Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?


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Hi Alan,

In order to loose weight, how many days of cardio and strength training we need to do in a week? How long we need to workout for each session?


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Arella: Welcome to the forum! General rule of thumb is about 3 to 5 times a week, about 45 minutes each session, not taking into account warm up and cool down. For strength exercises, I'd advise working on different body parts each session so as to keep the session short, so you don't get that dreary feeling of spending an eternity in there.

Good luck!


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hi every1
My primary concern now is to lose about 25 kg.
How should i start off??
Should i be doing cardio or sculpting ?
Wat does aerobics fall under?


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Hi Ana, you could try this thread for your answers. That's my purpose of starting the thread, sort of a reference for those interested.
Good luck!


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Just to share my latest experience, I have actually took Herbalife for less than a month and have lost about 3kg, maybe you would like to try too??? I don't know maybe you could lose the weight through this too. I took the Cambridge diet but did not like the taste so my friend who was trying to lose weight shared the product with me...


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Hi Jaime,

Can tell me more about the Herbalife diet? I need to lose 6kg by November. My target is 3kg by end Sept and another 3kg by end Oct.
My problem is I can't resist food, snacks, chocolates, sweets and all other sinful palatial delights. Thus am looking out for replacements. This Herbalife, does it help?



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Hi! I lost 2 kg in like 1 month... Think it is really the stress of being a bride etc. But I do watch my diet very carefully, ie. I dun eat any oh how. It takes quite some determination, but for a few months, why not?

My daily meal goes something like this:
Breakfast: bread, lightly spread with butter, or this $1 bun with fillings - 1 serving. No tea or coffee (cos of caffeine) so plenty of plain water.

Lunch: I always get chai fan - but minimal rice. 2 servings of veges (1 green like chye sim and 1 white, like cabbage) and 1 serving of meat (only chicken or fish). Then 1 serving of soya milk or plain milk

Dinner: Repeat lunch, except replace milk with cut fruits

When I feel hungry, I will eat either a handful of nuts or a fruit, like apple or banana, which really fills you up!

I dun believe in meal replacement as no matter how good such supplements are, you are still depriving your body of essential nutrients. So best to watch what you eat, and not to do so excessively.

I dun eat chocolates or potato chips which I used to, and realise that imme. your weight will go down! I also dun drink like coke or 7-up, or even iced lemon tea. I go for lemonade (no sugar).

Realistically, you will lose a few kg when you start, but when you continue on this diet, you will maintain your figure. It is far better than those slimming centres, and it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. I find myself not falling ill so easily.

1 or 2 chocolate once in a while is fine, so I just tell myself to walk that extra mile to the next shopping centre to burn of the fat! Like walk from Orchard to Plaza Sing. :p

I psycho myself my adopting the french woman diet: I only eat chocolate etc only when it is really worth it. The really damn good and expensive type. the rest cheap ones, not worth it. If I have to put on calories, let it be for a truly worthy cause! Hehehe, it works! Now I look at those chocolate cakes in neighbourhood bakeries witg disdain!

Excercise: Oops, I confess I dun do this much. What I only do is Yoga. I will practise yoga positions which I picked up from my yoga lessons ( i only attended basics). Everyday at home for half hour. Relaxes the mind, and tones the muscle. For cardio, I do walking a LOT! I also climb stairs whenever possible.

Losing weight is a long journey. My weight was maintained at 49 kg for 1.6m frame for about 2 years since I adopted this way of living. Cos of wedding stress (and think also cutting our potato chips!), I lost 2 kg recently.

Never deprive yourself of any food. If you MUST eat that chocolate, go for it! Eat a bit, and tell yourself you want to save for other things now. Id you over-restrict yourself, once you explode, you'll binge.. take revenge like that lah! Like what our ex-president wee kim wee did, when you over eat at one session, just cut down and moderate for the next!

But most importantly, is I know my health is not compromised. Remember that quick weight loss = quick weight gain!

All the best!


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to whom who wan 2 lose weigh.
i am on a health produt n it allow me 2 lose 9kg within 2 mth.n inches on hip tight n waist


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Hi Cherrypit,

My diet is the same as yours except for the morning coffee to perk me up due to insomnia and late nights of studying sometimes.

But its strange that I nvr lose weight. Instead, I put on weight and my friends are puzzled with the weight increase also.

Any idea whats gg on? I intend to lose another 4kg. What shoud i do?


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Hi Tweetie

Late nights can also make you gain weight. Our body needs to rest & our organs will start to function at aro 11pm. Maybe you would like to consider to sleep earlier & wake up earlier to study?

Also try to drink a glass of warm water 1st thing in the morning when you wake up. It helps to cleanse our system.


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Hi hapi_gal,

Is tat so? Didn't know it. But sometimes, u know, can't be helped esp when there are exams to take.

Anyway, thanks for info.

Take care.


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Hi all

Got to know a meal replacement from a company Forevergreen. They got 2 kinds of Chocolate meal replacement name as Thunder and Thunder De-lite. Both are Good in losing weight. And the wonderful part is it a Organic product and it simply taste good.

I tired before Herbalife but the taste is bad I feel. And is more expensive then what I am taking now.

The link is their products are wonderful I personally feel.


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Re: no woman can get so much muscles cos of their hormones..

I have some weight to loose to look better in actual day pics in 3 mths time. My gown is a bustier one hence showing off my neck n shoulders fully.

The thing is..i used to do combat & body pump in the gym..during a recent PS session my photographer commented my neck & arms 'VERY HARD' & 'STIFF'. He ask me if i used to do weights..sigh of cos my answer is YES lah.

Now that my actual day is near.. i m more gan cheong to lose that extra weight quickly. so much i read abt doing cardio & strength training to lose weight effectively ..BUT I DARE NOT DO WEIGHTS le!!

Will resistance training like 'dips' near the bedside *work my triceps* doing the PLANK to tone ur tummy area work just fine?? my target is trim my upper body cos i tend to gain weight on top


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my best fren had tried all sorts of diet and excercises but all don't have tat much effect. till one of her colleagues recommended her to her personal trainer. It's really impressive seeing that she lost weight, looked more tonned and sexy..according to her, the personal trainer also guide her in her diet.


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Anyone know about herbalife? Went to the website and seems like there have alot of products. Other than pills, I'm interested in trying other stuffs.

wat kind of products are u having? any website or information you can share?

How much green lime juice do u drink? do u add water to dilute or honey?

Pls email me at [email protected]



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I've got a sponsor. Hopefully can start the program soon. Heard alot abt it, but not sure how effective. I've been quite upset with my body lately cos' hasn't been able to exercise everyday, only once a week. Seems like putting on weight though not in size. Was horrified when i step onto the weighing machine yesterday. =(
Guess the amt of energy I'm burning nowadays is much less than the days I'm exercising.

So Jacky, what kind of products are you taking? I'm still waiting for my sponsor to help me design the program. Care to share your success?


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just sharing my experience,currently i'm on a meal replacement program reco by my friend.,been on it for a week and find is quite good.But of coz i try go to the gym twice a week.


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hi all,
realised i haven't been in for quite a while. just to update my diet program.

I've started on my meal replacement for 2 weeks, the results is quite good. In fact, better than the time when i was doing exercise. I used to exercise at least 4 times a week, but hardly lose much weight for one month.

The meal replacement I'm on now is to replace 2 meals with the health drink. I did it for 2 weeks during weekday, weekend tries to replace at least one meal. I also exercise once a week. so far, results seems okie. can feel my jean losen.
It seems to work better than exercising. So I guess those who don't like to exercise can try.

I also drink the aloe vera juice which helps to improve my complexion and my digestion system. I used to have constipation problem and have to take things like digestive tea, double detox. But the aloe vera juice works better. Just mix the juice with your water or any drink you like.


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just to add, i'm not very strict with myself cos' i still eat cookies and cakes at times for tea break, but i still lost weights. I guess those who are better at controlling their diet should have better results than me.


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hi missy,as for me,weekends i also indulge in fattening food,cant really control,heee....
but weekdays i stick straight to my meal replacements for lunch and dinner.think i got to be more strict to myself so i can achieve better results.hee


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Hi missy,

Just to share. My hubby is currently taking slimming supplements fm e-crony. It is a MLM products just like Herbalife. It is actually recommended by my friend & it really works well for my hubby.

Do pm me if u want to know who abt the supplement.


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try reductil, its work for me everytime i wan to lose weight, i js finished 1 box and i lost 7 kg effortlessly without exercise and torture myself(unlike xenical, extrim and xando which i tried before). It is a safe product, its e best medicine to reduce weight (according to my doctor) i get tis thru my aunt whom consult tis doctor in mt elizabeth so its very safe. u can found the reductil thread in this forum also.hope tis help.


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Hi cutie gal,

most of gp got carry tis. if not u try in guardian pharmacy see whether they allow you to bu without prescription o not. just remember the price is $150 for i box of 15 mg (i month supply).

i bought 2 box (1 for me and 1 for my FH) and free 1 box (which i sell to my cousin)FOR $300.

so if u wan you find ppl to share with you so it will be cheaper.
Mayb u try the 10 mg first which work wif me and cheaper by abit. 15 mg work faster.
Just a friendly word of caution. Reductil is a prescription drug for a reason and should not be taken without a consultation with your doctor to determine if it is suitable for you.

First time users should start only with 10mg first regardless of how overweight you think you are unless indicated by your doctor!

Regards, Dr Chow U-Jin.


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Hi Dr Chow,

Thanks for your advice. i do think whatever drug sound dangerous and also it works differently on different pple, so better see a doctor for prescription.
Can reductil be used by anyone? any medical condition? I have a friend i think also use reductil, but when i ask her, she doesn't seem to know much.

do you mind telling me what was your weight when you use reductil?


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Hi all,

I have tried Duromine( appetite suppressant) before my wedding and i really lose a lot but it is prescribed by doc.

Thou i am not a least overweight buy i'm very conscience about my weight coz i dance and imagine in attire tt shows very inch of your fats.
: ( my GP is very strict so i can't get any supply ....SOB Sob but u gals can try....


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hi, it's true that herbalife may not suitable for some people, but i believe that it can work on some ppl as well. it's jus like slimming pills and slimming centres, they may not work on everybody as well. I would like to say this it's bcoz i tried xando b4, but i experinced some side effects while consuming, tat really freak me out, i tot i would die, and the point is i didn't see the result at all.

however, i managed to lose some weight and tone up, but it took quite a while, bout 2 months. so from my experience, for toning up, try i-Tango and Clarins Toning and Firming lotion. it's very effective when both work together. for weight losing, though my strict dieting did work out, but my body was very weak. then, i got a few friends who tried herbalife and they lost bout 10kg in 1 month. damn it, they never told me bout tat product while i was dieting. i oni found out after i lost my weight.... anyway, my point here is herbalife is effective as well, but it is subject to individuals


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hi all,i personally think taking any health products eg liquid diet or meal replacement etc for slimming is still better den taking slimming pills.i heard slimming pills will have side effects next time when e woman wans to give birth.

i tried cambridge diet,doesnt work for me and i dun like the taste too.


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agree with babystarlet that taking health products or mean replacement will be much better than taking those slimming pills.


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Dear all,

Yes,I think taking all these slimming pills can be a bit scary sometimes. I have a very good colleague who is trying very hard to lose weight all these years too. Recently, she really lose her weight gradually and has maintained her weight loss successfully. Apparently she is taking an organic juice for burning all the fats. Very healthy as its all pure organic fruits in it. I tasted it before as she puts a bottle in the office fridge. Very yummy, like Ribena. Also, she goes to the spa(where she buys her juices) to do her slimming massages. They use some special traditional herb oil apparently. If anyone wants to know more, can PM me as I don't wish to be mistaken as promoting certain products in the forum. Just wanted to share a real life, healthy dieting regime that my colleague has gone through.
In fact,a lot of people has said she really look more radiant these days. Very happy for her as she is looking forward to her wedding preparation and still maintaining her weight loss very well


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Hi Herbsgarden,

i m 1.63m and weigh 68kg. dun kn wat happened suddenly put on almost 10kg the last 6 months
really need to lose some weight...

please email me [email protected] i hope you can share with me the products and massage your friend is currently on



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to lose weight is simple. an average man requires 2000calories, so for a woman, lets say take 65 percent, ie 1300calories per day for normal function.

to lose weight, you should take in calories lower than that, and that amount should be sustainable, ie you should not develope uncontrollable urges to consume "junks" after say 1 week or 2. so the recommended daily calories amount to lose weight is around 1000 calories.

take minimal carbohydrates, take fruits for breakfast, watermelons, papayas, honey dews, fruit juices like orange carrot, but must not take juices with milk.

for lunch, take minimal meat, have more fresh vegetables, minimal rice.

no further intake of food after 1700h, and drink lots of water.

milk is actually quite fattening as it contains fairly amount of carbos..

and coupled the above with daily slow runs of 30mins at at least 65percent of your heart rate.

you will lose a good 5kg within a month and that is sustainable, achieving a healthy diet as well as strong cardio.



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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
I am currently on toufu and fishball diet for the last 3 days.But I cannot have no food intake after 5pm : Dinner is the only meal i get to share with my husband which is normally about 8pm. If i skip that meal we will not get to eat together at all ;(

Below is what I eat in a day for the last 3 days:

Breakfast @ : Chee Chong Fan or Bee Hoon
Lunch : apple x 1/ orange x 1 Fishball soup and toufu soup,
Dinner: Chicken Ceasar Salad and 2 oranges/ or Mango
Before bedtime: 1 cup of cereal ( unsweetened )

Any comments or better suggestion ?



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Hi Herbsgarden, can you email me your friend's experience at [email protected]

I'm currently on meal replacement. Previously, wasn't strict with myself, but this week really push myself. Managed to lose 1.5kg in 4 days. I hardly eat any rice the last 4 days, mainly on my meal replacement(breakfast and lunch), vegetable soup (dinner) and exercising for 3 days doing mainly cardio workout.

The problem with me is I lose weight very slowly, but gain back very fast even if I only eat little portion. This really turns me off when it comes to eating and I have to be very careful with what I eat. Quite miserable at times cos' I do envy those who can eat anything, but don't put on weight at all.


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hi all,i ever attended a talk,it mentioned that is no good to starve yourself and after that you will have a rebounced effect.somemore u will lose all the nutrients that one needs everyday and that is no good for ur body.

My daily meals are:
Breakfast:fried bee hoon,mee siam
Lunch,meal replacement
Dinner:as usual but less oil and less fats,I take less rice also.

I was recommended by a friend to this meal replacement.
This meal replacement that I am in makes me full for a meal till dinner time and it is full of the daily nutrients that a person needs.
It is not a slimming pill thus no side effects.
In e meanwhile,if I hungry,I will take plain wholemeal biscuits or some fruits.
Any1 keen in the meal replacement that I'm taking,can PM me,I can share e broucher to you.