Any good eye lash curler to recommend?


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I find most eyelash curlers not v good, my theory is that coz the curve of the eyelash curler has to match ur eyeball curve, if not, not all the lashes can be pressed.

So I using this Japanese brand eyelash curler, it only curls sections (maybe 5 lashes). Take longer but I find the curl is more long-lasting. Bought from overseas last time, but maybe the shops in SG will sell.


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hmmm i dun realli find eye lash curler are good though, i think its the mascara that realli works, buy a good one and curl lashes properly, i was taught to'pull' from the roots of your eye lashes, if you get any cheaper brands like maybeline, they work well too, start form the inside and pull it outwards , do the top of the upper lashes frist before doing the flip side of the upper lashes, when doing the flip side, pull it upwards , really go out and up. hahaha, thats my theory and it works well for me. hhahaha.


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The eyelash curler that many beauty junkies rave about is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

I own it, and I have found that this eyelash curler tends to follow the shape of my eye more closely than its cheap counterparts. As a result, I end up missing fewer eyelashes when I curl them. The curl is more dramatic as well.

As far as holding that curl, I don't know of any product out there that acts as a lash hairspray. You could try a heated eyelash curler, but I personally haven't tried one and don't recommend it. As a substitute, you could give your eyelash curler a quick blast of warm air with your hairdryer and let it cool enough to use it on your delicate eye area. I personally have never tried this, so if you do, please be extremely careful and do so at your own risk. You must ensure that your eyelash curler doesn't get too hot!

Aside from that, your eyelash curler plus a good mascara might do the trick. DiorShow mascara is pretty much the best of the best, but be careful applying with its big brush. It is not available in waterproof. Benefit's BadGal Lash Mascara is another good option that is available in waterproof. Sometimes high-end mascaras tend to dry out fairly quickly as well. If you don't want to invest in pricier mascara, I have heard good reviews about CoverGirl's Lash Blast mascara, although I have not tried it myself.

An optional finishing touch, you can set everything, I recommend trying a makeup "setting" product, such as Benefit's She-Laq.

Pricing (excludes tax and shipping):
Shu Uemura eyelash curler: $19
DiorShow Mascara $24
Benefit BadGal Lash: $9 (small size); $19 (large size)
CoverGirl Lash Blast: Approximately $6 to $9
Benefit She-Laq: $30

All products are available from except CoverGirl LashBlast, which is available at most US discount retailers and drug stores.

I know I probably went overboard with my answer, but at least you should be all set. LOL.
I have been keeping up with the latest and greatest beauty products for about 11 years.


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I haven't tried this yet, but I have Model Co heated eyelash curler for almost a year. I use it everyday and the result is excellent, the curl stays for the whole day.
The retail price is about $16, at David Jones, in case you want to check it out.


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I recommend going with the Revlon ones.
Get the ones with a spring attached to it though because it gives a better curl.


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Yup..agree with andrea...i got a spring eyelash curler at Far East Plaza for only $5.90 and it actually curls better than my Shu Umera curler!


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The best mascara I have used myself and on my clients is from MAC.
It's called Zoom lash and it works amazing.

Eyelasher curlers I would not consider using at all.
Most of them (even good brands) pull and rip out some of your eyelashes and they become less thick.
Hope this will help you!!


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Revlon makes an OK one, not sure if they sell it in the UK.

The ultimate eyelash curler is made by Shu Uemura, but it costs around $19 USD.

Note : You can heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds, but be VERY CAREFUL that you do not burn your eye/eyelid. The heat will make the eyelashes curl better.


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the best eyelash curler is Zebra and Duckbill Handle Eyelash Curler from chian website. fits any eye shape for an intense accent through well-curled lashes at a budget-wise price!