Any good bridal shops?


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really appreciate your sharing, natyeo. any good recommendations for the bridal boutique and photographers? Btw, what do you think if I would want my solemnization to be on the same day as the customary? Will it be too packed with tea ceremony followed by dinner?


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ya I agreed w natyeo....BS alwis provide gd svc when u r considerg them but once u signed their package e std of svc dropped....

I would highly recommend my MUA & PG who r doing freelance w my BS previously....they've recently branched out to incl sales of gowns...This husband & wife team provide very gd personalised svcs & their package is not expensive...

I can share w u my fotos, email me for the link and contact details... [email protected]


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for bridal shop, i think Silhouette The Atelier is really pretty good. i have been to their bridal boutique, the design of the gown is good and elegant. Their service is good as well. they are really nice and humble designer, patient enough to listen to my very particular needs and requirement.


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I am interested to have an option to choose a photographer on my own. Most BS comes with photography. N so far, their photos dun interest me. I noe I can look for dedicated bridal boutiques that caters to gown solely but they tend to be costly.

For those who have done their pre-wedding photograhy by a professional, any advice how about do you go about doing it? Like do u have to rent gowns and have to go find a MUA for your photoshoot?

What bridal shop did you guys choose? Whats' the price range?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!! TIA!!


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Hi Mandy

i also thought normal BS photo r not as nice as those "designer photographer" until i seen e photos by The Aisle last yr..

i have already finish my AD n i also took their AD package with them after seeing my studio shoots which we like veri much..

these r some of e photos to share if u want 2 see their photography skill n gowns:


Actual Day:

Happy Viewing...They r a great n my hubby throughout enjoyed my journey with them


Hi Yun,

You can try Di Gio bridal in tanjong pagar.

All of their staffs and bosses are friendly and professional.

My Hubby and I are very satisfied with their photographer and their services.*thumbs up*!

All the best to your preparations for your wedding.


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Hi hi..

U may want to visit _Volans_Couture_ at Telok Ayer St (right opposite Tian Fu Gong).

Friendly folks who had made my photo-shoot a fun and stress-free day. No hard-selling during my photo-selection as well.

Have fun checking them out!


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Hi there,
I agree with dkny6826 to use Digio. My package was from there and basically all staffs r friendly.
Most importantly, I looked GREAT in the gowns they done up for me.

You can either look for Jesslyn/Carine if you have any queries.


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wow cass7 really wonder if u earn commission or ur packages with VC is highly discounted hmmm every forum i see is highly recommanded VC....

i totally disagree with cass7 i m oso a VC bride ... frankly speaking sign up with them so far my wedding is in 6 mths i tried so may times to get an appointment the co-ordinator juz told us she is bz, she is going on leave n they are fully booked to let me try out my wedding gown, my photoshoot is in jan yet now i got nothing done...the situation i m facing yup i can agree no hard selling but be prepared they give u nthing but empty promises......


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hi all, if u r interested in Julia Wedding News, you can consider signing up this weekend at Vivocity (12-15 Feb) at the bridal fair. It is definitely much cheaper than signing at the shop itself. Compared to my package, it could even be almost 1k cheaper and getting almost the same things.

I can share my details with those interested. email [email protected]


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Hi, I m new here. I planned my wedding on next mid year. I still not visited any BS, any married couple can share with me yours experience.
Forum strongly recommend Venus at JB or should i get BS at singapore instead? I have very tight budget, any good recommendation?
Please share me your photo.
my address [email protected]


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Mmm... Seems we only have brides and not groom here in this thread... Can some kind brides share with me some of your packages for Bridal or AD to [email protected]. Of coz good one with affordable rate? My wtb, very no sense of budget one... Therefore I'm here to do research...

There's a bridal fair this coming weekend... Will go and take a look, do some research..


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Try precious moment. I just finished my photo shoot. The service is great. They are not pushy and they give you time to think about whether to sign them up and also if you want to buy extra pages of photos. Best review of a bridal shop I have heard around. For other shops, there are always complaints in one way or another.


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I agree with Joyce.. Talking abt VC.. Its a great dissapointment. Wld say that the co-ordinator is super forgetful and BLUR! A lot of cockups.. I am totally pissed with them!


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I am new to this site and I hope someone can advise me where to get good quality wedding & evening gowns at an affordable price. Thanks in advance.


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I am with VC, and would say their services or at least my coordinator is quite good; very patient, helpful and smiling at all times throughout our gown choosing sessions.

I was surprise by the -ve experience others commented previously.


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i am with Sophie Weddings =) They are very helpful and will change their package to suit your needs =D
Like i don't need wedding photos as i took mine in Bali already, so they change it to AD photography for me! Yeah! And many other changes just to suit me.Very Flexible =)


hi everyone,

i am with Bridal Zone. service wise very good, i am a very demanding person, but my coordinator, Ted, accommodates my needs and very generous as well, he even stand at the entrance waiting for us during our appointment. that is why i love their service, photography wise is superb but for gown wise, i did not get to look for more, but it is ok for me as i am sure i will get to find what i like. they even have traditional costumes like japanese, victorian, korean, chinese etc for photoshooting. =)

Am very satisfied with my BS. ^_^


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Hi, have anyone use The Feline Bridel service before? They are located in River Valley. How are their design for gowns,the photography skills and make-up artist techniques? Pls let me know any good or bad feedbacks. I welcome any comments for them. I really hope someone can reply me because I TOTALLY cannot find anyone in Singapore using their service till now! I am really worried as I have paid a huge deposit already during the roadshow without visiting their actual shop or seeing their gowns in person. Kindly email me at [email protected] asap. Thanks!!!!


White Link is good, wide selection of gowns. Digio is not bad too, gorgeous selection too. Those bridal along Tanjong Pagar are pretty well known. I've friends who are brides from Z Weddings, Sattine, French Bridal, Golden Horse, The Aisle... And also, sometimes it really depends on individual luck if you get very good and experienced coordinators who are able to give you good comments and advise! So do some research before you sign the contract. All the Best BTBs!


I have White Link package for someone to take over, value is $1500, you can use it to upgrade to any package they have. Just call the BS 23th Jan n mine is a open date, so no expiry, White Link gown is very nice n a lot a selection, reason for someone to take over is i already took the shoot oversea. Im stuck with the package. Someone take over the value pls...


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eileen> You may refer to my AD PG - Alan, [email protected] he is superb and the fee is very reasonable. For makeup artist, I am using Cannice (90079589), I find her not bad, my mother-in-law also said very well-done but my sis said my eye can be enhanced more. Ha^^ so it depends la. But the trial make up is only $38, you may wan to try b4 deciding... one thing good is after I confirmed with her, she requested me to go to her shop to trim eyebrow (no charge) few days b4 my AD, she said like tat will look more natural on AD.

For Bridal shop I personally like the Aisle, my sister-in-law is from this bridal, the gowns are very beautiful.


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Hi Candy, Thanks for the info . Because of tight budget my friend actually wanted to get Alan Studio for AD , but after asking around knows that he is holding illegal work pass to do the AD Job in Singapore. Means that if they have a valid work pass but can only work for the Employers. Do you have other recommendation ? because i just read the Ministry of Manpower web site know that is a serious penalties for offenders ( Employers ). You may checkout this , i am worry that u already against the Law .


I'm with Sophia and I've gotta say I absolutely love their wedding gowns! Walked through the whole of Tanjong Pagar and I'm glad I took Sophia!

@Celiss Wang: I'm a 2012 BTB and I've seen some comments regarding your BS at the 2012 BTB forum page. You might wanna check it out! you can read it from this thread onwards:

@Joanne: I can't PM you! You might wanna enable your PM function?


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Hi All,

I've a voucher of renting an off-the-rack bridal gown/night gown for a day from La Belle which worths up to $2,088.
Suitable for brides who are looking for gown for a day photoshoot or solominsation or actual wedding day.
(Expiry date: 14th Oct'12)

Willing to let go at $500.

Pls email to [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you


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MY DREAM WEDDING package to let go ..
Deposit paid 1500 ( u NAME ur price for me to let go - negotiable )
Pls note that u can choose to convert to HK photoshoot if u wish.. The total value of the package is 3488, and we have spent alot of Time to bargain for more perks such as addition tuxedo, fathers jacket and frame and thank u card, and addition shooting location!
U offer ur price for my deposit ..

[email protected]