Any good lightings shops to recommend?


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hi, went to crown lightings for quotation recently... all the lightings they offered is nck instead of atco ballast.. thus any feedback on nck stuffs? is it good?


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As all of you can see, this is only my 2nd post. I rarely post comments in forum unless I think it is really worth a mention. Unfortunately this time it is for a wrong cause.

I would like to share my experience and findings on “light shopping researchâ€, particularly on the famous LA in Balestier which my husband & I went to after reading the many good comments in the forum.

1)Good Service

Sincere sales lady, Jane* but was nowhere seen after the sales closed and was served by her lady colleague who was no helpful at all and was someone who failed to honour her word.

1)Prices not competitive

Compared to other recommended lighting shops in Jurong, LA charged almost $100 more for one of the living room hanging light that we wanted.

2)“Flipper†Service (which I hate)

Sales staff was unsure of when the stocks would arrive and conveniently pluck a date off the air. On the date itself, fortunately we called to check before heading down to pick up the goods because she refused to honour what was conveyed earlier and insisted otherwise.

3)Limited light designs

They have very limited light designs.

4)Always check installation prices

Do not believe blindly the so called market rate where they charge you $35 for 1st light and subsequently $8. This is only because they let someone else install for you. There ARE shops that do not do that and charge you a flat rate of $8 per light.

In Summary,

We realized that we can find better service + cheaper installation + cheaper lights elsewhere.

And I think good things deserve to be shared. We have found ours in Jurong.

So think twice before going to LA. And pls share if you have found a better place to get your lights!



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Anyone been to Extreme Lighting and Strass?

Yesterday, went to Extreme Lighting, Strass and Edison Lighting house to scout the lightings.

Extreme lighting and strass 's lightings are cheaper compare to the edison lighting.


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update on dk lighting.
it is a lousy and untrustworthy shop.
gave us a display light even though promise 2 give a new piece.
when e light came, e light holders got probl. cant hold e bulbs properly. installation man said it is e lights problem told us 2 go bk 2 e shop.
call e shop owners they straight away deny responsibility n insist we spoilt e light holders.
nw we try to chg 2 energy saving light bulbs, the bulbs would sparkle non stop thru out e night even after we switch off. it is a ceiling lights which split source to 3 light bulb holders. oni e left n right holders sparkle. interchg lightbulbs still left n right sparkle. dun believe is e light bulb probl becos we used 2 brands still the same.
2 day i called e shop again e owners screamed at me n denied responsibility once again. blame e bulbs, blame china for making e bulbs n even blame hdb for giving us bad source. both e wife n boss r hopelessly irresponsible. wife esp shrill. dun b taken in by e cheap prices. lights r impt becos once u install up if problems surface, uninstall n reinstall cost alot $ n headache. nw my ceiling light is bulbless cant use since e shop refused responsibility. beware of tis shop.
we have nt even moved in for 1 mth nt like we used e lights for ages.
dont get lights from strass lor.. they and palace the same company.. bad after sales service and poor quality lights..!!!!
my lights ic nt workin, they somemore don pick up calls, esp if you look for pp to complain, they will start telling u that that guy serving u is not around ask u call back again.. and then they wont pick up calls anymore.. they even if send pp, that guy will come v late and somemore is somemone who dono how to fix the lights prob.. now i still got one light not working lor.. they may b cheap and give good before sales service but the rest is poor serivce lor


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Got most of my lightings from Italu. Prices are average, some cheaper, some more expensive. But they give philips/osram for the PLC, and allow us to chose warm/cool/bright white without any additional cost. The sales lady was pretty professional also, she's quite knowledgable abt the products, and not pushy at all. Delivery is prompt.

Infact, went down to the shop before my ID brought us there. The shop lady told us that they won't give commission to ID, it doesn't matter whether we bring ID or not (we did not let her know that the shop is recommended by our ID).

Overall quite ok with the shop la..


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Hi all, just to share my experience, my hubby and I just bought my lights from Lights Arcade yesterday. Was served by Jen-e and found the service good. She's a friendly and patient staff and is able to offer suggestions of lightings to fit our house's theme/colors. I do agree with sushibabe they might not be the cheapest around, can try to bargain a little, but prices are average-reasonable. Other than Lights Arcade, my experience with LightZone was not bad too, in terms of service and pricing. =)
We went to Italu too, service was ok, but price much more expensive than the 2 shops I mentioned above.


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Hi all, can try Glamour Lighting House at Geylang. The boss ( Mr Franics)very experience can reccomend the lightings to you. The prices is very reasonable.


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anybody,any commend about LIGHTS ARCADE @ balestier? i recce at balestier till i mabok! all lights are so damn beautiful...


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like to share my satisfied experience with DIY Lightings at Jalan Besar.

I bought most of my lights with them. Chanced upon a topic on IC controller and they told me that if I wana save electricity, I could use IC controller to switch using from 1-3 tubes so when I do not need so bright I could just switch to using 1 tube. So I went around to search for this IC & purchased 4 units.

During installation, my electrician told me that the lightings could not use this IC controller due to the "balak - heart of the light" is different.

Called them up & asked them why they told me I could use as I purchased 4 IC controllers costing me $80 from somewhere else & now become worthless. Their manager found that the lightings I purchased could not use this IC and was kind enough to ask me to bring the IC controller to exchange for the tubes though it was not purchased from them.

So I went to change and they willingly accepted it without any complains.

It was a happy ending. At least I didnt end up throwing away $80 but i got back some light tubes. The shop has also left me very good impression on their before & after sales service. However do be careful and find out more information before deciding to buy the type of lights.

So advice to first time buyers like me - do check properly whether the light is using the right "balak" before buying this IC controller.


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i recently bought quite a lot (40+) of down lights + fans + T5 + study lamps from Extreme Lighting @ 371 Balestier Road, serviced by sales call Alex (contact 92974042). Very please with the total package. The downlights are easily about 20% cheaper than others, the installation charge is low ($6 for Extreme lights and $8 for lights bought from other shops, $25 for complicated lights esp the dining lights, $35 for fans bought from other shops - these shops usually charges $40~$60 installation fees themself). Even if there is exchange, upgrade and downgrade required, it is done promptly.Of course u need to call him to make sure he has stock in the shop before going now. Their KDK fans are not cheap but they had installed for me cheaply.


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I like Lightology along Balestier Road as well as Friends Lighting (can't remember if it's Blk 106 or 107, it's one of the blocks facing Sembawang Road) in Chong Pang. Between these 2 shops we kitted out our entire flat. Nothing really fancy but defintely not the "stick a flourescent tube there and we're good" type of stuff. This was circa 2004 but they're both still around so they must be doing something right.


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Hi Everyone,

Will like to share my experience at Hylite Deco in Jurong East.
After reading so much good review from everyone, we really went alot of shop in geylang, balestier. Honestly speaking, we felt the price is too high for us. As we prepared to buy more then 30 light, inculding downlight and T8 from one shop. Finally we drop by Jurong West and the last stop we reach Hylite. The shop owner extremely friendly and not pushy at all.

One great point abt them is, they able to match others shop price and even so much lower then them. For their ballast they are using made in Austrilla & they are giving blub from Italy. U can even give them the model num of that light u want and they can get for u thru their dealer. For the downlight we found alot of shop that give us more then $35 per piece. For Hylite we paying less then $30 per piece. For the rest of the light i could not provided too much info, but i will say it the BEST deal we got.

Comparing with so many shop we find that is the best deal and even best product. I just like to share my best deal with everyone and we not earning any single cent from that shop owner. Hope that helps everyone who searching for cheap and good lighting. Good luck everyone!

Hylite Deco
Blk 353 #01-109
Jurong East, St 31
S'pore 600353.
Tel: 6560 3323


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hi everyone,
my hb n i r first time flat purchasers n renovators- as in doing reno for the 1st time so need some advice-
should we get an id/renovator to tell us what type of lights to buy
shop around for lites we like and tell them to install it into their concept?
please advise and thanks!


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i think get id to tag along better cos they noe wat lights tat suit our concept. i even got him to furniture shops as well.


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Hi all, just saw a nice chandelier selling at very competitive price in Lian Eng Electric (Kelantan Road) Not my usual place to shop for nice stuffs. always tot it is more of industrial products. Made me bang heart since I've just bought my chandeliers... (tot me bought cheap liao..sigh)

OK.. just to share... vent my frustration


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Can anyone share your experienced buying lights from Crown Lightings and National Electrical Traders (2 shops away from A Lighting) as I am not very sure of their reputation.

Thank you.


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hi gals

just to share my experience recently. I went to Thomson Lightings at IMM and purchased a light to replace one that was not working. Paid on the spot and electrician agreed to come next day 12pm. I was busy at night so took advantage of lunch time to go home as I live near my workplace.
Next day took a cab home and waited but no one turned up. Called the electrician and he sounded like he is high on drugs or alcohol and keep repeating in a drunken manner he don't know anything.

I was quick angry cos I wasted money on transport home too and so please to avoid bad experience, please skip this shop.


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Hi All,

Went for lights hunting last nite wz my HTB at Balestier. Very blur coz there are too many shops. But lights from Palace of L*ght really expensive. The sales person who attended to us has black face thru the whole "journey".. wonder who own him million $$$.

Agreed that Dreams Lighting is good. The sales person is well-verse in lights and fans. Price is comprehensive.

CH have alot of shops along Balestier. Don't have much comments for them

I like a dining light at Thomson Lighting. Didn't make immediate purchase coz still sourcing around. They are having sales now.

Headache and eye-pain looking at all these lights...


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hi hi
hubby n i just bought a crestar 56'' fan from Designer Lighting at $290, only to find out that it was available at Extreme Lighting for $235... =P
anyways, purchase already n sign cheq already so bo-p, hor...
but we managed to get 3-in-1 set of dining lights for 220, cheaper than even the Jurong shops, so do give Extreme Lighting a try.
and as for the fans, do get the regulator kind cos remotes spoil often n lor-so procedure to fix n as for the regulator, heard that must get Crestar one for Crestar fan if not got more complications when n if need to be maintained.
Just thot i'll give my 2 cents worth, ya? take care n happy shopping! =)
PS: in my opinion, lights-wise, go to extreme first. waaaay cheaper. some of the lights in the earlier shop cost even more than the other shops.


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hi all, just bought all my lightings yday from Number One lightings in Geylang after surveying DK, Crown and some other bigger light shops in Geylang. A shop little shop n prices are reasonable w no GST. Best of all, the uncle will only recommend u lights within ur budget, and no hardselling! I visited the shop 3 times b4 finally placing my orders w them. My entire house's light (including 10 downlights) cost me <$600.

Highly recommended for those staying in the east to take a look when sourcing for lights.


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My encounter with Strass. Don't buy from them!

Committed and paid deposit to 4 ceiling fans with them:
2 x 48" 3 blade ceiling fan without lights (bronze color)
2 x 60" ceiling fan with lights (bronze color)
Total damage: $900! Yes! I know it's ex!! DUH! so very regretted after shopping around, but no choice... committed liao.

2 weeks later, Before delivery, they told me that the 48" no stock in bronze color.
Told them I want bronze color to match my decor and they should have told me long ago when I committed whether they have stock or not. I kicked up a fuss, and told them if they can't find bronze for me, then I want a refund.
So, the boss told me they will surely find the 2 bronze color 48" for me.

On delivery day, the delivery guy call to tell me they only managed to find 1 bronze 48".
Since I don't have much of a choice, and 1 48" will be put in the MBR, guess it could be of a different color. So I told him I'll take white.

as my reno has not completed, we did not install the fans right away.
After some of my reno were done, I thought was changing both the 60" to white. So I tried my luck and call them to see if I could get them changed since I allowed them to change one of my 48" to white.
The boss told me that he has to check if it's in stock and will call me back.
He called me back 5 mins later to say that there's no stock. I told him I could wait and ask him to check when the stock is coming. He said he'll call me back and never call me again. I keep calling their store and no one answer. I suspect they have caller -id display to avoid calls.
I understand that on the sales invoice, it says goods bought are not exchangeable. I was just trying my luck but was unsuccessful. So I'm stuck with the bronze 60".

Then today, my contractors finished the electrical wirings and help me install all the ceiling fans.
All the ceiling fans were ok, except for the 48" bronze.
My contractor asked me is I bought a 2nd hand one as it was rusty, and the fan is very noisy when turned on!

I'm damn pissed with them now. My hubby and I are going down to confront them tomorrow!
So Angry!



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So today, we went down to the shop and ask them about it. The boss say they don't know, and ask us to refer the problem to the agent.
So, I called the Agent (amasco) to complain about their reseller (Strass). They told me that they will change (incl. free installation) for me for the 48", but they only have White color in stock. Then I told them i wanted Bronze color because the other 2 60" is bronze color (all put in living room so much be in same color).
The lady told me that she can't help me with the 2 x 60" one because they are not spoil and if I want to change, i have to go back to Strass. I told her that Strass attitude is very bad, and they told me that the 60" has no stock in white! I reason and argue, until she told me that she has to check with the warehouse whether 60" has stock in white or not first.
After awhile, she call me back and told me that she will change that for me as well, but as it was not faulty, i have to pay installation fee ($45 each) for them to change la. I'm ok with that la, as long as I get all uniform color.

SO, tomorrow I'll get all the ceiling fans change to white.

SO, to cut the long story short, DON'T BUY THINGS FROM STRASS, alot of complains about them on the forums also, I found out too late.
The ceiling fan (AMASCO) is not bad, customer service also good. Willing to help even though the faulty brand no warrenty given by the bloody store, and willing to change color for the 60" fan although we didn't buy direct from them. Can buy direct from them


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personally i like extreme lightings at balestier road..a small shop near the bustop...but their price is reasonable and most import negoiable...

when i bot my hse 3 yrs ago i went to them....this yr i went back to them again to buy a ceiling fan with lights....not pushy as usual and they will advice u in a realistic way instead of the usual crappy sales talk....i encounter the same salesman for my 2 visits over 3 yrs la..other salesman i dunno....but worth to try...


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just to share, i recently bought some pendant lights from dreams lightings. Price is competitive and also the salesperson was honest in opinions. some sales person just tell us any light is bright enough for a room but this guy will advise us what is suitable and what is not.
the delivery was also prompt and good. installation not done by them, so cant comment on that.


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Just to share too. just bought my master room pendent light and dining chandelier from 'lights boutique' @geylang and was installed by their guys a week ago. their selection was the finest and affordable. aftersale service was there too. no doubt the finest lighting shop to recommend. look for Galvin the salesman. their add: 686 geylang road


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I've been to Lights Bougtique located at Geylang twice before I finally buy from them on my third visit.the salesman who served me was Kevin. persoonally i liked the ambience of their showroom, its very cozy (pink color theme)..good service I would say and after sales service was pretty good. I would recommend this shop. One of my colleague also bought from them last weekend thru my recommendation.
and of cost the price is very reasonable.


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after seeing all the comments i personally went down with my husband to have a look at lights boutique.
well we were surprise by the service by the professionalism.
eventually we decided to get from them as they provide 90days warranty for their products.
true indeed service and quality is important.
well people out there, if you need lights i insist you to go there at least seek these guys professional advise. they are very sincere and knowlegable in their products. designs will definitely suits you. price are down right affordable + quality 101% assured. im definitely one of their satisfied customer.


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Based on all the positive comments posted here about "Lights Boutique" at Geylang Road, it was our first (and only =) stop for our 'lights shopping'.

Once we entered the shop, an available salesperson (Freddy) immediately approached us to offer his help.

Upon knowing what we were looking for, he went on to give a very thorough and in-depth explanation of what to look out for in choosing lights as well as what to avoid. He also shared about how to maintain lights (from changing light bulbs to cleaning chandeliers) even though we didn't ask about this aspect regarding lights.

We were going for the classic contemporary look and we were satisfied with the range of lights available at the shop (For a large part of the time, my attention and gaze were on the ceiling as there were all those beautiful lights hanging above me =)

He did not make us feel pressured to confirm our purchases. Because of the sincere and patient explanation given, we bought our lights from them after more than an hour of consultation and asking questions.

We left feeling pretty satisfied with our purchase and we're just looking forward to the delivery next weekend!


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Lights Boutique.. just once word ''Sincere'' shop. never rush customers. their price tag r relatively high but the actual price r really affordable. they r willing to explain to u. im suprised they actually use good reputable products! looking forward to their delivery next week. Freddy that's the sales personel, i agree with serenity bear. thumbs up!


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Hey guys, if you’re planning for new lighting products for your new place or existing place, do not patronize this store that is located in Balestier Road, BLISSPOINT LIGHTING.

There were few disappointing incidents which had occurred after our purchased with them,

1. Before our delivery, we were informed that our selected light were not available and requested us to go down for new selection. Hence we’ve to make another trip just to get our satisfactory products.

2. Light bulbs (toilet and fan lighting) that do not served more than a month were spoiled and we’ve to make our trip down again just to change a total of 3 sets of light bulbs.

3. Bedroom lights which do not served more than a year, required light bulbs and internal lighting parts (i.e. transformers) to be changed.

We were truly disappointed because how can lighting products which were less than a year spoiled so easily. These light products cost us few hundred dollars and not just $100 or $200.

We believed that there were more people who had received their poor quality products and had yet to speak up.

So dont even think of stepping in, its never worth.


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Been to both VLUX and Lights Advance at Geylang. Personally I feel that Lights Advance has a wider range of PLC downlights, some with better quality and design. I managed to pick one with glass fitting and unsightly screws hidden from view, very elegant. I bought my dining lamp from there as well. Apparently the same lamp is being used in chanel boutiques. It's an exquisite piece, and reasonably priced. Will post a photo if i have the chance.

Peishan Teo

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searching for good pricing for my new house. shortlisted few light shops. in the end bought from Lights Boutique in geylang.
bought everything for only $618 whole house lighting.
there is a white chandelier im still considering only at $168!
fixed price shop. very very cheap. good service with explanation in depth.
apparently the design are more to practicality. reminded us not to follow trend with interior designers. agree.
my designer brought me to designer lighting in balestier and was quoted almost 2k.
be wary guys. bathroom, curtains, accs are also recomended to buy yourselves. do not rely on designers.


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This is just a note to all to share my super bad experience I had with Hodaka Lighting shop located at Bendemeer. In my opinion this shop has no business ethics.

It started off with me requesting for spotlight with the case and rim all black. Yet when i checked the items, it was with silver rims. I rejected the goods. They told me there's not much difference from the one i wanted and that the whole of Singapore was out of stock for the one I wanted. Lucky enough, I found what I wanted at another store recommended by a friend.

2ndly, They over promised. On the same day of the spotlight, I bought few LED strip lights which adds up to almost 25m. The salesperson promised that I can get it in 4days time. Thus 4days later i went back to realised my items were not ready. They can even suggest to ask me make a trip back in the evening to collect. Guess what, I received a call in the evening from them that not all my strips are ready. Also asked I might want to collect those ready ones and they will send the last few to my place 2days later.

3rd, this is when I feel so cheated. Which is when the day all my LED strips arrived, I instructed my electrician to put them up without me being around. Came back to check on the lights, realised certain bulbs were spoilt, brought the strip down and I was shocked to see 2 different ribbon (one white & the other is yellow) being shouldered together. The white ones were the ones they showed me at the shop. Called the salesperson to asked if she knew about it and she replied cos not enough stock.

Confronted them and they can even argue to say that they forgot to call, scared I'm not around, and due to the lack of stock the gave me one that's more expensive. Now that my electrician has left I suggested that either I get my electrician to come back again and Hodaka pay extra cost, or they get their electrician to do it that day. They said I was being unreasonable and the earliest was a week later. (What kind of service is that?)

In the end, I insisted in the same day and if it did not happen, I'll get my electrician to bill them.

So to all of you out there, please beware of this shop!