Any Clubbers Out There?


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morning everyone!!


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wahh lau.. all the seow langs here man!!

Drops!!! Moon!!

Chua Sai as in ur sai cannot control lah.. then come out lor.. hahaha...


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hahaha... u haf taken over as queen of icons liao... yue lao yue ke ai... oops! wat did i juz say

i notice your icons mostly animated object without a background... how come ah? u got oni one source ah? hehehe

Phone buying peoples,
So which phone is good for sms ah? My sms cannot make it lah... wanna get one easy to sms one

Ni zai na li? Busy "entertaining" Frenchman ah? wahahaha... dont be notti ah


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buay yao kin!!!
say me yue lao yue ke ai!!!! le si kiam
huh!!! me always kawaii ne.....nian nian er shi wu

ho sei bo???? u bery busy huh....

photos di si ho????


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moon.... ho liao ah.. but hor... no names one lah.. see liao u oso duno wat is wat... kekeke... still updating hor.... man man tan.... nien qing ren... you de shi patience n shi jian hor.. kekkkekeke...



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can someone tell me wat the song "tong hua" is abt huh? one freaky colleague juz kept repeating n repeating the song!!!


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no time, actually the song is about fairytale = the guy wanna make the gal believe they will live happily ever after just like in fairytale. kekeke


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kekekeke I will recommend devil bar

no time
U colleague hor muz be crazy over jue dui superstar lah .... so she/he muz be a fan of WL or JY..kekekekekek


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cool... we more likely to suspect she had a bad childhood... ekkekekeke.. tong hua... so she craving for good life.... or hb did not give her fairytale life.. kekeke .. i overheard.. she see JY like wan to cry... she oso wan to cry... LOL

woo.. altivo... i really shld have held my wedding there....

aqua... actually i dun mind the song.. but she freaky.. everyday replay n replay... argggghhh!!...


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me that song!!

hello armando,

we do we do...from clubbing to everything!!!
hmmm thumper's not bad...i like dat place too....


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Altivo is romantic and scenric, however its a place for dine and wine... heard the disco at the peak wouldn't last...

Devils bar has good music and bass but the crowd rather young at times...

I can say i grow up at Madam Wong... from under age i sneaked in till now...

Whereas haha as for Thumper... the crowd are aging as the nite settle after 2 am..

no-time (peeper),
haha can imagine your agony... my friend once old me she travelled from Sin to KL via car and thru the trip the driver play the same song for 3HOURS...she want to vomit after that...


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aqua.. so lomantic ah.... see sunset.. kekeke.... but got those WTC n HDB blocks leh...

hmmm... one day shld go the Peak to see sunrise? kekekeke... watch too much TVB.. hahaha...

armando... yew.. 3 hrs?! mine is a slooow death.. everyday repeat a few times... kaoz.... yr fren vomit straightaway die.. me is cut a wound den slowly die.. lol


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wuahahahah no time you really funny...slow death huh? kekekek...

ah siao ever bring your 'chicks' there shang yue liang right? mai kay kay hor.


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I never watch sunset at Altivo before.. most of the times i spent the time watchinh sunset at sentosa before hanging down to km8... hey any one of u try KM8 in sentosa? the party is till 6 in the morning during events...


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chuan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

skylar porn ur silang tao! screen so small on the fone..c liao oso tark shiok LOL eh ask u ah...i c my sis (duno is S700 or wad..the 1 can swirl 1) fone wallpaper hor..can change 1 leh! how 2 do dat? i mean...machiam screensaver? teach me! haha

onzz nabei u die until where?? dat frenchman fly back liao lar! ahaha anyway he is not angmo..he is originally from morocco so quite yandao keke