Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?


Hi babystarlet

Cutie gal here, hee...

Can send me the meal replacment broucher. Will u reali full after taking? I looking for one. Thxs!


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hi cutie gal,can leave down ur email,i will send u e broucher to contains all the infor that e meal replacement contains.

actually the general guideline is to replace all 3 meals for best results,but bec i'm not strict with it,i jus replace 1 meal as dinner is always prepared(mama will be angry if i dun take my dinner,heee)

ya,everyday i will take my breakfast,den take e meal replacemment for my lunch,can tahan me till my dinner time arnd 7pm,e time when i reached home.this meal replacement is like a milk shake.
i once tried cambridge diet b4,but me and cols dun like the taste



Here's my email: [email protected]


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I have an ex colleague who eat fruits continuously for the 3 meals for 3days, lost 3kgs.. and she goes on for 2 mths, she told me she lost 20kgs in 2 mths.. dun know true or not?


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i have done some researh online, the key to healthy weight loss is simple, your body needs to know that there is a steady food supply, hence 6 small meals a day is better than 3 main meal, now before anyone jump in and say no time, it is actually quite simple, heres what i take normal oat meal in the morning, (this is a complex carb and will provide u with energy n keep u full throughout the day), 2 sweet potatoe for 2nd meal, cai fan with half the rice for 3rd meal, 5 hardboil egg whites for 4th meal, tuna salad with 5 egg whites for 5th meal, low fat malk with cottage cheese and natural peanut butter for last meal, with salmon oil and recently added fat burner (talk about a fat burner that you can feel immediately after taking!) I am on a steady and healthy fat reduction journey!


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Missy, I added Hot rox, it is one of the most potent fat burner available now, but it is retailing for $200+ at GNC, however i can get it cheaper thru a friend, do a searh on the net for reviews


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Hey Beverly,

I actually asked herbsgarden to email me on the massages and juices her friend was taking but maybe she didnt see my mail as i didnt heard from her.
Would be great if you could email me details [email protected]

I am trying to lose 8 kg in the next 3 to 4months before Xmas.

Thanks in advance



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hi all,

read below......

FIBERGY® is an advanced fibre drink mix providing 14 sources of dietary fibre
FIBERGY® contains 12 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre in each serving--more than twice the amount of other fibre products
FIBERGY® is a good source of potassium.
FIBERGY® is the easy and delicious way to get your daily requirement of healthy fiber. The FIBERGY drink has a 2:1 ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber, which is ideal for health. FIBERGY® is an excellent source of dietary fibre.

With a smooth texture and great taste, FIBERGY is something you will look forward to every day. The high fibre content also will leave you satisfied, so you won't be looking for a snack an hour later.

A serving of FIBERGY contains 12 grams of fibre from 14 different sources. Consuming multiple sources of dietary fibre can be beneficial because different types of fibre (oat bran, citrus pectin, etc.) provide specific benefits and act in different ways in the body. FIBERGY is available in two delicious flavours: Almond Crème and Peach Mango.

Avoid the frequent cravings and health risks associated with a high-glycemic diet. FIBERGY is low glycemic, providing sustained energy and greater satiety throughout the day.

Add two scoops of FIBERGY to 220 mL of cold water. Blend or shake. You may also mix with juice, skim milk, or soy milk.

most of my friends tried it and found it great!
afforable price.
can email me at [email protected] for more details


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hi i am taking herbalife for health and weight management purpose]\

i realise alot of pp out there do not really know how to consume the products to have effective results.. spoke to a few current users and they are not taking it the right way.. maybe that is why it is not effective on them.. i was one of them too last time

my neighbour lost 10kg in two mths but my fren took one set and see no result and stop

after i learnt abt the right way.. i lost inches onmy thigh and tummy in 2 mths..(i am not really into loosing weight.. jus tone up flaby areas)

as different ppl has diferent body, everyone result will differ.. fast or slow or different reaction

thats how i feel


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Hi Girls!

I got to know from my frd there is a product that help you achive your desired weight according to your blood group. It is super popular in Japan & Korea.

Check out this website to find out more! If interested, can email me at [email protected] for more details!



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Hi supaida,

when you said taking it the right way, wat do you mean?
take tablets 3 times a day, replacing 2 meals and take a normal full meal and try not to snack alot.
is this the right way?
but when you feel hungry, wat do you do? plus when i'm eating the full meal, it's normally dinner. cos' i was hungry for the whole day, tends to eat very fast and eat alot of fruits after that. do that do more harm than good?


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hi YUKIE, your pm not working.. no sure if can post this here?? cos some ppl may find it sensitive????? anyway,,

first MUST drink at least 3 litres of water per day

for those who are taking total control, base on pass results, it shows that it is more effective to take twice a day instead of the suggested 3 tablets a day.. take them in between meals.. ie 10am and 3pm when tummy is abit empty

for your dinner try to eat before 8pm and DO NOT EAT YOUR MEALS QUICKLY, even fruits... not just for ppl like us that are going on diet but people in general. reason being, if u do not berak downyour food into smaller pcs by chewing, than, your body sys will have to work harder to digest your food.. and if u eat slower, your body will tell u when u are full.. if we eat very very fast, we usually wun know we are full already (usually a lag time for the body to signal to us)

do not skip meals or replace meals with fluid diet or fruits. our body stil need food. just eat 3/4 tank.

Did you take protein powder?

if u wanna snack maybe snack on fruits, or cheese or eggs or protein food

if u have more queries can contact me.. if i know the answers i will share with you

i can be reach at [email protected]
good luck!


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hi supaida,

wun one be taking herbal life for a while immune to the meal replacement program huh? yeah sumhow is bored after a while leh..


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I just met another bride in this forum who has slimmed down a LOT!!! Kellypink The Wedding Present thread. I waiting for her formula.. =)

I'm also looking to reduce my weight by at least 2 KG before christmas.


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hi sunbelle,

not sure if they will be Immune? but so far i have seen many people's health improved after taking their products, at the same time, managed their weight.

for me, maintanence was easy as it only requires me to replace breakfast.. i use to drink fresh milk with conflakes.. now my breakfast is easier! haha! even hubby joining in the program with me now! maybe we are not very particular in food so easier for us..


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think e best way to cut down on fatty food,do more exercises and of course having some other alternatives eg meal replacement or others does help in slimming too.
but e slimmn way is better to be in a healthier way and fast results doesnt really mean good for the body


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Hi everyone

may i knw wat products r u using? Sound beri gd leh..How much???

got any infor on meal replacement from a company Forevergreen??? How much is the package?

Wats your program like??? Got more infor??

Can share with me the formula too??

PM me or email me @ [email protected]

Thank you.


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Hi all...

for those who are interested in super aboba. it is a slimming product that is tailred to individuals blood typing. they have four different types: A, B, AB, and O. so based on the type of blood group you have, you choose the product accordingly. eg: blood B you choose ABOBA "B". Therefore explains the name of the product: AB-O-B-A.

Since people with different blood types have different constitution, having diet that is suitable for your blood type can improve your digestion-system and advance your metabolism, which depletes unnecessary calories. According to different blood types, 4 formulas of SUPER ABOBA are developed and each formula is made by the food ingredients that are suitable for each blood type. Taking the formula that is suitable for your blood type can help you achieve desirable slimming result without changing your original diet habit.

because of the special formulae of the pills, there is not change of daily diet at all. one can still maintain/eat the normal food that one is still consuming (of course that does not mean you can eat tonnes of junk food and still expect yourself to lose weight la)

its is around $105 per box but becuase it is not distributed in singapore yet, can only be bought from distributors. I am one of the distributors so if you are really interested i can help you get their distributor price at $95 instead.

Currently i'm trying them myself too... just bought it myself today... however i'm going to do detoxing first cos this is wat my comapny health consultant is encouraging. detox first... remove all unwanted things from body so that body cells and take up the slimming prodt up better and to reach the maximum effect. am using B&H detox prdt... maybe starting the aboba in weeks time... will update on my progress too... hee

Do contact me directly if you are interested. 93828958 Calista



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Hi all. Let me share with you guys my weight loss secrets.

In march 06, I took Tri*slim for one month when my weight was 48kg and i manage to lose 3kg but as the pills were ex, i stopped and my weight increased by 4kg!! I take these cos my fats at tummy, butt and thighs are bulging out and need to lose fats, then when exercise, can gain abs n muscles.

Then, in August 06, I decided to take slimming pills again. This time, I tried the Xando Platinum 2 which Moses and Fann wong advertised and it cost around $150. ANd let me tell you, DON't ever invest in XANDO products! THey eat your money but don't make you lose the weight. Instead, it make u put on more/maintain your current wegiht! I was so furious however, I bought it le, so I gotta finish eating it. Well, my weight was still stuck at 49kg BUT, i can notice that im accumulating more fats.......

ALright, then when sept o6 came, now, THIS IS THE MOST IMPT SLIMMING FORMULA.

My bf helped me get slimming pills.

For 1month, I took Xenical. This is totally disgusting. THe 1st week, i couldnt fart cos the oil would stain and stink the panties, so when i held it in for a long while, i gotta release in the toilet bowl and then, its like a detox fart or something cos i would have some diarrhoea at the same time too.. But after that, the STENCH, is HORRIBLE. It smells worst than burnt tyres. If there were something to describe it, it would be Burnt Human Flesh. Im not kidding.

And you will feel so disgusted that you consume foods that don't have oil in them but then again, if you dun consume oily stuff, the pill wont work effectively cos its purpose is to eliminate the oil from your system, entirely. ANd when you fart out, the oil in the toilet bowl is red oil. No matter if you consume oily vegetables/laksa, the color is still red oil.
ANd the stench is the one that puts me off myappetite too....I lost 1kg at the end of the 1st week.

At the 2nd week, when i fart in the toilet bowl, the oil is there but the diarhoea is gone. SO i guess the first week ws to help my body detox off the accumulated previously consumed oils before I started on the pills.. And I drank 2 sachets of green tea during this period.

End of 2nd week, I realised my tummy area is getting slightly smaller but my weight is at 48kg. COs I think the fats at tummy is just water retenetion and the green tea helps in eliminating the excess water which we ppl always mistake as fats. Just like slimming salon, after one treatment, u lose 3kg etc, its actually the water weight eliminated from system.

At the 3rd week and 4th week, life still goes on, meal intakes and portion size are lesser cos i was really disgusted with the stench and oil and the fact that if i have gas in my stomach, i cannot fart anytime i want to but got to hold it in.. Cos once you start the fart, its gonna carry on for like 2mins etc, with 'breaks/rest' in between the 2mins and the panties will get soaked in the disgusting smelly oil.

End of the 4th Week, I have finished the Horrible Xenical and green tea month and lost 1.5kg! So I weighed 46.5kg after that. Its a very slow process cos of this theory:

The plus sized ppl, usualkly can lose weight super fast cos they are actually having lots of water retention in them and they dun give their body a rest from the fats they consume too many at a time. So the body has no choice but to make way for new fats in the body, by storing the old fats away. Therefore, the fats dun get burn off easily unless you take diuretics like green tea/apetite control pills/oil control pills like Xenical.

As for BMI acceptable ppl with the figure all in their wrong proportioned state, like me, have problem losing too much weight in a month as our body does not contain so much water like plus sized ppl. Anyhow, my advice is not to trust the weighing scale but trust the mirror. The mirror never lies.. Cos if u wan achieve the ideal weight, your weight is super acceptable le but body still unproportiointe, of cos its time to trust the mirror.

Ok. Then In oct 06, immed after the xenical pills, I started on panbesy. However, i only took one pill a day and it helped control my appetite more effectively but the first 2 weeks, I still cannot anyhow fart as the medicince from xenical was still affectin my body by eliminating the oils.. Not too bad. My tummy grew smaller a little but cant notice much difference. I also drank 2 green tea sachets daily which helped me eliminate the gas and water retention in my body but of course, while you're on slimming pills, its a very gd thing if u love your H20 cos it helps u metabolise faster.

At the last 2 weeks of oct, the oil farts ceased and there was no more stench. So i felt better and not to mention, cleaner too and i din have to worry that my bf would think i stink when we are in the same room together anymore.
I lost another 1.5kg during these 4weeks of panbesy and went down to 45kg. however, my thighs stil looked fat and my butt and my tummy but i did feelmy jeans become really loose! The button area used to be 1.5inch below my navel and now, its hung down to my hip area.. Which is a good thing, which means that i am reaching my target.

In nov 06, I decided to step up the pills. SO I took 2 panbesy pills daily, one before lunch, and one before late dinner. ANd i continued with the green tea thing. The effects were excellent! By the end of nov 06, I weighed myself and Im now at 43kg! Woah.. what a long way ive gone to achieve it.

And in the 1st 3 weeks of december, i ran out of the pills and im still eating but trying hard to control wat i feed my stomach with. Also, I stopped with the green tea regime cos I grew laxy.. heh SO the last 4th week of dec, I started on panbesy again cos of the christmas sinful meals etc. SO my weight is at a +/- 43 and 44 kg.

But my body is such that the weight lost that can be noticed was my upper torso area. THe lower half is still being reduced at half the rate the uppertorso fats are being diminished. So when i wear clothes, ppl say i am thin and ya, my top part is thin but my lower half is the one im concerned mostly.

Also, since ive lost 6 kg since sep06, my boobs have Shrunk!!!!! From A75 to a A70 or slightly smaller than that! omg! Cos i noticed that when novemeber came, my boobs could not fill the entire bra cup and its like my bra inside has a huge gap when i wore it. SO when i went to try on bras at triumph, the Maximizer, with my girl friends together with me in the chaqnging room, they commented that my ribs are noticeable and if i lose further, i would be losing all my boob fats too! Then i tried maximizer and omg, there was such a huge gap at the cup where the straps for adjusting are located.

I went to pierre cardin but they only had B70 for padded ones and the fitting ones are cloth type. So yucky.. I tried the sloggi brand too but damn.. my boobs just couldnt fill the cup.

Then, I met my saviour. Ero Lingerie. They had my cup sized and their padded push up bras are great. So happy that finally my boobs are able to fill the bra cup. I tried their none pushup bras too and I tell you, i would have screamed in for joy in the dressing room cos my small boobs could fit the cups perfectly and the assistant was helping my adjust in the dressing room and helping me select the bras for my boobs. Also, she said that my boob fats have "scattered" to below my underarms and she taught me some exercises to help push the fats in place. She recommended me this brown front clip on thing, which is suppose to wear over the bra on your boobs, and when u clip on, you can feel the fats being pushed together and gotta adjust the boobfat and manual push into the cup. I wanted to buy but it costs me 300bucks! omg. just for that front clip on thing, it costs 300bucks. I think i'll get it when ihave more money.

Oh ya and i forgot to add a final detail: FOr the 1st and 2nd week of dec when i had no more panbesy pills, I tried Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar from GNC cos I heard that it can help one lose weight too. IT is very sour and if u dun wash your hands after opening the bottle, the smell gets onto your hands and is as disgustig as the stench when u need to remove your bowels. SOmething like that. But not too bad my weights still maintained but not i have panbesy again, im gonna incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar and Green tea into my regime again. NOw my target weight loss is to be at a 38 or 39kg as I really wanna lose my thighs and have a flat tummy and less obvious butt.

Sorry for the longwindedness but just hope you ppl can succeed as I did thru my kind of methods. If there is anything you wana ask me about on the weightloss thingy, you can also pm me


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i think u r oredi very thin leow. pls dun bother to slim down. girls need some fats, no matter how much u hate it.. dun b silly & continue to slim.. it is not healthy 4 u.. no offence being made.. but to me, slimming is for those with real weight problem.. not for u.. pls take care.

i used to b heavy at 86kg.. slim till 60kg now. but my new target will not b 30 or 40kg lesser.. juz another 5-10kg more will do.. & i will b more than happy. i come a long way 4 slimming.. tried alot of methods to slim too.. coz i suffer from health problem b4.. so pls b contended with what u r.. health is more important. vainity is women's traits but dun go beyond at the risk of ur health.


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have you consulted a doctor before you attempt to lose weight? how tall are you when at 48kg? have you checked your BMI?

you have a very drastic regime in losing weight. are you sure you are doing it right? you could cause more harm to yourself without you knowing it.

why dont you try exercising and watch your food intake instead of all these 'methods'?

exercising is a healthier method. it works your heart and lungs, tones your muscles. you may like to hit the gym, jog, swim, brisk walk, cycle etc.

i am not medically trained, but i would advise you to consult a doctor first.


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I lost 17kg in 4.5mths. I ate health supplements and was guided by a trainer so that i can slim down in a healthy way.

If anyone interested to know more, email me at [email protected] or contact 96178983 for a faster reply.


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Hi Ladies, read my other post 4 my comments s I do not 1 2 b perceive s "boasting" cos I have already receive comments like I am exaggerating my results or misleading others.......

Feel free 2 sms me 4 ques & trust me, I would cal u unless u ask me 2...


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i'm sure u r not boasting abt it.. u oso want to share abt your happiness abt weight loss. who dun? i oso like to share my weight loss.. to me, 25kg weight loss is a really big big achievement leh.. heehee..


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i just went for a body ceckup again after a month taking the blood type slimming pills... lost 2kg of weight and 1kg of fats... qute happy... think gonna keep on taking...

Calista 93828958


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Ladies ....

I lost 25 kg , just by exercising and eating moderately (not dieting) and eating on greens. I think it is healthy too

Now focusing on my own program in reducing my tummy.


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Hi Ladies, dun go 4 slimmin pills. I use 2 take slimmin pills & it almost ruin my health & my social life. Rather go for natural stuff than chemical stuff.... Though more expensive but it's definitely worth it.


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I am selling my remaining cambridge diet packets away @ cheap price of $2/packet only.

I still have strawberry, vanilla, banana and cappucino.

Expiry date is on Jun and Sep separately.

Pls interested, can PM me.

Thanks. =)


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Jus wanna share my meal replacement programme. Recently my colleague recommends me a meal replacement which I find it quite good, lost 3Kg within 2 weeks. This is the first time I achieve this results. So happy. It's called the Nutrimeal. It is a low glycemic meal replacement drink for healthy weight management. Foods with low glycemic indices (GI) provide greater satiety and convert to blood sugar more slowly and steadily. It comes in 3 flavours, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. 28 packets per box

I drink half a packet and it's very filling already. To achieve better results, replace 3 meals with this for 5days but i only replace lunch and dinner and i manage to achieve that result.


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hi, wondering if this is all abt MLM product selling?? everyone is trying to sell products in this thread.

ladies, actually we all know that excercise is the best and fast way to slim down instead of taking all these products which will have side effects afterwards. Its reali not worth it. If it works, then there will be no fat people anymore.

just my point of view..


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All of us here are only sharing our experience of slimming down
Not all MLM products are bad. You are pissed with MLM products because those distributors hard sell to you???? Yes of course, effective slimming involves exercise. But what if ppl dun have the time to do so?

You can choose to believe or not to believe. Last time I also dun believe in MLM but after I started drinking it then I know it does helps. I tried Cambridge and Herbal life but I couldn’t accept the taste, duno why. I used to pop slimming pills but usually when I stopped, my weight will bounce back twice the weight I lost.


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I agree with Jesy. Effective slimming is not just abt pdt. The pdt help you kick-start the process, but essentially it is your lifestyle & diet that you hv to re-evaluate for longterm changes.

Not all MLM pdts are bad, MLM aka DM (direct marketing) is just the way/method of selling/marketing products. It's just opposite to our habitual of buying pdt off the shelf. Some coy pay for advertising & shelf space, whereas others channel it as commission/reward.