Any good foundation for skin prone to breakout?


Hi Gals,

I would recommend SK2 foundation. Both pancake type and airtouch foundation. I have both their cases to let go. All in good condition. Their foundation is light and does not clog our pores.
I am selling the cases becos right now im not working anymore thus does not need to make up often so switched to lower cost foundation.
Here are the pics of how they look like



if you are interested or for more info, pls email me at [email protected]. The products I bought are authentic as i bought them in Bugis BHG and Istean Shaw House.


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Why not use a world Top 5 brand with money back guarantee? Not happy after trying, can go back to the company for refund without questions asked. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected].


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My favourite is still RMK liquid foundation! I heard they'll be opening a counter in Singapore again in 2008. For the past years, I've been getting them from Taipei...

I prefer to look natural with makeup so I've stopped using cream or powder foundations for years. RMK gives sufficient coverage for my acne-prone skin yet still gives me a dewy look (so that my makeup doesn't look too thick). Most of my close friends who tried my RMK liquid foundation have converted too!

I don't recommend the cream foundation though because it looks rather thick.

Some of the foundations I've tried include: Lancome's liquid foundation, powder foundation, MAC's liquid foundation, cream foundation, cream to powder foundation, Clinique powder foundation, Chanel's dp liquid foundation, powder foundation, KP's liquid foundation, Covermark's liquid foundation, Estee Lauder powder foundation, SK II powder foundation, cream to powder foundation, Prescriptives custom blend liquid foundation and Shiseido powder foundation, Paul & Joe liquid foundation...just for comparison, and I still prefer RMK over the others. Covermark (oil control) liquid foundation is quite good as well. Light and natural enough for blemished skin with enlarged pores.

I use KP micro-sheer powder after my liquid foundation. It's very sheer and fine so it sits well on my enlarged pores...BUT it's so often out of stock at the counter, it's quite irritating. I want to give the Paul & Joe loose powder a try! I tried it over the counter but I think it's slightly more powdery than KP's. I still want to get it though (it's out of stock in SG now) and use it regularly to see how it oxidizes etc.

I just bought Covermark loose powder (the oil control one). It's quite good too but comparatively, I find KP still better.


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RMK closed shop in Singapore already and KP is closing down also. Not too sure if the outlet at Bugis Seiyu is still around or not.


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If you skin is prone to breakout, it's better if you don't 'suffocate' your skin with thick foundation.

Better to use a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen or blemish balm.

I use this tinted skinscreen from Shu Uemura called UV Underbase.


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Any other recommendations for a good coverage and doesnt clog pores type of founation powder...?

I am using Clarins and I dred using it bcos the coverage is really lousy!


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Vichy foundation works well for me so far. It offers quite good coverage and don't clog pores. But due to my combination skin, have to use a make up base before foundation to make it last longer.


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hi, Lanaige foundation not bad. It won't clog my pores and mosturised my skin at the same time, not oily at all! Should try.


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hi there,

I highly recommend this JANE IREDALE Liquid Foundation,(mineral makeup) that :

1)Doesn't clog pores - in fact less breakout after I used it.
2)Not cakey at all - natural to my own skin
3)coverage - gives a very natural coverage for my skin

I got it from this salon near Eunos MRT: Therapist De Faces House - $88 for 30ml.

very happy as less breakout!


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I'm using a 3-in-1 powder by Taiwan Beauty Specialist, Niu Er. It acts as a foundation, concealer & powder. You can conceal your scars & spots by dabbing more powder using a small eyeshadow brush.

This powder regulates sebum production too! It is a natural mineral powder that does not clog pores. Email me if you're interested [email protected]


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I like Bare Minerals Foundation
i'm allergic to some make up brands but this one is good for my skin, no rashes or breakouts, and keeps complexion matte and flaw free.

Amy C. Kangwansurakry


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Anyone knows where to get BAre Mineral makeup in singapore?

I have uneven skin tone on my do i ensure that the colour i choose best suits me?


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hi Lynn

Not too sure where you can get bare minerals in Singapore, think you can only get it online. I am currently using mineral make up from momominerals its based in Singapore so you save on shipping =) I find the
free face analysis very useful when I was choosing a suitable colour.

Hope this info helps =) PM me if you need any more info


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u can try Oxyginberry?Pearl Essence.

Give your skin a luxurious treat with this exceptional moisturizer containing precious ingredients like Jabara, Pearl and Oxyginberry Complex. Jabara ?a citrus fruit unique to the Kitayama village in Wakayama, Japan ?helps relieve allergy symptoms like dry, flaking skin while hydrating skin. Pearl strengthens the skin’s defense against the sun’s rays, plus moisturizes and softens skin. Oxyginberry Complex aids in skin repair and renewal to help delay visible signs of aging. Skin appears smooth, luminous and glows with health.


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Hi all,

I've got one Clarins Multi-Light Everlasting Powder Foundation for sale! It has SPF 30++, and applying make skin look lighter and feel softer and more supple every day. With a comfortable, long-hold texture that stays true in even when it's hot and humid.

Only used it for one time only. But my face is not suitable for Clarins Products. Thus letting go at a lower price.

I've discard the old sponge. Just buy a new sponge, and it will appear to be like new!

Retail Price: $80 (Foundation cover box + powder)
PM me for more information


Dear all,

I think can try Clinque Liquid foundation which has an oil free formula and long lasting and also stay good throughout the day.

Its sold at counter for 51 bucks per bottle, but can go pink beauty or beauty language or lucky plaza for a cheaper option.

Anywa brands mention above some can be found there and its lik 20 to 25% off counter price. Also sample is mostly free from counters. Can just ask the sales gal...


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One of the most important things to consider when choosing a foundation is the type of skin you have, and the sensitivity of your skin.
Try and find one that suits you best (Clinique have a skin report on their website where you can find the right foundation for your skin type), and then get a really good make-up remover and cleanser too. After you've taken your make-up off, get a wet cotton wool pad, rub it over your face, and if there is no colour on it, then you don't need to cleanse anymore.


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I have very oily skin. I would give mineral makeup a try. There are soooo many brands out there. Most of them are relatively inexpensive. I use Meow Cosmetics. That jar will probably last me at least two years. I've also learned how to make my own foundation. I have converted my daughters and sisters to mineral makeup. I do need to really figure out the best cleansing program for me. I think that is key to having less oil to deal with. Please consider mineral makeup but look at the ingredients. Meow has 3 ingredients other than the coloring, so does EDM. Some of the "traditional" companies are getting into MMU but those foundations have a host more ingredients.


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Hi everyone,

I have read most of the threads here and thought just wanna share my opinion frm a makeup artist view. =)
Quency is actually correct..when it comes to choosing a foundation the most important thing is the tone and well does the product suits ur skin..and does it look natural on ur face.
Base on my experience alot ppl tends to neglect that..usually they just want something that looks natural on their face or they just want something even more whitening when they are
already as white as a piece of A4 paper!
Before we apply our foundation, its important to do a pre-foundation steps first..meaning skincare..can always apply a moisturiser first before we put on foundation..yes though alot of foundation nowadays do comes with skincare properties however, the properties are usually very minimal..
Usually i would always recommend to apply a hydrating moisturiser due to our hot climate..
not only is it good for dry and combi skin but actually it also does some good for oily skin as well =) as it balance up the oil and moisture level in our skin. For someone who has sensitive
skin or skin prone to breakouts. it will be best to use a more soothing and alcohol free product.
When applying foundation, we do not actually need to apply on the whole face..some people does that by thinking that it will gives them full coverage! but actually it only makes ur makeup looks more cakey..we only need to apply on the four most important area: the t-zone, both side of cheekbones and chin.Same for whether u are using liquid, BB cream or 2-way and frm there spread out thus will have a natural and even skin tone.
For sensitive skin or skin prone to breakout BB cream and mineral makeup are actually a pretty good choice =) however, u might want to do some concealing first as this type of skin are usually more prone to redness.. best is to use a concealer with soothing and calming properties.
Now, alot of ppl tend to think that certain brand of foundation are not gd as they tends to clog pores,now that is not entirely true. Pore clogging usually tends to occurs when at the end of the day we do not cleanse and remove our makeup properly. That is a very important step and i always advise ppl and my clients to do that. If we do not remove/cleanse our skin the remaning dirt,impurties and foundation remains on our skin and goes into the pores, thus our skin will not be able to breath. As times goes by, they will goes in to the deeper structure of our skin. Wearing makeup to sleep is a even no-no! whether u are wearing mineral/loose powder or foundation etc..
Therefore, when comes to choosing foundation, there are many factors to consider. recongize ur skin type first before heading down to that counter and pick up a foundation. =)


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mineral foundation!! i have the same-ish skin (mine's combo sensitve on the dry side) and i was using the mac powder foundation (studio fix? studio FX?) until i noticed the same. my esthetician at the time convinced me to try the mineral line she sold and i was hooked! i found a better color match from philosophy and lots of girls like bare minerals. the coverage is DIVINE but you don't look like you're wearing makeup at all.


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If you have dry skin dont use water base moisturizers thats good for oily skin not dry skin.. dry needs more creamy type to keep the dry skin moisturized and choose one with hydrating ingredients.


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My daughter and I like the dermolgica products. Of course, it is more expensive than those DIY brand. I feel it is impt to spend our money on the good result. We are glad to find the beauty salon near Khitlab mrt... opera beauty cottage. You can visit for more info