Any good cleanser?


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Hi gals,i use to hv oily skin with full of blackheads too. try dermadex biotox cleanser n refining cream. The products contain all natural herbs. quick n effective for problem prone skin,such as pimple prone,big open pores,dull n tired appearance. Regular use will encourage ur skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads,reduce redness n irritating n dramatically lightens n restores ur youthful radiant complexion. Really gd skincare products.


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Hi Joleen,

I have tried to order the skincare products at the website. The price is really good. The products are proper sealed and in good condition. New stuff out from this website too... Averine cosmetics ...10% Off. I like them too as they are skincare cosmetics. Intend to order the cosmetics from there too.


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I am using a facial bar currently, recommended by a friend. Initially was doubtful about it as it was not a widely known brand. However, after 1.5 weeks into it, it helped my stubborn pimples (those at the jawline) subside and my face wasn't as oily anymore. It also helped to restore my skin's elasticity.. previously my skin always had that "tired" feeling..


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im using cleanser, oxyginbery essence from excel that help to tighten e pores and lighten e scars. Quite effective compare to clinique or SKII pdts that I tried b4.


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Hi gals,

I have 2 bottles of 200ml Uriage Soap-Free Cleanser for sensitive skin in gel form. Unused one...bought not long ago but just realised that it is not so suitable for me. Will be a waste if I just leave it there. I bought at retail price at $55 for 2 bottles. Now willing to let go at $50 inclusive of postages. Those who are keen please email me at [email protected].
Thank you.



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actually toking about cleanser it depends on your skin,if u are more sensitive skin and more prone to acne,pls stop use any cream form cleanser,use the gel instead and it really helps.


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i have combi,sensitive and acne skin also... have been using my current product for a yr plus, the result is good.... care for sample, just PM me.


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previously i m a body shop user, their product quite good but can't cure my blackhead & fenci
currently jz switch to NuSkin Clear Action, it is good for blackhead & acne skin


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Fancl cleansing oil followed by Avene cold cream gel works for me and my face doesn't feel tight despite washing twice!


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hi flower Love,
i tried sasa products, tea tree oil product. i used from cleanser, and 2 in one (toner & lotion) and use tea tree oil mask every week. it control my oily skin. and reduce my acne.
you can try it also. The price also not expensive.


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any solution for dry and sensitive skin? my best friend skin is like stated but she some time will have pimples poping


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Flower Love, nuskin product for acne is not that expensive. You should also try 180 Skin care range. It is even better & can see results very fast. Use together with the galvanic Spa to help clear the acne. Email me at [email protected].


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I am currently using IPSA facial products. I think its really good and soft on your skin. Can give it a shot, its sold at Tangs


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hi all,

I'm a nu skin user all this while.

soemone recommended a facial product name sense to me recently and the products cost really affordable,like cleanser its only $35,scrub $33,mask $39.i would say its really a very good facial product i ever use and she herself always spent on expensive product like lamer ( she told me it cost more than 100+,chantecaille cream 600+) till she tried a product sense.

nu - clay pack and cleanser its good but after using sense i tink sense its much better.


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I just started using this Bio Rejuv soap. It is a new product from New Zealand. I think it cleanses very well. I can really feel a different to my skin after I started using. As I have hair loss problem (think my oily scalp could have caused it though my hair is dry), I use the soap on my scalp after i wash my hair. My scalp feels very clean after that and my hair loss improved.


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I just started using Nuskin ageloc... quite exp lor..

Must I keep using it... Can I switch my skin condition improve?


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harlow, I'm using ageloc too! Its expensive meh? I dont think so, for effects similar to botox and cosmetic surgery, no way! The technology behind it can not be compared to any other prodts in the market.. so, $500 is a very good deal, trust me. Came back frm hongkong and the featured an exclusive 14 pages on ageloc in their popular magazine"Jessica"...something like our Her World. People are going crazy with ageLOC..if you have not tried it, please get one.

Its really good, I've too many textimonials to share.

Sicao, ageloc resets your genes expression to youthful ones, so once you look younger, and when you stop, your skin will age as per normal, it will not deteriorate ...there's a lot of science in ageloc. Our skin will age influenced by factors like environment, our diet, the stress we go thro'and our genes.


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I have tried the Biological Peeling and Deep Cleanser from Sothys. Both are botanical product or plant base. My face becomes fresh and smooth and not so tan looking.


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I have been using the Niu Er Lavender Cleansing Milk. This lavender range really makes makes my skin fairer.
Good for those like me who wants fairer complexion. And its not expensive at all... less than $20


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Does the Simple cleanser cause you problems?

If not, then I imagine it might be a good idea to stick with it. (It is refreshingly inexpensive too, I guess.)

As you search about, you will doubtless come across an endless list of foodstuffs and cosmetic ingredients that supposedly pose problems for sufferers.

But what is true for one is not neccessarily true for another.

If you suspect that your redness is, in part, caused by dryness, you may want to take a look at the Cutanix line of moisturisers.

Good luck


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Hi,I am looking for a toner for my skin..I have a combination skin..Oily and dry both so I was worried and looking for it..I have used some of them before but unable to find the best one which suites me..Any idea related to it? Money does not matter but I want a regular one which helps my skin to glow..Thanks in advance!
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Hi Joanne,

Can try Laneige Foaming cleanser.. it contains AHA mixtures frm 5 plants (Orange,lemon, Bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple) to keep skin elastic and white birch extract to provide moisture for the skin... after washing skin will not feel tight or dry and it cost only $30 for 180ml.. =)


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Hi benniena, I feel that clean and clear is good but not suitable to mature skin , as I prev used it and it was good not too dry and now when I use it my skin tends to be too dry le):
Haiz I'm old ):


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i use the Biotherm detoxification white tube cleanser and it is quite good. although the texture is quite rough.

Hi jasmine do u want to try out forever living products.. I got super sensitive skin.. After i use it for a 6months consciously.. I see results.. Now my new born baby also using the cleanser as body wash..