Any Cross Stitch Lovers???


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Lovely...! I've got mine previously done but it was knitted. If I had known there are cross-stitch ones out there, I could have gotten my sister to do it for me! Urgh!


New Member new here.. anyone know of any cross stitch shop which offers a large variety of cross stitch kits? im looking for spongebob's. the shop in AMK onli have a limited kits..

and if u know of anywhere wif the cross stitch patterns..hope u can tell me =)


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Hi Emy,
Can I take a look at urs too? Wonder how to knit a ring pillow? Tot of knitting something, but too quite busy at the moment.. :p

Hi Iris,

Hi colt,
U've got mail!

Hi valerie,
U can try Raffles place mrt or spotlight. Not too sure if they have the designs there though...


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tootie & other ladies, besides causeway point, where else can i find dmc threads? how much do the threads cost at causeway point?

thanks in advance!


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Not that I know of - their pricing seems to be standardized unless someone is running a sale or have old stocks, I suppose?


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i used to buy at 50cents but den that place is long closed down maybe if u buy more they will give u a cheaper price?


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Hi ladies. Any of you tried cross stitching fine arts like paintings from Monet, Degas etc? I am crazy about impressionist paintings and thinking of trying to cross stitch the painting. Have found a site that sells the patterns, but the cost is very high, not to mention some patterns require over 100 colours!! Take a look at the website if you are keen- beautiful paintings !

If any of you tried, please share with me your experience. Or if you know of sources where I can find the patterns at cheaper rate, please share.Thanks.


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Hi... a shop near my place (Marsiling/woodlands) is selling DMC threads at S$0.50 only. The owners are retiring soon thus trying to clear stock. They have needlecrafts, stationery, toileteries etc at real low prices.... really a sale worth waiting for!!! Interested, pls email me [email protected]


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I have several precious moments cross stitch, going off at super low price of $17.90. It comes w a pillow case, thread, needle and the ouline of the cross stich design. Interested can mail me for designs.


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sian now no more x-stitch book n precious moment le...

any one have precious moments book can kindly share out


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hi ladies,

hope there're still people follwing this thread...i'm also a cross stitch lover...especially the precious moments type...but seems like all these stuff are kinda difficult to get nowadays...

used to go to this shop at bedok last time...then they closed down...then found one at tekka mall...and now they're closed too!...if anyone knows of any other places sellng cross stitch books and stuff, please let me know k...



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hi ginmin

u may try tiong bahru plaza 2nd floor. they have some books on precious moment cross stitch..

hope it helps


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Have anyone make cross stitch using own photos?

if have where can i have the pictures be converted to cross stitch pictures


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am interested to DIY my own ring pillow as well
Wondering where could I download any wedding PM chart ? anyone have any wedding PM chart to share too?

Can email me the chart?
[email protected]
Thanx thnax!


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Hi gals,

Is there photo cross stitch, i.e. stitching your own picture. I remember I saw this quite a while ago but can't recall where is it. Any idea which shop provide such service?


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Hi Ladies,

I'm interested to DIY my own ring pillow. Wondering how it will look like to have cross stitch ring pillow. Anyone care to share the pic??

Also, where can I download wedding PM chart or anyone have any wedding PM chart to share?

My email is [email protected].

Thanks in advance!!!


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Hi, I am doing a ring pillow for a friend. Wondering if anyone have any wedding PM chart to share? Apparently the PM wedding book is no longer in production. Can email me the chart at [email protected]

Thanx Thanx!

For hellocatty: I'm currently doing Van Gogh's Starry Night. Got to be the messiest project i've ever done and definitely need lots of patience but worth the sense of satisfaction. Got the kit from the cross-stitch shop in Far East. Can't remember the price but definitely less than $50. I can slow-mail you the design if you want but would recommend you get the kit cos there's a lot of colors.


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There is one shop in AMK,
One shop in Raffles Place MRT Shops selling PM wedding book...but there is a nice small moving carte in bugis which sell nice cutie cross stitch which are fm shanghai : -

(The carte is near to coffee bean)


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Hello xstitch lovers,

Can anyone advise how to remove 'mould' on cross stitch cloth? I have some pieces of unfinished cross stitch which have been laying around for a few years and patches of brown 'stain' are found on different parts of the cloth
Have one framed up piece also suffering from the same problem!

Tried soaking in detergent, colour bleach and even magiclean! But still cant remove these stubborn stains
Thot mayb can sew some butterflies or flowers as part of the picture to cover the batches but some areas not suitable...
any suggestions?

Hopefully, I dun have to throw away my effort!

Thanks very much!


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I'm looking for PM "Bless You Two" cross stitch chart. Anyone care to share??

The cross stitch book that contain the chart is discontiued.. I need it for my ring pillow




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Hi cuclainne,

Thanks for your information. i went there this afternoon. But they dont have the chart i want.
Thanks anyway..


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I did encounter the same problem too. Have pm you some tips I got from some cross stich expert webby. Hope that helps.