Any experience with tempered glass ?


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Hi All,

I was in the safety biz b4, so just a little info to share. Tempered glass means dat it has been heat treated, so it is able to withstand heat. As for those shattering glass shower screen, it most probably due to improper installation, otherwise there would be more shattering glass since they are produced in batches. All tempered glass have a laser carved safety mark on them. The thickness plays a part too, 10mm thickness is normally used for table tops , tv console, shower screen, etc. For use as divider, if it is embedded into a fixed frame(concrete wall), 10 mm is ok, if not 12mm is safer. But saying all these, it is still the installation that is most crucial.


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hihi any glass experts out there?

does anyone got experience with scratches on tempered glass door? just discovered a 10cm scratch on my sliding glass door.

is there anyway to remove the scratch? thinking it would be too troublesome and costly to ask my ID to replace the whole piece.. will the scratch cause any safety problem? easily crack or anything?

i think i shouldnt be using newspapers to wipe it liao.. it is giving some micro scratches..


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hi twinkie,

you could use cerium oxide to remove the scatch.
the scratch will not cause any safety issue unless it involves the edge of the glass.


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tempered glass can shatter spontaneously when the mid-plane tensile stresses are not in equilibrium with the compressive stresses at the surface. Other than induced stress (thermal or mechanical), this can be caused by:

1) Poor process control (furnace or cooling nozzle problems)

2) Undetected defects in the glass, typically Nickel Sulfide inclusions and bubbles. Undetected microfractures or hairline cracks caused by these defects can "run" and cause a rupture.

3) Under- or Over-tempering (over reliance on fragmentation testing or time/temp recipes instead of measuring actual surface stress with an instrument such as the Strainoptics GASP surface polarimeter for quality control)

If your lift gate window is curved and/or has a black band around the perimeter, then residual stresses in the edge region could be at fault. This situation requires measurement with an Edge Stress meter, such as the Strainoptics GES-100 or VRP-100 polarimeters. Many major auto glass manufacturers already use these instruments as part of their QC procedures, but not all.

Hope this helps.


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I’m building a table with an IKEA coffee table that comes with a tampered glass top.
The glass is perfectly transparent and IR light goes through it easily.