Any good bridal shops?

help help,

i really hv no ideas which bridal shop to lost as the thread is quite difficult to find...can anyone pls share.....thanks !!


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Hi Butterflies

I suggest u check the main forum & not the photography threads. Check out some of the bridal boutiques.. Most importantly, what others feel is gd may not be to ur liking? Why not ask frens/relatives of urs who have recently gotten married to help narrow down ur search?


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Hi butterflies,

Maybe u can surf around the websites linked in Singapore brides? There are a lot of BSs which are advertising here, so visit their website to get an idea of their portfolio in terms of photography?

Afterwhich u can go into the various threads to identify if they do provide gd service & quality end products from their existing BTBs

Hope this helps! Btw, I'm with Yvonne Creative
Hi mehmeh,

thanks, u hv sign up in what circumstances ?
In exhibition or u went to the shop directly ?
we always hv a phobia to wedding exhibition, they keep pushing us to sign up that day which we didn't even hv chance to visit other bridal shop.


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hi butterflies,

based on reviews in the threads by the existing brides in '04. Also by viewing some of their pix, ie PS style & the the kind of gowns they offer/MTM.

I didn't sign up at any exhibition, coz I share the same fear. Though some couples may think tt they wld get a gd/better deal when signing up at fairs. Agree tt sales ppl are such fair are rather pushy.

If u do happen to go to any wedding fair, make sure u go to one with a fashion show, so as to get an idea of how their gowns are like & view the many albums they have on display to get an idea of their PS style & quality of the photo albums.

Hope these help!
hi mehmeh,

good idea, thanks for sharing your precious points here,

jus to share wif u i've went to suntec wedding fair on monday, nothing to see, just 2 bridal shops - French Bridal and Golden Horse Awards, a wasted trip and catch a bad flu cos the aircon there is very cold.

so, what u recommend is those held by hotels is it? if i already hv a restaurant/hotel in mind, do u tink its still recommended to view the fashion show as i'm afraid they tied down the bridal shop with the hotel as a package.

many thanks !!


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Hi Butterflies

I wouldn't recommend either. What's ur budget though? Maybe can give you gd recommendations with tt in mind. What i feel is tt though the basic is cheap, shd u need to top-up, the costs may come close to higher ends of the middle-range.

Hmm, yupz, those BS tt have shows in hotels are usually better? For instance, Ted Wu which just advertised in the forum.. Keep a lookout for them. BSs which have shows with hotels do not necessarily tie-up as a package. Just tt both tap on each other to have more publicity & attract more ppl to attend & hopefully sign up


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butterfilies, i think u can try Sophia, photo shoot is v.good I like it but did not sign package with them.

Me from Graceful Image, photo shoot is good and their indoor shots are taken at Raffles House which is where their studio is so to me is a plus points....In conculsion, i have 3 o/door...heehee...

I agreed that French really got nothing much to see....
Hi mehmeh,

My budget for BS (including photographer and car) is not exceeding $4,500. Not sure if Ted Wu is super expensive u hv any good service BS to recommend ?

Hi Wong YY,

Yup, French's albums is like 90s....Jus wonder why u didn't sign with Sophia if u like it so it becos they very expensive ? For Graceful Image, do u mind share wif me the price of the package u sign up?

thank you to both of u so much !!


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Hi Butterflies

I would highly recommend The Wedding Present & Camelia Haute Couture, even though I'm with Yvonne Creative. Of the 3, Yvonne Creative can def meet ur budget, the other 2 have nice structured gowns & gd service, though a little more pricey. Julia Wedding News would also be a gd choice, but apparently they might have upped the price of their package ever since some Taiwan star used them for their outlet in Taiwan. They have beautiful lace WGs.. Can give these few a try

I think Sophia has packages tt are def within ur budget, but I'm not too sure of Graceful Image.. Wait for YY to update u

Do u prefer dreamy organza gowns or the more grand looking duchess satin & silk satin gowns? Can recommend better if u know the kind of WG u prefer..

Ted Wu is def expensive, but he is apparently very gd with intricate embroidery. Tan Yoong & Frederick Lee are also of his range. Tan Yoong has pretty twisted tulle gowns while FL has dramatic gowns
Hi mehmeh,

So u r online too

thanks for your kind help, how much is your Yvonne Creative package ?

I heard of Julia very nice comment in the past, but heard that the whole batch resign and is replace by a new batch of staff, not sure if its true.

so paiserh, i dun even know what kind of gowns i like, i dun hv much figure, medium build, so not sure which is suitable too, have butt but no breast
, think wun look good in gown either...

but i prefer simple, grand but abit dreamy type...hehe confused oso...

wow, i tink i can't afford ted wu, dun wan my hubby to spend too much oso...


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Hi Butterflies

My package is $2988 with both gowns OTR. I did MTM my WG, so i paid a top-up of $300. Very affordable even if u want to MTM. Moreover the service gets alot of praise fr existing YC BTBs. The gd thing abt YC, is the transparency between the client & coordinator, photographer, MUA & Yvonne the designer cum boss. There are no hidden costs even if u have a full-lace gown or one with lots of embellishments..

If u're finally going to pop by, can say u're recommended by Serene & u can also request to see my album (taken by Keno at a museum, botanical gardens & Scarlet hotel). They used my PS album as a sample in their studio..From there u can judge if the photography style of YC meets ur expectations.

Dun worry about ur figure, there are many difficult figures, esp the plus size ones & still are able to find the gowns they look superb in!

Agree, dun overspend on the wedding package, there are more things worth the money, esp the home..
hi mehmeh,

thanks for sharing, btw, wat is MUA and wat is PS ? sorry quite alien wif the short forms use in this forum...hehe

hmmm, u mus be very photogenic, else they wun use ur album display there leh..hehe....where is Yvonne Creative ? Tanjong Pagar ?

yes yes, the home is the best place...and the impt thing is both the couple hv to give in to each other and dun quarrel too much, else becos of a wedding deteriorate relationship is not worth at all...


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SORRI...i am trying to get this thread for days....cannot found...

Sophia: Think their range is about ur budget. I like the photography (tink the photographer is called yi ke shu = one tree). Like the way he shoot makes the bride and groom looks elegent.

However, knowing my FH I think he will not like Sophia so I just let go.

I sign with GI, with quite a good deal. Package includes:

MTM Suit (bring home)
OTR Suit
28pcs 10R album (our request)
table top
bridal car

some more i forgot and I think my package works out to be about 4900.
Hi YY,

where is Sophia ? is it at tanjong pagar?
wow.. GI so expensive arh, i tink i will not consider already
, later his pocket burn a hole...hehe


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hi butterfiles,

GI is not expensive is just that I took the more expensive package. I believe you can go and have a look. The designer is v.friendly and the package still can be negotiated. I think no harm taking a look.

BTW, GI has been around for >5years (and have taken part in many bridal show for their design so I think is good.

If you want i can go down wif you cos i like going down meeting the designer to chit chat....

Ok, next SOPHIA

Yeah at Tanjong Pagar. And do you know that the wedding gowns in TCS TV series is sponsored by them. However I don't really get to see their gown much as the ones hanging OTR is not alot. What really attract me in Sophia is the photography.


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Hi Butterflies,

I'm not the most photogenic. Rather my album has a storyline & the locations are very unique! hahah, my photographer & Yvonne are very impressed by the efforts I put in for a photoshoot (PS)

Heehee, YY has already updated u on the short forms.
AD = Actual Day

Agree with YY tt Sophia has very gd photography, but do find tt their packages, even the basic ones rather pricey? Tt's before u do purchase more photos for the album. YC does allow negotiation for the package even before signing up, so u gotta negotiate. I didn't coz I didn't really need more stuff such as pix, didn't want to spend money on too many pix which wld usually be collecting dust after sometime..

Both Sophia & YC are at Tanjong Pagar.

Oh yes, u can try Silver Cloak, Dang, Kai too.. They have beautiful gowns with great workmanship! But of coz might exceed ur budget..

Ooops, I think I'm giving u too many to choose oredi


New Member is really oops....

Besides what you've mentioned, if butterfiles like feminie type can go Margret Brides.

perhpas you can try precious moment....
hi YY and mehmeh,

thanks for ur response and suggestions...hehe...i welcome more choices if they are good !!

mehmeh, u r mamasan ?


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Hi YY,

Think Margaret Brides wld be way above her budget! But MB has beautiful feminine gowns..

Oh yes, apparently Precious Moments along Thomson Rd has a very cheap basic package if u sign upon 1st visit.

Harlow Minssy!

No lah, must advice rite? if not very sad to hear another BTB engages a unreliable or not-value-for-money BS rite?

Harlow Butterflies,

Minssy is my fellow YC BTB.. I'm nicked 'mamasan', coz I always give advice!
hi mehmeh,

hehehehe, i was wondering why there is a mamasan, but i'm very glad u and YY so nice to give advice, will definitely consider the above suggestions, thanks so much


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Hi Butterflies

Posted below are 7 types of WG. If u can identify which gown u prefer, then can recommend a gd BS who's gd at creating/possesses such WGs


1) Ballgown


2) A-line


3) Small A-line


4) Mermaid (rather structured)


5) Mermaid (soft look)


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yeah butterfiles, GI is at Aldephi opp Funan and BTW this outlet is not open on sunday.

The other GI at Tan Quee Lan is opened on Sunday.

Think if you wanted to go down, do give them a call in advance and ask Judy to serve you cos she is good.
Tel: 63395758

When meet up wif her just tell her your budget and the things you expect from the package, she will propose some package to u.

For MB, think if you want everything from PS etc etc exclude Bridal Car will cost you 5K.
Hi mehmeh, exp..think will not choose Margaret, thanks for your info.
Hee, from what u post here, i think i like No.2 more

Hi Princess,
Read your email. Thanks for sharing
Hi YY,

Thanks, MB so exp, not willing to spend that much
, save some $$ for honeymoon....keke
Dunno where is Tan Quee Lan (sound to me like HongKong Lan Quee Fang) hehe....i will go the one at Aldephi if choose GI, thanks !!


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Hi Butterflies

Most BTBs like A-line gowns too.. How about the material?
2 is in duchess satin with a grand look, 6 & 7 are more feminine, dreamy feel.

Most BSs in S'pore wld be able to do nice A-line. But u got to examine their quality with much scrutiny k? Fr far, all look beautiful.. But when u wear u need to feel very happy with the whole look even to the smallest details.

Do give Yvonne Creative, The Wedding Present, Sophia & GI a try.. Dun go try too many & get too confused


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Hi everyone

I'm also deciding on whioch BS to visit.

Meimei: if I like gowns like no. 6 & 7 type, which are the BS will u recommend?

WongYY: is GI gd at doing gowns like no.6 &7 that Meimei has posted on the website?

Butterflies: Have u started visiting any BS for quotation?

BTW if I will to go to BS, will they allow me to try their gowns if I am juz asking for quotation? Is it advisable for me to go down with my fiance if we are still sourcing around? My fiance is very keen in going w me and c how I look like in the gowns b4 we sign. What should we do if the BS push us to commit?
Hi cutie,

I only been to the wedding fair at suntec mentioned above.
Since wedding is a couple's thing,
i encourage u to go wif ur fiance, at least wif a guy around, we will not be impulsive to sign up, somemore ur fiance will tell u the truth and not just sales talk from the BS rite.
Remember, don't sign up immediately, make ur stand, be firm


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Hi Butterflies,

Oh then i think it wld be better to go Yvonne Creative, The Wedding Present & Sophia. In my opinion, GI does more gowns such as in pix 6.

YY, what do u think of this?

Hi Cutie,

In this case, I think GI, Sophia & YC are pretty gd at them. Do ask to try the gowns for whichever BS u go shopping at. Do not pay any deposit for any BS when u go there for the 1st time, even if they throw in lotsa freebies. If they show u black face, then u prob can give tt BS a miss..U need to exhaust ur options to make sure u make a gd choice, otherwise u might regret u placing a deposit.

Also do not place over $1k for a deposit. If they ask for tt, it means they are gunning for ur deposit, the sales ppl earn commission only fr ur deposit & not how much ur actual package is worth. So with more deposit, the more commission they earn..

Have fun trying the gowns


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Hi Butterflies & Cutie,

Forgot to mention. Give bridal exhibitions at Suntec level 3 a miss.. They are those which are inconsistent with their services & dun find them rather gd.

However, do go for those which hold their fashion show at hotels/banquet venues. Usually the shows are exclusive to 1 - 2 BSs, but those involved are generally more reputable.


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HI ALL....

just back from a heavy lunch...burp! *sorry*

okay....first cutie & Butterfiles,
GI (designer Judy) able to produce 1,2, 6 & 7. For the rest I am confident they are able to produce.being in the market for some time now, they provide value added service as they will advise if the design suits / which part of the gown can be modify to make the bride more elegent and graceful. But rest assure, they will not force you to take on their advise if you dislike.

I love GI. Judy is very careful with details and oso she is very patience.

to try the gown, I think can ask them cos most of the time many BTB are doing fitting. So to avoid disappointment, better call and ask them.

I agreed with mehmeh, signing up bridal package at wedding fair may end up paying more in the end. But I am grateful, my BS selection is guided by the higher power.

you can read my sharing in the GI thread.

Okie, hope my experience with GI can help.

Hey I dun mind going with any BTB to GI. I am always happy to accompany...


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Butterflies - I signed up with Sophia and they have met my expectations so far. But they are rather pricey compared to other one stop shop. Most brides spent a bomb there but you can be assured of their gd service and quality service. Their photography is really good and their gowns are of good std as well.

I have been to GI but find that their gown quality so so and photography below average but the price is also lower.

So, it depends on the price you pay for also. I think YC is not bad too but heard that after sales service not too good.
hi seval,

thanks for sharing the negative comments too, wah really shack to "get marry" hor...need to find many things...must really think again want to hold dinner or not...


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AIYO butterfiles,

really up to u want...Like now seval prefer Sophia than GI & YC

me prefer GI

and mehmeh YC than others....all really need you to go down and see see look look one. Maybe you prefer none of the above mentioned, right?

To me, seems like wedding is like running a show and tis time is a show on self. You want to make it grand then have to input more $$. If you want simple then less $$. All in all is really up to u.


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Hi butterflies

Keep ur spirits up.. It can be quite fun & beautiful as u look back at the preparation process. I am enjoying every second of it, and i think I wld really be quite sad/lost when it's all over..

When do u intend to have the AD?

hi mehmeh,

thanks very much...when is ur AD?

we intend to hv it next yr, probably after May06...still planning...btw, do u know how many mths we need to book hotel wedding banquet in advance ?