Any good hairstylist to recommend?


mg fan

Hi Ladies,

Can anyone recommend a good hairstylist for a good hair cut? Whats the price like?

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi MG Fan

I've been with Vogue at Takashimaya for 5 years. My stylist is Stanley . Charge: S$ 65. Gd fashion/hairstyling sense.


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are there any good hairstylists for guys? please recommend!



There's one in Aljunied. But have to ask my FH for the add. Very cheap and good.

If not then you can try Andrew from Top Image at Ang Mo Kio.


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Hi cookiemz,

Melvin Teo of Isis Salon (at Pacific Plaza) is not bad
Charges for guy $45-55
Though a bit on the high-end side, my FH loves it


hi abt lady's cut? is he good n wat r his charges for cut n highlights? thanks


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Try Shunji Matsuo. My regular hair stylist is Jane. She's really good. Or you can try Shunji himself, heard he's very good with cutting hair for both men and women. $45 for Jane, $65 for Shunji.


Hi Sarah,

Where are they located?

Me also wanted to cut away my long hair to short hair!



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Hi KK,

Wellington Building - 62381522
Novena Square - 63582900
Grand Plaza Parkroyal Hotel - 68373227

I usually go to the Wellington Building (behind Crown Prince Hotel) branch. Both Jane and Shunji are there. Remember to call for an appointment.


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Did anyone tried Shunji Matsuo at Novena Sq? If so, any particular hairstylist to recommend? Thanks.


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Just came back from a cut from Shunji Matsuo. Cut by Shunji @ $70. I can say that you'll feel comfortable there, good service and the cut is great. I can say a male hairstylist is more creative. I like my new look.... Somemore he is from Japan, a more style and funkier cut occur. He is friendly too...


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Lawrence does a great cut which keeps its shape. I don't know if he has changed his hp no. but you can try calling at 94555655. His charges are very reasonable about $36 for a cut. He used to be at Peter and Guys.


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how's the result frm Shunji? is it too japanese style?

heard he is v.good, but i don't like something v. japanese and messy kind of thing. Just want something with layer framing face. That's why quite worried if go to Shunji, he will style me with japanese looks.

Or any of you have recomended hairstylist which is good w/ layering and fringe.
Need your advice, thanks


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You have to let Shunji-san know that you dun like Japanese style. I've cut my long hair(over bra hook) to under ear length. He gave me a bob and lots of layered and those ends flowing outwards style. The colouring is good too. But quite expensive lor. A cut, highlight and dye cost clsoe to $300. Quite satisfied, rather pay more than having too many trouble


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In fact, how do you define good in colourings? For me, no mess, no pain, no pulling of hair... more on great service...

My colouring guy name is ALLAN. He chose for me "burnt Ash" and a lighter highlight.... My friends said that the colour makes me look fairer


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I would like to recommend Freddie Yee, the owner of MASA Hairdressing at Harbourfront. He charges $39 for a haircut. He is very good, won several awards at the shiseido competitions in Japan. I just did my ceramic perm there and I get good comments from everyone!

MASA Hairdressing
#02-58 Harbourfront Shopping Mall


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went to cut my hair at shunji yesterday. not veri pleased wif their service. spent abt $550++. I cut my hair from bra-line to under ear. though i requested for a japanese look, the stylist didnt give me one. in the end i requested to do a perm at the ends so that it look more japanese. their service not veri personalised. the stylist always run here & there to serve diff customers. at first they ask me whether i wan tea & i said yes. but when my colour is done & doing treatment, my tea has not even been served. i paid so much & this is the service tat i get! when doing the treatment for my colour, the water from my hair start to drip down my neck. thot its suppose to be tat way, when i ask the assistant, she apologise to me. i told myself tat i'll try them for a second time when my hair is longer. hopefully by that time, they're not so busy & will provide me with better service!


Hi. Has anyone tried Evenda at Shunji? Is she good?

By the way, how much does Shunji charges for guy's haircut. Thinking of bringing my FH there. Sick of his barber shop hairstyle liao hehe... anyone has recommendations? About $40 or less, hopefully


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I like Creative(used to call Peter & Guy) at Suntec. I patronise this salon and look for Cheryl. Maybe she knows my style and taste. So more importantly, you have to find someone who knows yr taste and style.


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I like Kevin at Red's in Tampines Mall. He's very creative and if given full reign to style / design my head, he does a good job. I'm a satisfied customer and always trust him to change my hairstyle according to his judgement.


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hi slgerman, try maggie & friends at club street. colour is from 80 - 120 depending on hair length.
nice japanese guys...very funny to talk to them though, because their english not so good. hee hee...


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Hi Tougei,

I have tried Evanda at Shunji before. She's pretty good and the charging is $65 for ladies. Not too sure for guy's charges. =)


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my recommendation is zoom at marina square. look for doris, pleasant & nice.

i have done highlight+base+haircut at $102 but mine is shoulder length hair.


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Try Yess Hairdressing @ Malacca street. it's the building next to UOB building. Look for Vincent @ 65323283. he's really good. also able to suggest a nice hairstyle for all. tell him introduce by Leena. will get discount. He's hair cut is about $40. depending on hair length


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I have patronise Salon of Days Ahead - SODA hairdressing at holland village for coming 6 years. Can look for James, he is the director in there. Quite a cool guy with good judgement. Must say he is a skillful hairstylist. Tel 64624812


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Hi i'm looking for a good hairstylist at Kimage who can do good layered cuts. the kind of look where the layers jut out at the sides and behind... not sure if you can get what i'm trying to describe. Anyone can help?


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u can go to Chinatown Point's Kimage outlet to look for Jessie, she's good n experience, I've been with her very long time...


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Hi there Brides,

I went for a hair cut today...he's a freelance hair stylist recommended by my makeup artist TG Goh. His name's Paddy. I must say that he's really good! :) And the haircut was cheap! $45 during CNY, else it's $40.

If you would like to give him a try, make an appointment with him at 96308420.


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hi all i like to recommend my hairstylist ard jurong east entertaiment centre...

his name is lionel. and he is good and not pushy. will give u a good hairstyle that is most suitable for u. sometimes he even tells me i dun need to do anything! haha.. =)

u can call for an appt with him. Salon name is HAIR MOVEMENT 65634866


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I can recommend my hairstylist. Their rebonding is very good and lasting and furthermore it looks natural. My hairstylist is particularly good in cutting and styling short hair.
J Salon (Far East Plaza) 4th flr
Juz tell her Mrs Lee recommended.


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Hi ladies,

Some feedback for Andrew from Top Image at Ang Mo Kio.

I went to him one week before my wedding for trim and colour. I told him that i will be bride for a week time... before he start his job.. hopefully he can do it well for me..

The trimming part, he did a good job. But not the colouring.. I told him i'm the bride so what to have a more dull colour and asked him to reckon. He intro me a new colour which was quite bright. He ask me not to worry as he will max and mix to dull down the colour. The result was so disappointed, it was so bright for a bride. he keep saying no la... abit la.. but still alright and refused to change the colour for me as there are a few more customers waiting for him.

one day before my wedding, i really cannot stand the colour, i went my neighbourhood salon to redo my hair + treatment + etc. which cost me less than $100. and the result is so much better..

From then on, i never return to Top Image


New Member anymore bad experience? I frequent the salon in Bencoolen, but its too far for me..i stay in the looking for a change. i dun like those lousy hands on me, from my experience at those hdb downstairs salon.


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try this lady - Agatha at 34 Greenwood's her own residence...haircut at $10 only!! treatment only $25....she's really good

Also, she was on the papers last year back for being a long-time hairstylist...30 yrs+

can email me for more details at [email protected]


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Sorry but I remember from a few years ago, that I personally did not have a good experience with S****i. I don't doubt he is a master stylist for a good reason, but I feel my opinions on my own hairstyle went completely unheard. I did state a few times that I did not want the 'Japanese' style, no messy layers, and not beyond a certain length, but instead my hair was chopped beyond that length with so many layers. I felt really upset leaving that salon.

I just feel the customer's needs should be listened to and addressed. So perhaps if you like the short Japanese style (of if you're able to just let the stylist do whatever he wants), he's a good person to go to. But if you have a bit more restrictions (like I did), then probably not.

He had another guy stylist that was very nice tho.