Any Good Driving Instructors to recommend?


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Can pm me for the contact for auto driving instructor @ SSDC.



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Ur instructor is teaching auto for SSDC? I'm looking for one. How is ur instructor? Good? How much he's charging? Can gv me his contact?


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Looking for recommendations for good driving instructor for manual car in Ubi area. Feel that my current instructor is not so good. Pls pm me. Thanks.


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dear all

Care to share the contact of your driving instructor? I stay in Yishun and hope to get a private instructor for ssdc.
Also, will the instructors take students who have not gotten their final theory? Thanks!


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I am freaking regretting over my choice on private instructor over the school. I got to know this Mr Soh and his company at Ubi Driving centre area, which is a provate company. Apparently, they have no form of responsibility at all. I thought you'll stick to one instructor, or at least, won't keep changing.

But apparently, all they do is that they say you're really bad and slow, and they ask you to go to other instructor, yes..So they are they one who changes you, and not you.

Secondly, this is not the 1st time that they say there is no lesson, when there is a LESSON on that day, and that I am already waiting behind the CDC at ubi, called them,only to get their irresponsible excuse and reason, saying there is no lesson, when the told you the day before that there is lesson.

Not just Mr Soh, other instructor under him simply change lesson last minute, and they have no consequences, where for us, we'll need to pay if we notify them only within 24hrs,we'll need to pay the full fee. This is simply unfair.

And when your TP is near, they don't even give you more lesson, compared to others...their lesson is so hard to get, school is simply better. I regretted it,totally.

I wonder how credible it is for their passing rates, because the instructor keep changing. So when you went for yout TP for the 1st time, you're put under whose name? They didn't even tell you, they can simply sacrifice one person's reputation for the sake of the company.


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I am simply so upset over my choice of instructor. Paying them, yet can't get lesson, especially when TP is near.
They even change your instructor every now and then, without notifying you, simply ask those instructor to contact you, only then, you learn about it.And that means that the car you use for TP will be changed as well,meaning you'll need to get use to the car once again, even though the model might be the same, the feel and the whole atmosphere is different.

School's car are all the same, wonder if they put those weird purfume,those cover for their steering wheel as makes you feel different. Hence,need to get use to it. This is one of the reason you need to get use to it, so when they change the car for TP for no reason,it simply annoys you.


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oh dear...
hi truth sharer, when is ur driving test? I wish you all the best.

personally i do not trust school instructor.
Yes.. any good recommendation on private instructors (auto) under BBDC?? Even in Jurong?

Kindly share or you may PM me..

Thanks in advance...


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I am looking for instructor in the west! I heard there is a website for us to check the passing rate of each instructor right? Anyone know where is it?


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Just wanted to share my bad experience with my current instructor... Jeffrey.
He is a very lousy instructor with all the funny excuses during my lesson.

1st lesson: want me to stop outside petrol kiosk for he to go toilet

2nd lesson: want me drive to top up petrol

3rd lesson: go buy pet's food when I drive passed a farm

4th lesson: nothing happen

5th lesson: SLEEP while I drive!

on top of the above, he has been always late by 10mins and my 5th lesson end almost 15mins earlier. When I confronted him, he dare to tell me this is the rules as he fetch and sent me at my place!

Need to stop all these and change my instructor now. After seeing the above recommendation, decided to go for Mr.Peck. Hope I choose a correct instructor now.



My current instructor attitude was bad!

I dislike him. Only know how to scold and scold.

I'm staying near Bukit Gombak. A

nyone has good pte instructor to share? Pls PM me directly. Thanks.


I was really demoralised and upset when he kept scolding me. No patient.

Not sure if you guys has engaged this Mr ONG TECK KIAT from Bukit Gombak before?


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hey guys,
try Mr Ng at97972000,my private instructor that is very patient and have taught me a lot of techniques and guess what?i passed the first time!I have recommended him with a lot of people as i'm so happy with him..he can pick you up any place for $35 for an hour if i'm not mistaken,it was a year ago though..he even book everything you need in the center..
anyway..goodluck..have fun driving...


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hmm my private instructor is quite good..teach patiently,.anything u duno can ask de..very friendly..jokes with mi at times..his name is ang lian seng if i rmb correctly..meetup and dropoff point is at bukit fees for sis friend recommend him to my sis passed..then recommend to mi..and i passed already..


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i'm still torn over learning to drive manual or auto - the car i own is an auto but the husband wants to me to learn manual. i need someone who can pick me up from my place as well - any recommendations? i stay at seletar and will take my test at driving centre at woodlands (formerly yio chu kang).


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Hey, I recommend Mr Chua that I engaged thru He is both patient and experienced. There are many times I stumped, and he explain to me patiently and gave me important tips to drive. I can't rem how many lessons i took but basically I spend abt 1K. allows u to change up to 3 driving instructors if you find him unsuitable. their no is 84887607


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this idiot name is david
his car is VIOS - SGV 8471
his number is 82382904 , 94569797



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Yall can try Le Driving Instructors- I just told them what I wanted with regards to schedule and good English speaking Instructor, pick up at Tai Sing MRT and they helped me arrange my first lesson within 2 hours. I found them on facebook- le driving instructors.


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Hi all,

Just wanna warn people out there of a private auto instructor from SSDC, namely LING CHENG SOON (Rowland Lim). He drives a Toyoya Vios (Gold colour) SGV6308. I found him from le driving instructors website and this is definitely the worse decision i have made in my life. He is very unprofessional, very vague in his instructions, always making excuses, always cancel class last minute, rude, and always scold his students. I really wonder why he is able to keep his rice bowl until now. Never once did he taught me how and where to look when im doing parking.. Even before my TP test. Engage him at your own risk.


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I would like to recommend my driving instructor, Mr Tan. He teaches both auto and manual. I just passed my driving test. First try. They are using honda and teaching at Bt batok. Nice and patient Tan brothers. They are a pair of brothers.

If you need their contacts, you can PM me.
Hi berlinelee,
May I have your instructor contact? TIA!