Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price


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hi faith, thanks for the reply. no worries, as long as you are willing to reply, i will be at my happiest peak!

really appreciate your help. i havent called your ortho tho, but i'll do so in the nex few days. will keep you informed too;)

oh ya, i'm 26 this yr and im currently werkin, wat bout u?? eh can i kaypoh, who recommend u this ortho actually? so far, u've been very helpful in clarifying my queries. i'll just give it a shot since i oredi got inspired... heheheh... thanks so much once again!

hey happy mummy, just a kind word from me?? maybe u can go for braces 1st? cos i heard once u got braces it's important to be prompt for your monthly check up. besides the r-rays involved, my concern is that once u have baby, it MAY be hard to fork out the extra cash n time. but still its up 2u, if u cant afford it, y not? the best thing is to discuss matters 1st with both your gynae n ortho?


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Hi Xue, the package does not include the operation. Operation was done by Dr Wu Loo Cheng from Alexandra Hospital. It costs $2000++. I paid using my CPF-MEdi... and ended up paying $200++ in Cash. Alexandra Hospital provides very good service and I'm really impressed by the nurses there, Esp those in the ICU.


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Hey Yasmin,
I'm 26 this year too! Working too- a teacher in fact. So my pupils actually watched me go through the whole process. It was really interesting to share my experience with them, esp those who are already wearing braces. They somehow feel less embarassed and friends would not make fun of them as much. So if I had to go through this with so many pple watching me everyday, there should be no worries for you!! (grin)
The ortho was recommended by my mom's friend. Her son went through the same process too. Braces followed by operation.


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hi Yasmin
Tks 4 ur concern. Tis ortho recommended by a friend told me its allright b4 pregnant as e x-ray was taken on my 1st appt.

Quoted S$2K include extraction but mine need not.
Its 4 upper part only n ceremaic too.

Do u think its cheap?

Dr Koh in Hong Leong Shopping centre ... consultation only $10-$15


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Faith, I've called your ortho and the nurse there quoted me roughly to be $5k n above for ceramic braces. Ihis is the price for braces oni and doesnt include the misc charges (eg. consultation, x-ray, etc). She oso mention that for payment mode, I must at least pay 50% of the deposit. a bit on the high side for me actually since I'm willing to pay a depost of max $1k oni. I've checked with Q&M and they quoted me between $4k to $4.8k (excluding the above misc) and for payment mode, I oni need to pay $500 for the 1st 3 months and the balance will be paid in monthly instalments. Anyway, thanks soooo very much Faith for your kind explanation. Sorry if I waste too much of your time but in the end I didnt engage your ortho.

Hey, we are of the same age. That means if u oso can, y cant i rite? well at least, u n your students can motivate each other rite;)

Hey happy mummy,
$2k for upper part including extraction? so does dat mean its $4k for both upper n lower? I tink its quite reasonable leh, wat u tink Faith? U damn lucky lah no need to extract, mine need to extract 4 u noe. By the way, ware did u get the ortho contact from? or is it thru recommendations?

I'm goin for my 1st appt at Q&M this coming monday. I'm really scared but its sumthing which i really wanna do since childhood. too bad my parents cant afford. wish me luck gals!!!!


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Think so too... but the only left out item is filling.... and dun noe whether shld do up but also scare as someone over her did mentioned the metal give way, more time, with extraction is better, etc.. as compared to metal brace.


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Faith, thanks for the reply.
yasmin, thanks for calling to check the package.

i think 5k n above is quite ex for me.

Yasmin, where is Q&M?? can give me the address n tel no?? the price they quoted you is reasonable to me... hope that they can quote me abt the same price... the payment mode is also ideal for me....

i also really wan to do since childhood...


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Happy Mummy, quite scary when the metal give way. I havent heard such cases before but maybe u can cfrm with your ortho? I did a lot of surveying b4 i fixed an appt (eg. in terms of budget, convenience in travelling, etc)

Xue, no prob. I called cos i wanna noe too. Yup, i agreed that $5k is rather pricey for me esp when we have to pay 50% of the deposit. I went to Q&M near yishun interchange. Is it convenient 4u to travel there cos my house is just cross over 1 street oni. The ortho is Dr Zulfikri Salikin (known as Dr Zul among the nurses]. I tink he's the only orthodontist in north areas cos I've called Khatib branch earlier n was informed that ortho treatment was not available there but at Yishun. My 1st appt will be this evening. Dr Zul comes in the clinic only on Mon between 6 to 9pm. Not sure where he'll be on the rest of the days, maybe at other branches? I will be "kepo" n ask him later;)

I cant really recall the price of the misc stuff cos i've left the note in my ofc. I'll try to get it back tomorrow and at the same time, will inform u of my exp with the ortho.

If u r interested, Q&M details are as follows:
Blk 923, Yishun Central 1, #01-358. Tel: 6851 6789.


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wow... yishun veri far for me... die liao lo... i had no idea where i can find that offer reasonable charges liao le....


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which area u stay actually? u can go to this wesbite:

they will show u the various branches in evry part of s'pore.

i've met the ortho last mon and he quoted me $4.5k for braces oni. this exclude other misc fees (such as brackets, cleaning service, check-up etc). i've to make a deposit of $1.5k upon extraction of my 1st tooth (scheduled on 10 jan 05) and a monthly instalment of $100 per mth. if u r interested in metal braces, then it'll be $1k cheaper. in addition, i've to pay about $30 - $50 per tooth for extraction (depending on how complex the extracton maybe)

for the 1st appt, i've paid $140.00 for check up and moulding of my teeth. i'm due for my x-ray this thurs, which i've to pay $80.00.

the doc is very friendly and gentle, that he answers all my queries. and he's very charming too;)


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thanks for the website... i found a branch near my hse.... heehee.... thanks a million...

according to your payment, so wen(which mth) do you start paying your 1st installment?

if 4.5k exclude misc chrgs, issit that i have to prepare abt $200 each mth for installment n misc chrgs?

i tot at one go can extract two teeth... issit cheaper n faster that way???


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xue, glad u find out near yr house. so have u called up for 1st appt?

from wat i understand, on 10 jan 2005 when i'll be extracting 2 of my teeth, i've to pay the deposit of $1.5k oredi. i've to pay $100.00 per mth for the braces instalment which doesnt include the misc. i'm not sure if everything will add up to about $200.00. will check with the nurses when i'm goin for my x-ray later. get back 2u tmw ok??

yup, at 1 time u can extract 2 teeth oni, followed by 1 day mc if no surgery involved. mine have to extract 4, so i guess i've to cum back the following week.


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sorry yasmin, I didn't know that his prices went up by so much just within 2 years.

anyway, hope you'll be able to find a good one.
happy New Year!


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Hi Yasmin,

How are things going??

I am considering going to the same ortho as u. Would like to check a few things with u. hope u dun mind

Is the 4.8K for both upper and lower??
wat are the other hidden costs and how much??



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will your speech be affected when you first fix the braces & for subsequent tightening?


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hi yasmine

mine was for upper jaw only. this dentist is quite good, always grant me appt and is like almost on the day i called up or next day, whenever i have got problem (due to my own faults)

mine was recommended by a NTUC insurance agent whom i know her as a personal friend.

My S$ 2k includes all the stuff. Rememebered, i was saying that only excludes filling but he did it for me FREE.

His contact is 67770181, Dr Koh, the elder brother coz its a brother dentist. Place is in Hong Leong Garden shopping centre, along west coast way.


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hiya i'm back...

glad to say that i've had my braces on. however, i had problems earlier after extraction. not much really except that i cant stand the pain. cum to tink of it i was exaggerating sumtimes... hehheeh....

so far so good.... cant wait to see results... i'm flying to hong kong for the nex 2 weeks so might not be acessing this forum very often... ciao!!!!


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Sorry computer was down and cranky. Should get one soon. So inconvemient~~!

Tsk. I still didnt have my braces on!! Very disappointing.

Lent my savings to my brother. He signed on many Mobile lines and accumulated all the unpaid bills.

Until finally the respective law firms sent warning letters etc and kept calling to press for payment.

My mum got panicked and asked me to lend the money to my brother first.

Fine. Now he isnt even grateful after getting a job. He refused to pay me back.

URGH!! Now i have to wait for months again to save up enough money for my braces!!

Yasmin!! You finally had your braces on??? Congrats man!! Faster come back after your hong kong trip and tell us more about your experience hor! Keke~~

Hello Happy Mummy, yours was done at NTUC Denticare?

For NTUC Denticare, the fees is relatively cheaper as compared to the private practices bah... and if you're a Member, you're entitled up to 20% discount...

Haix... now i'm not sure whether i'm a member or not. Have to check again.

Hmm.. should i go for the General Practioner or the Specialist one? Specialist's rate is much higher...

Anyone tried NTUC Denticare [General Practioner] at CCK branch?

Now got courage but not enough savings...! Very frustrating one...


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Oh by the way, what's the normal number of teeth a person has ah? Mine is 28. Not sure wisdowm tooth grow out already or not.


A friend of mine used to have braces 2-3 years before. Now her wisdowm tooth is growing out, and she could feel the rest of her teeth moving position. -_-"

Hmm... will the growth of wisdom tooth really spoils the results of straight nice teeth after braces? Hope not!


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sorry Esteem Zero.. i can't exactly rem how much i paid for my first installment. Think abt $1200. Subsequent installments r $130/mth for 20 mths. So it all adds up to abt slightly less than 4k. It also depends on wat brackets u intend to use. I chose ceramic for e top and metallic for the lower. so slightly more ex than normal, $400 more i think. U can make an appt with Dr Onn and let him assess first then decide lor.


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hi...sori.. have not been here for long.. me finally put on braces for a month liao no oso just went today to change the wire (hey,... its a ceramic wire happy lah)

me, cost only S$ 2k for the ceramic n think its the cheapest but he is a very gentle one n suppose to charge me for the filling oso never charge me...

hi esteem....u will never be ugly once u got it done.. becoming a swan..hehehe...

ntuc is not cheap as i thot of that oso coz my hubby n me not members.


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hi, i'm <<thinking>> of putting on braces but one thing that is stopping me is the pain factor.

i have a few questions and i hope that some kind soul out there would help me out.

1. i'm wondering if i can put the removable braces first? then when i'm ready, i'll do the fixed ones?

2. price is not a factor. so i hope someone can share with me which is the best doctor out there and plese NO extractions :'( a prick of a needle already make me go crazy

3. why do people have to extract their wisdom tooth?


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Regarding of the extraction of wisdom tooth I might be able to ans you cos everybody got 4 widom tooth and for my case,I already extract them cos whatever food you eat will remain if you did not take care and make your tooth easy decay


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for those who have put on braces before, do your orthdontist file your teeth so that they r of the same sizes, or do you have to tell him to.

I find that one of my front teeth appears bigger than the other, but most of my gaps are closed up already, so dont think he's goin to file them anymore.... dunno if i can still ask him to do something abt it at this point.


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hi all,
i'm rather new here n just wanna share my exp. I've just met Dr Tan of Scotts Dental for my ceramic braces. I was quoted $5.3k for the ceramic braces excluding extraction and monthly cleaning services. On my 1st appt, he took a mould of my teeth structure and x-ray for both upper n lower teeth n I paid $300 for it. On my 2nd appt (28 May 2005), I'll have 2 teeth extracted by his partner Dr Siow n will have ceramic braces fix on my teeth, w/o the wires yet. On e 3rd appt (4 June 2005), I'll have another 2 teeth extracted and ceramic wires fixed to complete the process.
I was highly recommended by many of my colleagues for extraction done by Dr Siow. Heard that she's very famous for painless extraction. In fact, I was informed by Dr Tan himself that's y he chose Dr Siow to be his partner. Dr Tan's very helpful n gentle too;)
I'll pay $1k on my 2nd appt followd by monthly instalments bout $250 evry month until I've paid the full $5.3k.


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Belle, try to call up this dental clinic located at Bukit Panjang Plaza, can't remember the contact number.... check up at yellowspage, only remember the clinic name, Bethel Dental Surgery... Look for Dr low. She's good and give good explain for your queries on braces. Unless you have fixed with a dentisit...


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this place been quiet for sometime.. wonder if anyone still comes in to check..

anyway.. i had my braces done almst 6-7 years ago.. until today.. i still need to wear my retainer every nite coz my teeth are still moving.. if i dun for say 2-3 nites.. my teeth gets out of position again..

anyone has the same experience ? wanna know if its becoz i did my braces in my late 20s or issit becoz i insist on removing my braces since my teeth looks much straighter even thgh my dentist told me to wear for another few mths..


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I haven do my braces. Still trying to save more. Scare of the high prices. So better save more before i faint when i i got to know abt the price. so any update on which clinic is more afforable...


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i paid Dr Tan Lam Seng of A Line Dental @ Adelphi about $3.5K for ceramic braces for upper row and normal for lower row of teeth. that was about 5 years ago... His extractions are not painful cos he's very gentle yet able to pull of my teeth at one go.


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Perhaps anyone who's interested in wearing braces can try Ubi Dental Clinic...charges around $2800 and it's using the advanced 'with lock' braces. Generate very much better results than those conventional ones.

I wore braces when I was 18 and paid $4k for a lousy job done. Now that my front teeth protruded again, I have to re-do it ...and man, I'm wearing them next month.. and I pay only $2800....

Anyone interested can provide me with ur email and I email the add to u.


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Gwyneth, maybe you can tell us more about the so called advanced "with lock" braces?

And $2800 is much more cheaper than anywhere else i've consulted!


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well, basically, the 'lock' secured the position of the teeth in such that it doesn't allow the teeth to have 'free way' to move around. therefore, your teeth would be securely in place and with the amount of pressure that have been placed by the tightening of the wire, your teeth would get corrected properly.

it's a new technology, according to my dentist.

The name of the clinic is called Ubi Clinic...

and they're very if interested, kindly email me at [email protected], should your email get rebounded, kindly ignore cuz i would still be able to receive ur email.


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I see.. how is the payment plan like? Er.. example down payment $800 first, then subsequent visits pay $100.. if the full payment is cleared but teeth not ready yet, they wont charge further..

Or what does the price of $2800 includes/excludes? Like example it includes/excludes consultation fees [per visit], xrays, moulds, tooth extraction etc?



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I am new here, just wanna share my experiecnce with you all. I have always wanted to get braces as i have crooked teeth on the lower set and slight protruding upper set of my teeth.

The reason for holding back till now was really the extraction of teeth. (by the way, I am 35 this year) I had my extraction done at smile clinique at compass point (not too painful after the injections and my braces at ALFRED CHENG ORTHODONTIST at Mount Elizabeth.

The fee is $3800 for upper and lower for metal and i was advised by my ortho that its not necessary to pay extra for ceramic when the effect its the same.

On the 1st July 2005, I had 8 spacers=seperators put into my teeth for one week to space out the teeth a littl for the 4 metal bands to be inserted on 8th July 2005 immediately.

Now, I am waiting for the final brackets and arch wire to be put on in full this coming friday 15th July 2005. So far everything went on smoothly and i hope it will be for the next 18 months.

Alfred Cheng Orthodontist is really good, he cares to listen to your fear and gives you assurance and patient and have a sense of humour. He was recommended to me by my cousin who is going to remove her braces soon.

The payment is 3 weekly appt with $500 each visit followed by monthly appt of $100 each visit.

Go for it, i feel its something u have done to yourself and its really worth it.


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little missy

can u do me a favour... wondering if u can check with ur doc.. i wore braces 5/6 years back.. but my teeth are not secured.. as in i have to wear retainer every nite or else the teeth will move out of position again.. does it mean that i shld wear braces again to straighten my teeth ? if so, how much would it cost ? same as a 1st timer ?

thanx in advance


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I am sorry you wont be able to use your medisave for braces as its considered cosmetic surgery.

Sure, i will check with my doc this friday upon my vist with the orthodontist. But, i understand u only need to wear it for 1 year straight and then after that its off ... will do

cheers to all concerned about our teeth, its a good sign that we are taking care of our own body.


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I am with Dr Wong at Clementi Q &amp; M.
My sis done her braces with him so i go to find him lor. Quite patient guy, treat melike kid like tat...


I'm with the NTUC Denticare at Midpt Orch...being an income holder, you will get 10% off which is quite a lot...costs ard 3-4K.
My doc is Dr Colin Ong...Super patient and gentle.


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Hm.. For Q&amp;M Dental Surgery, they have quite a few branches all over singapore.

You have to go down for a consultation before they can assess your condition and quote you the costs involved. Their metal braces are at $3500 onwards. Not sure about the ceremic though.

For NTUC Denticare, it depends on whether you want your braces to be done by a General Practitioner [GP], or a Specialist. Of course the GP rate is much cheaper loh..

NTUC Denticare also got lots of branches all over singapore.

Rates by GP for NTUC Member: Intial Deposit is $735, Subsequent visit is $105. Then still have to pay other costs for Xray, consultation [$40-42], Study model, photo, and consumables [$2 per visit].

Non member more expensive loh~~ about $310 difference. Hee~~

for Specialist rate: Initial deposit $1050, subsequent $130 per visit. The consultation fees etc same~~ This one non member difference about $500 loh~~

Hmmmmmm... if you choose to opt for Ceremic braces, there will be an additional charge of $309 to $469 per arch.

Meaning, if you choose to do braces for both upper and lower jaws, have to pay additional fee of $618-$938 loh~~

Even if treatment has been completed before you finished paying the entire quoted cost, you still have to pay the whole cost lah..

From my research ah, i think ah, most people prefer clinics like lee &amp; ong, those clinics at Adelphi, NTUC Denticare, Alfred Cheng, and Dr Susan Boey @ Alexandra Hospital.

Hmmmm.. but everybody got different preferences lah.. you have to go down to the clinic yourself for consultation before deciding on which one you want to have your braces done loh~~

For the government one, of course must Queue for super long. And Dr Susan Boey's appointment are always full.. =\

Polyclinics also have.. but not sure about the service though.

As for the costs involved.. depends lah.. on whether you want to pay for Quality or not lor.. and also whether you want to wait or not..

Oh, and also, remember to ask exactly how much to pay.. make sure there's no hidden cost.. money matter, ask clearly better~~


Try to find the cheapest and 'bestest' one ba.. then you can save the money and maybe go for whitening sumore.. hahaha~~

Heard also there's a system known as Damon II and Damon III. The system helps to reduce the time needed to straighten and finally remove your braces. But of course its expensive, and only a few orthodontist provides this service.

Hmmmmm.. also if you're scared people will see your braces, try opting for ceremic and metal braces at the same time if you want to save cost lor.

1st, smile in the mirror, see which row of teeth is more obvious.. do the ceremic one for that.

If money is not a problem, can do lingual braces lor.. bestest liao.. ceremic might crack if you're not careful enough~~ =\

After braces, still have to wear retainers. Must follow closely lah the advices given by the orthodontist.

I've heard of cases where people stopped wearing retainers, then the teeth started growing out of shape again. Waste money to do braces lidat mah..

Some wear retainers for years also.. There're also many types of retainers nowadays..

Another thing is the wisdom teeth.. ask clearly whether its advisable to have braces before or after your wisdom teeth has grown or not lor..

Cause i've read that a few people finished braces before wisdom teeth erupted. Then they ignore, and the wisdom teeth push and push, the whole set of teeth not straight liao..

Okay lah, in short, have to really care for your teeth, and not be lazy. Laziness can bring many problems man..

Want more information can ask me lah.. i did a bit of research on all these.. hope its useful~~



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wow thanks esteem zero for giving me such a long info! thanks...but i have already booked a appointment near my house which is sembawang...
the lady in the phone told me the price range is $3000 excluding x-ray and extraction...i think it's very cheap compared to others,right?
somemore retainer is included...guess 1 retainer cost abt $400...and most importantly it's near my house! =>


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Haha~~ bu ke qi bu ke qi~~

Hmm.. it's good that the clinic is near your house.. can save money on transportation fees also, since the braces thingy already eats up so much of expenses..

Which dental clinic is that? Okokay, find out in detail about the breakdown of payment loh. Sekali the price she quoted you is excluding consultation too?