Any good Geomancer to recommend?


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hi all,
My friend introduced me to this very famous fortune telling master. Then they used my 8 character to find out about myself. its super accurate lo i cant believe it! the also gt tell my character, health, parents, siblings, kids, gui ren, xiao ren, career, fortune and how my life is 10 yrs down and preventions.
i think your should try and sure wont get disappointed!


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Hi everyone,

I've heard that Master Phang is quite good in dealing with Feng Shui and he was invited by Taiwan current president (Ma Ying Jiu) to go there to see Feng Shui. Anyone of you interested?


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Get the same rates but different person, you can contact Master Andrew Tan. He has a lot of experiences with properties fengshui. Will PM you for details, whether you want to know more and hope it help..


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hi all.. i went for a sesion with JS Liew of Can Xuan Ge (joo Chiat office) 20 Nov 08.. relaxing n chatty session.. casual manner when he give us his analysis of our Ba Zi.. very accruate.. though v dsappointed o hear tat me n bf don really "complement" each other.. me (fire) more "strong" then him (wood) .. hope to reverse my buring effect ba.. so that our marriage can be more happy..

Other then Ba Zi fortune telling, we get wedding dates from him .. luckily the date tat we wanted is a good date.. (the day got the missing element that we both need).. got some consult abt wedding procedures from him too.. will be engaging him again for our New hse feng shui when the time comes..

Thanks JS (if you are looking at this thread) hee..


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Can someone advise how much was paid for
1. getting wedding dates. Did he included the time for groom to fetch bride?
2. Property fengshui

Thanks so much


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fleur.. for Fortune teller JS liew (from canxuange) ard $48 for wedding dates.. include dates n time for customary jie xin niang, GDL, ang chuan.
fengshui of hse depend on size of the flat. you have to email him for the rates..


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Hi Kervin,

What's the contact number and office address of Master Liew?
Do we need to make an appointment with him before we go down?


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I've engaged a few masters before and all of them made me purchase items from them. Nothing solved my problems until I came across master zhang or chang at Almost 1 year after I've moved in, he still replies my email enquiries. I'm recommending him because my wealth luck has improved tremendously.


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I had seek Master Jet Lee from Way OnNet Group for feng shui consultation for my new 4-room HDB. The consultation fee is cheaper compare to Master Tan Khoon Yong. Master Jet Lee is very kind & friendly. We hav a life analysis for all the family members who stay in the house too.

I think you can considered for the fengshui consultation provided by Master Jet Lee. He is quite "yan dao" too, haha. You can see his photo at


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Hi HellOo,
How you find Jet Lee's FS skill and service? He look young.

Anyone has good recommendations on FSM?


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hi is this thread still active? I am moving house soon and would need advice on which FS master for hse audit.
Currently in my lists are
- master Dong Nong Zhen (anyone has his ctc nbr)
- master Dai Hu (Is he still active as i tried calling but no ans)
- master Zhang (anyone has his ctc nbr)


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Hi all,

Am thinking of having a FSM look at our new place before we finalize the renovation.

Anyone can share what is process like and what would it cost?

My email is [email protected]

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi,if you need basis advice,i can help.DONT need to hire a FS master.i am a FS learner doing this drop me a mail if you need too.I will try my best to help LAH


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I know some Masters charge a few hunded dollars for a session.
I know of a Raymond who is v cheap compared to the rest.
He charges like $100 for feng shui reading.
In fact he is a lecturer at a local polytechnic and is doing FS on a part time basis
for close friends/recommendations only. He does not want us to refer him as Master. He says he learnt FS from a monk when he was in Thailand many years back as a novice monk. I was introduced by one of his students.
He did my HDB FS 2 years back…I would say not bad la..he does not recommend buying anything one…no knocking/no reno...he uses v simple but effective flying star FS. He only sees HDB flats cos he says he got no time for condos and landed cos they involve more analysis (condos got swimming pools)..also he joked that for his token charge of $100, it is not worthwhile doing so many things.Ha Ha

I have a condo last time and that condo’s FS was seen by a Master Pang from Yuan Zhong Xiu 5 years ago…all in I spent a few thousand dollars!...YES! a few thousand dollars including buying some figurines and stuff to place at home…the sad thing is..after spending so much money, nothing spectacular happened after that…WTF!

PM me if you need Raymond’s contact. You can SMS him, Just tell him Ken recommend one.He will ask you to fax over your floor plan and to take your own compass reading
He will then arrange an appointment with you to explain his findings.
After that just give him an ang pao with $100.


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Hi Derry,

Care to share how much has your luck improved and what are the charges and service (as in what does the whole package consist of) he provides? Thanks.

You can also pm me.


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Cant decide between Master Tan Khoon Yeong & Master Peng Zhong Hua…Anyone recently have engaged their services? Any comment or advices?

Are the prices valid?

For Master Tan Khoon Yeong
5 rm - $1588 + 5% GST
4 rm - $1488 + 5% GST

For Master Peng Zhong Hua (Yuan Zhong Xiu)
5 rm - $1288
4 rm - $1188

I understand Master Tan is from but I cant find an official website for Master Peng Zhong Hua..anyone can help?

Is it true lunar 7th month should not engaged on FS stuff?

Quite confused =(


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hi JJ,

This hui (4) jie (4) sifu do u have
his office address? & this "he" u mentioned below
is this e same guy? many thanks.

"hi beetle bailey,

mine is a 4-room flat..he charges 5XX for the on-site flat fengshui consultation n gives me 3 dates: start-reno date, move-in date & an-chuang date.

when he's at my hse, he tells me where's our wealth positions, where the kitchen's stove n sink shld be placed, against which wall shld our bed be positioned, how to reduce the sha qi internally n externally, how to prevent leakage of wealth in our hse, how to build harmony n avoid conflicts at home. another interesting aspect is..he tells us which colours are to be used extensively in our hse and wat colours to avoid using. all these info are based on our ba zi. so, must make sure u provide accurate birth n time info to him lor.=)

it's best to get his advice b4 u confirm ur reno designs. as my hubby and i alrdy know what we wanna do for our reno, so, we showed him our plans on where we wanna do up mirrors, hack walls, erect half-walls, blah blah. he advised us not to do this and do that instead and give us reasonable explanations based on fengshui, so, we had incorporated his advices into our reno design lor.=)

he's the editor of shin min or lian he wan bao's fengshui column. if u read these papers, u could hav seen his pic b4 lor.=) he's rather famous in this industry, i tink can't go wrong in getting him bah.=)"


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Halo Cheri, it's me again! i asked u on Roy's quotation in another thread.

haha seems like we have same preference for many things. I'm considering master chang oso. from fengshuiyinyang. So far is there any improvement to your life after the fengshui viewing from him?

I've got a fren who just tried his bazi reading, but is disappointed with him. Apparently, he spent lots time thinking and drawing, little time on communiation. Then when my fren ask him how to improve luck, he said that will be addtional fren is quite pissed lor.


hi minnie,

i haven live in my new hse yet leh. so can't advice what improvement i have in our life after the fengshui viewing from him.
But i also can recommend you another Feng Shui master which i have shortlisted also. He is called Master Rayden Sim. You can view his site at Have alot of good comments too. A few of ppl staying at my new flat used him also commented good. I chose Master Chang is bcos his price is lower. Maybe you can try to email Master Rayden Sim to find out more


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hi Ryue,
i have a few qustions on placing the stove, can you help me?
can pm me you email so that I can email you my floor plan to discuss?


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i have paintings that depict scenes of paradise and others that show images of people and animals. are there any repurcussions for using them under the practices of fengshui? i am not very familiar with the code of the believers of fengshui and i dont want to do anything bad for my own fengshui. any particular place i should hang my paintings? i live in a HDB apartment.


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Hi Gal,

Do you have Master Tong's contact? I am actually helping my friend



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Dear All

I would like to share with all of you regarding my personal experience with the Master introduce by Yenling.

I manage to contact him and have engage his service. All I can say is no complain and two thumbs up.

He went through the extra mile to ensure that our house is completed to our best interest and he really love his skills.

He actually run his own renovation company too, but we did not give our reno job to him, he did not in any instant lay back on his service. He give us advise on our renovation and even went a few times to our house to supervise the reno contractor.

When we ask if we need to pay him extra, he will always joking say that we are young couple, save the money for future.He did not charge us any extra other than the fee agreed up front.

He even stay up a few nights to have discuss with us and the ID we engaged in order to create a perfect house for us.

The fengshui set up he use is simple and nice and it does not goes against our liking,, because of what we want he have to crack his brain and counter all difficult issues.

JS if by any chance you come across this forum.Ron and me would like to express our most sincere thanks to you.


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we could also do some reading to have basic understanding of fengshui first before engaging one, then at least we can ask fsm questions so increase our understanding and also gauge whether the fsm is ok one or anot...
for my fs, i recently engage one thru a friend recommendation and pay 388 for my whole house, whch i think is reasonable, previous one quote me 4 digit sum...
and i would recommend him, can read his articles too on his website, quite interesting


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David Tong ... He is good and very detailed. Punctual and responsive. I like his explanation and he will give you practical solutions rather than buy all sorts of things to put in your house.


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To share my BAD experience with Jin Z.L. at Aljunied.

He is more concern of $$$$ than anything else. Said many bad things about me and asked me to make donation to monks and temples by passing the money to him. He showed me an exercise book which he claimed are his record of his repeated customers who has passed him money for donation. He claimed that one business man donated $10,000 because his business flys after consultation with him. Another woman donated $5,000 because he found a hubby through his ritual. Sound like a con man to me! When I wanted to walk out, he bargain with him and reduced the donation to $3,000. What the f***!


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Dear All

I have come across a few threads that mentioned about Fengshui Master.

Therefore I decided to share my experience with the one that I have engaged sometime back.

He is JS from CanXuanGe. We have engaged him as our Fengshui Master from selecting of our wedding date to the actual renovation work.

He has been very helpful and professional in his work.

For those who like to have a trouble free wedding preparation. You will not regret.


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I just met up with him yesterday. Very fun session and he open me to a whole new concept of Geomancy.

Very logical and profession.


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Like to check with those who engaged JS' service for wedding dates. Does he give you all the dates & timing, e.g. ROM, GDL, AD etc?

Does he give 1 date for each event, or a few in case the 1st choice is not available? Thanks


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Recently got my wedding dates calculated by JS Liew of Canxuange and had a very good experience.

After our first meeting with him, I had an argument with my GF on the wedding dates and emailed him back for some advice. On hearing that, he immediately called for a second meeting and helped us resolve our problems. He even negotiated a good banquet offer for us the following day when he saw one during a wedding show and my GF is very happy.

I will recommend JS to couples looking for FSM as he will follow up to solve ur problems. Not like some FSMs who just give u the wedding dates and timings on first meeting then leave u on ur own.