velvety and much fairer after the trial. The RF slimming treatment is also very good, I went to toilet a few times and clear off water and alot of things that were stucked inside me for too long. The next day, I feel so light. I did not sign the package but decided to go there again after a month and see if I can get to do another trial, I have to take a treatment package if I cannot do trial. But I was recognized and could not do another trial.

Actually, it is still worthwhile because one treatment there give me better result than 2 or 3 treatments elsewhere lah. So I decided to take the package, anyway it was cheap and cost me $650 or so only due to promotion then. I have to share this as it is the first time I am convinced to buy package. Sorry Carrot, I do not know about the 5 clinics you mentioned but this one I am talking about is spa ziwi. I give them thumbs up.


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hi mei mei, i like your frankness and it is the 1st time i come across someone who honestly reveal what you do to get a good deal. hahaha, i will go and try it out at spa ziwi anyway.


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Hey , you can try out the IPL at tampies area too, it under shop houses and its kinda small but the service is actually quite alright , the IPL is suitable for me and they also offer me a special promotion wich onli cost me $389 for 6 treatments !!! it is located at tampies street , blk 826 , its beside the coffee shop. Check it out , its not bad =)


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Hi Minminsu, how much is your ipl package? Is it for facial? I go to Beyond Beauty and they charge $2999 for 10 IPL (face) and 10 Oxyjet.. I haven sign up yet cos I'm still shopping for better deal.


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hi adp... mine is ipl for face... comes w cold compress mask + whitening mask... UP250 but i went during their promotional period so got 53% discount... i need abt 6 sessions to rid my face of its marks... i already bought the package but haven't tried a session yet but mine is supposed by medical staff. is urs by medical staff?


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Hi Minminsu,
I think u got a pretty good price.. From my research, IPL costs at least $150-180 per session. I just signed up with Beyond Beauty for facial IPL because they had a road show promotion. 10 facial IPL + 10 microdermabrasion for $1500. The package comes with free eye masks and neck masks (10 each) too. The only thing is that they are all not medical staffs. But I’m fine with this since I’ve been with Beyond Beauty for few months and I’m happy with the service of my beautician. That’s why I didn’t wanna take the risk of going a new place (and new beautician) to do my IPL. Furthermore, I am happy with the price too ($150 per session)! Glad that I signed it up at the road show ïŠ


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Just for update, I have done 4 IPL face treatments at spa ziwi. I agree with mei mei that they are affordable and good.


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Hi all!! Has anyone tried IPL for face? I'm going for my 1st IPL soon. But I'm still in doubt. I heard that our face will be more drier after the treatment. And we have to avoid using AHA and whitening cream. Is it true? Any recommendation what to do after the treatment?


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Hi girls, just to share my experience. I am a die-hard fan of IPL treatment on my face and body - went to Desire Aesthetics at Central at Clark Quay. The staff is friendly even though English not gd but they dont hard-sell.

I walked out without signing but my mind was still thinking abt it. After shopping in the Central, I went back to signe the package with them as they are having a promotion now - sign 10 IPL get free 10 facial = total 20 sessions. I am quite happy with my beautian named Evonne.

They have 2 awards on the wall - so at least i do feel safe they dont play play with my face as i am facing customer every day.


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I do my IPL (face) at Beyond Beauty Park Mall branch. I am quite happy with the results. My face look more radiant than before, and my pore size has also reduced noticeably. I also like their facial products, especially their serum (consist of antioxidising, whitening, moisturising and purifying-- so u can choose which one to use on different days) and Gold serum (it has got many tiny particles of gold in there, which will dissolve upon applying onto the face). Gold is useful for facial cos it will reduce free-radical, which is the 'culprit' causing skin aging.
Service wise, I'd say it's very good. I have no problem making or changing my appointments, unlike other spas such as FIL and TrueSpa where ppl have been complaining abt not being able to book a time.


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Last time I tried IPL with other salon at tampines, I felt pain &amp; hot every shot.Result out abit redness.
Last week I tried IPL cool light at Kalo Beauty (tampines) Very good no pain at all.the result very good.
for the price they are having promo 40% discount
promotion until end of feb
Rate: Very good must try


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I also try IPL hair removal at Spa Ziwi and I must say its effective and cheaper than other places. Results can be seen even from the 1st trial.. Hair growth reduces after the treatment. Manage to get good deal package with the therapist. So if anyone interested can let me know as might be able to get a good price with the therapist.


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HI friends, I really can't help but share this latest technology in anti aging: AGELOC! You shld see the waves it created in US, Korea, Japan..its coming soon to Singapore. Its all abt targetting aging frm the source. I've tried it as I got my stocks frm US when they had their pre launch in oct'09. It's clinically proven to help improve 8 signs of aging in 7 days! This is the result; Youthful skin structure 66%, SKin smoothness 62%, Even skin tone 70%, Fine LInes/Wrinkles59%, radiance73%, pore size51%, skin discolouration (spots) 56%, hydration 71%...I've witness these changes. YOu shld grab the opp to know more!


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Hi Gals!

Has anyone get their IPL done from Regina before?
Just went for their consultation and 1st trial. Still deciding if i should take up their package.


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Hi Derine,

I have sign up a package with Spa Ziwi however due to good results after some treatment, I might not need the whole package so if you don't mind. Would you consider sharing the package. Pls let me know, thanks.


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Hi Mem0r|es,

I signed Regina's "IPL underarm hair removal" @ $388 (for unlimited sessions) meaning service for lifetime. =)

Now I'm still deciding whether to take up their IPL Face Rejuvenation &amp; Mask Package as I have uneven skin tone. =(
I'm actually attracted to the facial products they use specifically for IPL Face Rejuvenation. Its sold exclusively in Japan with visible whitening results. As you know almost all the skin products in Japan is about whitening. haha.. I heard its very popular in Japan.

Here's the link for Regina's Facial Products:

Maybe u can look through the website for your reference? =)


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Just to share : Desire at Central (Clarke Quay) has $488 fr 10 session for Armpits plus other treatments. this is the blog:

Have signed up for their previous promotion on IPL Face and microdermabrasion. My face has small pores.

Went for my treatment yesterday and they told me they are having Great Summer Sale.


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Can I know if it's painful or endurable for the IPL on face? as my tolerance of pain rather low... and is it suitable for sensitive skin? my face acne prone..... sometimes use product on face then will have outbreak.... anyone tried and dont have breakout?


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Pain? It depend which machine did the salon use.
the salon I do my IPL is using cool IPL painless, cool sense.
I like it very much cause previous I went to another salon the IPL treat can feel pain.
Then I find out they are uisng 1st generation that is hot ipl.

so when choing IPL treatment must ask more before commit.

If u interested can try the salon I went now, no pain at all.
their website:


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are the sales personnel pushy? i very scared those kind....

i can't seem to access the website leh..... keep saying connection timed out....


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I had about 5 IPL treatments two years ago which DRAMATICALLY improved my skin. I used to have very severe large cystic acne with pustules sometimes becoming over an inch in diameter. I did not react to the treatments badly in any way. My skin started clearing up within two weeks and I have since then only suffered minor hormonal acne. I have not had a single large pustule for over a year.

I have a very light skin and they do say that the lasers are most effective for lighter skin types because of the way the work at targeting pigmented areas or something like that.


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I had IPL done yesterday to remove my freckles.
The next day my freckles are really dark and seems to cover my whole face.
The freckles appear to have risen to the surface. How long will this last?
Hi patricia,

My beauty therapist taught me to apply sunscreen after IPL, a must must..

In between anyone need contact for great offers of IPL services (face and body) at north area, do give me a email at [email protected] I have contact to share....having christmas promo now...


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I did my IPL at hdb beauty parlour lei! Mayb im lucky 'cos I did 7session of IPL armpit and left few strands only, didnt burn me at all and v cheap. Armpit: $60/session, Legs: $160/session
Legs I think is ex so I didnt do. IPL must do regularly to be hairless, if stop for too many months it may grow back so I focus on 1 thing 1st. I did mine @ Relax Beauty House, AMK central.


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hi gals,
i make a wrong choice. i need to post it her to all, dont repeat what i had made. I signed up a packages with the nardia lab -located @nex. 10 sessions for the ppx laser for sgd3988, and that sales guy keeping brat how good is that machine. i want to remove the sun spot on my face and minimize the pore. every session he telling me the same story how other customers became so pretty after the ppx session, of course end of the sessions, they will comes with more sales on their products without fail!
i only see the certain small pore - yes starts minimizing, but nothing else. i told the guy today asking him, why you keeps saying how good is others result but I dont see anything? then he say he will increase the level of the ppx light to expedite the process.
now my face is burning and the ppx machine sucking mark is all over my face. oh, i not dare to look at the mirror, so ugly. I'm already took the picture and hope nothing went wrong and the red mark will be gone tomorrow before I go back to work.
girls, i still had 6 more sessions to go, i so sick of their beautician that always sell sell sell products, this good that good.. so afraid to step in the store again, they say can't refund me the money. something i had to deal with it for the next 6 months. wish me luck!


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Hi, am here to share my experience with u girls on the IPL Treatment (face) that i've gone through with Spa Ziwi at Jurong East.

I was there to try on the trial which cost me only $38. No harm trying right?! After which, the therapist named Ang*e started to explain on how excellent the result after my trial and introduced me to sign on their package(10sessions) and it will definitely help to improve my complexion (as i have combination skin with pores).

I've rejected her offer for twice cuz frankly, spending over $1k on facial was a real ''heart pain'' for me since the result wasn't as Excellent as she commented. Still she continued to pursue me to sign on the package and i have no words to argue back (lots of excuses has been given, no money..etc.) End up, i've sign on the 5sessions package which cost $495.

Fine, it was my weakness when i'm approaching by this kind of SALES person, my fault then. But my nightmare still continuing!! After the trial and few weeks later which came to my 1st treatment, she requested me to buy on a set of their product and again, i refused to buy it. She then said that if i really dont want to buy it, after my 5th sessions, i will see no improvement too on my skin!! WTH!! If i am really rich, of course i will buy whatever u offer to have a superb complexion!! I was frustrated by her pushy attitude and end up, i've bought a cleansing oil from her.

Whenever i've went for my treatment, i was so worried that she will intro me again on their product and things did happen everytime after my treatment. I've no choice but to inform her before my treatment started by saying that my husband was waiting for me at the carpark thus i can rush out soon after my treatment. While before my last treatment, she was clever to inform me to reserve some time for her before i go and again i was too shy to reject. Thus, after my last treatment....she brought out all of the products again and starting to teach me how to use those thingy and how wonderful they are!! I have no words to describe how i wish i can escape from the h*ll!! End up, i bought another bottle of cleanser which cost $75!! (I would rather buy my SK-II!!)

I've read on this forum before i choose Spa Ziwi. To my surprise, she was so PUSHY and i was too lousy too to reject her. I would never step in there and i'm only sharing my experience with u girls here.

Hope this help. But i did met the others therapist and observed how the way they treated their client while i'm waiting for Ang*e, think they are more friendly and not that pushy. So who ever wanna have a try look for others instead of A. @_@


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Oh ya, for those who looking for IPL treatment (underarm), I would definitely recommend Regina (

Compare to SpaZiwi,therapist at Regina are much more friendly and 100% not pushy. Did signed on their package last year at only $168(if im not wrong) and will go for my 5th treatment today. =)


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Hi all! I'm new to this forum but I just wanted to offer my 2 cents' worth. I bought the groupon for regina's unlimited underarm at $128 and today was my first appointment:

I called to make my first appointment and as the day drew nearer i was really getting excited about it. I felt good about their service when they sent me an sms reminder the day before my appt.

When I went down, they had me fill up a registration form and explained to me the whole process. Was expecting some hardsell at this moment, but nothing! (maybe later, i was thinking..) we then proceeded into the treatment room and i was very pleased with the cleanliness, and the neutral and soothing colours. very good env. She then proceeded to do a test patch and would tell me every step before doing it. This made me feel really comfortable.

I was quite wary about the pain and was looking out for it.. but i only experienced little pricks! Those pricks cannot be felt if i werent concentrating hard on feeling the pain.. =D

During my treatment, the therapist mentioned that a Japanese from their hq in Japan is sent to every Regina outlet, and that the company forbids any hardsell! I was pleasantly surprised! This is the first time i step into a beauty salon and wasnt asked to buy smth.. I definitely love it and will buy their big packages!


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ageLOC sounds so good so i ordered the Mother’s Day Twin Pack promotion,. When products arrive, the star of the show i.e. the Serum shows expiry in only 4 months! paying such a high price for old stock. when contacted Nuskin said they can sell any products with expiry of more than 3 months….. guess few are aware of this.

However, I think it's worth the effort and stuff because of some reviews i have read Nu Skin’s exclusive ageLOC science targets these arSuperMarkers—the ultimate sources of aging that can influence how we age.

So cheers!

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