Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?


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we just bought a 2 poles, 1 shelf from alumix costing only abt $206. Understand from Zhenyi that the pricing is likely to be adjusted up from Feb so quickly went to place order before CNY!

Just to add some small differences between Ximula and Alumix are: thinner poles for ximula, and more colours to choose from for the melamine finish..


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think shld be ok. there's this shop called 'howard storage' in parkway parade. they hv this system which is similar to ximula - elfa system. u can bring the dimensions to them and let them work out the wardrobe system u like.

hope this helps.


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Can someone share with me the contacts of getting ximula system? I heard it's better than Alumix.. My contractor quoted me quite expensive. So wish to find my own contact. THanks in advance


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here is the main factory at TPY of ximula.
You can see what's the diff between ximula and alumix at the outlet.

Blk 2 Toa Payoh Ind Park #01-1401/3
Singapore 319054
Tel :65 68445255 Fax :65 68445855


anyone can let me know whether alumix/ximula accept credit card payment? how abt 24mth interest free instalment scheme?


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Anyone can share your experience using alumix or ximula for few years now?. Any comments on the usability, maintenance and practicality.

Is it better to get ID to quote or we do ourself by going direct to the Toa Payoh Factory


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HI there,

wat's the rate for installing full height wardrobe? Per foot run?

Understand since it is full height, they charge according to the length of the wardrobe. True?

Does the depth matter?


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mine is alumix system also, done it last year dec, quite ok,but i find there is quite little shelf, and have no choice to hang my cloth, but when i fold my cloth always drop to side, because has nothing to block on two side. any idea to solve this problem.


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Hi Summer,

According to them, they say Alumix is for local market, Ximula is for overseas market. There r some differences in terms of the pole used and also the cabinet. And of cos the BIGGEST diff is the $$$. Ximula is very much more ex then alumix. ;)


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hi summer
I just went to Ximula, the sales gal told me that Ximula is an improve version of Alumix.
The profile of the pole is more neat look as compare to Alumix and of cos the price is double.
Ximula has more dimension of items then Alumix too.
I'm doing Alumix wardrobe for my MBR with sliding door. Price is almost the same as contractor build in wardrobe.
Ximula has a show room at Park mall, just visit them last weekn.


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Hi everyone! I just got my Alumix wardrobe fixed up yesterday. Its great! It looks good and sturdy. But now I have change my mind about installing the clip-on lights due to the "ugly" trunking that will appear on the wall if the lights are installed. So I now have 4 Brand New Alumix clip-on lights that I would like to sell. I bought it at $31.50 (incl GST) each. The price at Alumix for the lights should be increased to $32.10 (w GST) on 1 July.
I am selling it at $25 each! Interested parties please email me at [email protected]
hi andy, can call 68445255
their location is blk 2 toa payoh ind park
#01-1403 or their salegirl zhenyi wu 98488127 will be happy to repeat to every customer the same about their product, their promotion i think ending this week less than 2k, 8 to 8.5 ft with glass sliding door.. o% 6 mth instalment with uob credit card and their price will up by $8 per item and door price not out yet but will increase and they will charge gst.. if you can make it on time better hurry before this month end.. this is wat the salegirl told me, i think i cannot make it on time as i have no uob credit card.. :< might be getting it but with higher price lo.. their web add
they are same company actually but selling diff quality products.. go and take a look you mught fall in love with their wardrobe and kitchen cabinet.. but expensive on the cabinet.. nice looking though.. good ones.. and their price has gone up today..


hi, any comments on alumix workmanship? heard the carpentary and installation are outsourced. there are ID firms and contractors who can quote much lower than alumix yet still using the same alumix system. i'm wondering if there's any huge diff in the workmanship.


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Alumix workmanship not as good as Ximula's..i got my wardrobe at a special price from one of the managers - Ms Ang. She gave me a 20% discount compared to the market rate..

good deal for me..


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I just got the Alumix system fixed in my master bedroom. The picture shown here is not fully done up yet. There's also a mirror to be fixed in the wardrobe. For the lighting, I got my contractor to install a downlight in the wardrobe so there's no ugly trunking. I love the system totally..matches my minimalist theme


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Hi noob,

My wardrobe costs about 2400 after GST. It includes 4 2.4m tall poles, 5 premium shelves, 4 hanging rails, 2 2-tier drawers, 1 mirror, clear sliding door glasses with soft closing.


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anyone has used OPSH and has pictures to share? all the postings on it seem to be posted by newbies and not very sure how genuine...


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I have the Ximula wardrobe since 2005/2006. The sliding doors cannot close properly and they insisted that it was due to the floor not being even and they kept inserting paper under the track to level it. We gave up after a while. This is a problem for the lighter wooden board doors with only a slight bit of glass in the centre. Our heavier all mirror sliding doors do not have this problem.

Recently we called them and found out they now have a soft close system added and we may have the option to add these at a cost. Costs may be very high if we need to get the doors shortened to fit the soft close system.

They admitted that even their own showroom door would slide open and cannot stay close. That's why they came up with the soft close system now as an "improvement". Considering that they admit there is a problem, how can they blame it on the floor? This is obviously a design problem for the lighter doors. And for me to solve this problem once and for all, the cost is quite high. I am obviously not pleased at all with this manufacturer.

After using this system for the last 4 years, the advantage is the flexibility to store bigger items as there is a lot of empty space. The disadvantage is that you need to buy additional containers (I use Ikea's Samla)to store clothes and things to prevent cockroaches or dust from getting to your stuff and to prevent stuff falling off from the side since there are no side panels to hold things in. Drawers are very expensive and the promotional set does not come with enough. The doors as I mentioned do not stay closed and even if the newly improved version ones do, the problem is that when you open the doors, a lot of the space inside is exposed and I feel that things get dusty much more easily than conventional wooden wardrobes.

I have had to regularly clean off the dust from the shelves and the floor and sometimes insect droppings.

After this experience, I am not sure if I would go with this type of wardrobe if I renovate again.


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Nic: You can visit their website @

System wardrobes do have their pro and cons.. You gain the flexibility of adjustment in the system where you can shift your shelving or hanging rods to a suitable height within your reach.

You gain additional space cos it's full ht from flooring to your ceiling, be it Hdb or condo which some ceiling can goes as 3 metres.

You can able to built your wardrobe at awkward corner in your rooms, example building your wardrobe in front of the air-con window.

Likewise like what Belle have mentions, there are cons to it too. There's no side panel which means tat your stuffs will topple from the sides. Sliding doors mean you can't have full access of the wardrobe at one time..

Perhaps if you are really keen in getting this kind of system wardrobe, it's would be good to drop by their showroom, to understand more about the system. The design got to be aesthetic, yet at the same time, functionally, ergonomic and practical. There's definitely lots of difference in doing a conventional built in wardrobe and getting a system wardrobe.


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i have the ximula wardrabe done in 2005. sad to say, all the roller mechanisms at the bottom of the pull out drawers have broken off by end 2008. so now when i pull out the drawer, it kinda is being "dragged" out. think aluminum not v durable when it comes to such things.

other than that, i dun really hv much problem with the ximula system.


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Ximula and Alumix or sister companies. If you noticed closely, Ximula is spelt backwards of Alumix [8D]

Price wise, Ximula is 30 - 40% more than Alumix, both are alumunium construction of the poles. Only difference is, Ximula shelves can be easily moved along the poles (means you can change with your storage needs in time) easily. You need some gear with Alumix to change.

Accessories wise, both are the same, classy, elegant and a lifetime warrantee. You can easily take them with you when you change houses but of course price is a premium , again depending on the kinds of accessories, wood/glass panelling, width, etc.

What I like about the system compared to others is it doesnt use any carcass, ie the normal ones need a construction of the wooden carcass.


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anyone can share pictures of their ximula/alumix set up?

i fell in love with their showroom ximula display (black poles with pvc shelves), but costing is quite substantial compared to normal ximula (like maybe 30% more??) so wondering if its really worth taking the plunge.

the SA also advised taking glass shelves instead of pvc, said most of her customers took that and cheaper and easier to maintain but i am concerned about scratching and glass doesnt feel as good as the pvc!


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for those who have exprienced using pole systems from OPSH for a few years, can please comment on the mechanisms'reliability? am thinking on whether to use Alumix or OPSH but the blogs at OPSH website seems very interesting. Thks!