Any good face mask to recommend?

Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by SlimYoga, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. SlimYoga

    SlimYoga New Member

    I recently bought the tiger face Mask from SNP.
    Quite cute to use, after first time using it, don’t feel much difference actually.
    Has anyone bought products from SNP before? Any recommendations from this brand?
    Or what is a better brand?

  2. Mia F

    Mia F New Member

    everyone says SKII really works, but i've never tried before. I quite like Olay magnemask though!
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  3. merlindaber

    merlindaber New Member

    I personally like Clinque's Blemish clay mask and Leader's Solution (Korean brand found in guardian or watsons) sheet mask.
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  4. SlimYoga

    SlimYoga New Member

    Do you always repurchase the same brands? Or will you try out different brands every time?
  5. SlimYoga

    SlimYoga New Member

    May I know where can I get it?
  6. SlimYoga

    SlimYoga New Member

    Why? Which one did you use?
  7. Healthbeautyaddict

    Healthbeautyaddict New Member

    Can get snowhite mask from Nuskin. Their waterfull masks and time reverse mask is great too! Had many positive reviews. Much cheaper than SK2. Can PM me if you wish to purchase.
  8. Diven

    Diven New Member

    Natural is the best, I also use egg to make a mask.
  9. ing1

    ing1 Active Member

    I second this. SKII really works.

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