Any Citispa customer?

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  1. qqgirl

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    Any feedback on Citispa service?

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    Hi Ling:

    Oh..I got a friend tried citispa wo..
    spending about $2K+ wo..

    You plan to tried it out..
    A Beauty and wellness spa lo..
    AMK Hub got one branch..
    but expensive in spore lo..can tried in JB lo??

    You have any issues??
  3. qqgirl

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    I have bad experience with this salon, actually bought the package abt S$1K during their road show. After my 1st "normal facial", the beauty consultant told me that Diamond Peeling is good for my skin cos I have a lot pigmentation. They keep pushing me to top up a bit to change my package. I feel that they are jus want to push the sale. I don like this kind of selling method.I am regret after I sign this package!But no choice, hv to go by 12 mths.How abt your friend find that package suitable for her?
  4. coolie28

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    Oh..gosh!! another pushy sales type of saloon...
    My friend same lo..spend $2k plus lioa..
    Stop lioa..Not dare to go since always force to purchase more things lor..

    You have skin problems...
    Dont go to NYSS too!! I think by practice good exercise,eat more fruits and vege skin will turn better.. nowdays wheather is not good,need to keep our skin fresh...

    You may add me in to chat chat lo..
  5. qqgirl

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  6. patriciafe

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    My experience was terrible. I bought a $38 facial package at one of their roadshows after a lot lot of persuasion from them. Initially, i thought their brand sounds nice and all that and it sounds like a good deal.. so i made an appointment..

    First, booked at Bencoolen street. But the place was so small it felt weird. Doesn't feel like a proper spa place, i was shown into one of the rooms, the receptionist busy w someone and i haven't seen any facialist as i was 10 mins early(i was asked to wait, and the facialist is supposed to be coming soon)./...the room was basic. really basic, white walls n all that it looked like a home facial place. And after i saw how basic it is, with the washing sink and 2 sponge pads left on the table (doesnt look clean, they didnt tidy up??), the impression wasn't good because their hygiene stds is up to my i left and made an appt w the main branch (biggest one)

    place looks much better, but i was asked to share a room w someone else?!!! imagine 2 person doing facial? there was no privacy n the other cust was chattering herself away on the phone.. ppl were walking outside on wooden like planks and i couldnt rest properly at all. The extraction was v v quick and not thorough..

    My impression is generally quite bad.
  7. dixie08

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    i tried citispa's 3-step figure transform today. i must say that the treatment process was abit too long - a total of 90 minutes and it involved:

    - 40 min of steam bath
    - 10 min of ultrasound treatment to break down fats
    - 35 min of body contouring massage (i liked this part best and actually dozed off!)

    i must say that the results were quite impressive - a loss of 13.5cm for my overall body measurements, i also lost 2% fat and 0.4kg.

    the spa is nice and my therapist was very caring and motherly, they were not pushy and i enjoyed my experience there.

    treatment cost is $438 but there's a trial-price of $98 now.
  8. lovewedding

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    I signed for the Platinum Member with Citispa for $3988 for 3 yrs.
    Package include 40 + 5(free)session.
    MIX and MATCH 3 x different treatment.

    Addtionally also brought 3 x IPL session of the underarm treatment @ $488.

    And also 20 x Ampur with 1 x Red pepper oil at $6748

    Are they overcharging!
  9. lovewedding

    lovewedding New Member



    40 min of steam bath
    - 10 min of ultrasound treatment to break down fats
    - 35 min of body contouring massage

    got effect ? and how much ?

    under package ?

    Ps advise
  10. nana2007

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    i think they are abit too ex cause my ipl underarm unlimited only @ $399 for years

    you can visit the web
  11. kkitty88

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    CITISPA - If you choose to go, be prepared for mishap!

    I have been a customer of Shine Studio/Citispa since 2010 and renewed my package for 4 times howeouver I have never fully utilised any of it. Let me share my experience here....

    My first package is a basic facial which includes cleansing, extraction and mask. Didn't managed to finish it before my mum waspressurized into signinga diamond tone facial with them. My mum is afraid to visit them again so I went on her bahalf. However before I could finish the package I was told that the facial do not suit me and got me to exchange the remaining sessions to smoothing facial package, plus topping up monies . I did as I was told since I preferred how the cold ball feel on my skin. However my skin condition didn't improve, in fact Isuffered an acne breakout last year after 2/3 sessionshence stopped going for facial until recently. I also found that they have not cleanse well, there are traces of eye liner after facial. And they've not fulfilled what they have promised (i.e. it is not stated in my portfolio) to provide me with a foc session. Tried to talk to the sales consultant but she's always not around when I have facial/whenever I called.Emailed my concern to their customer service at HQ and there're no reply from them. I had decided that I'll not carry-on with my facial after my current package finished.

    However recently I have signed a new package for diamond tone with ampoules (i.e. not ever a renewal of my current package) which I regretted immediately after I left the premise! 'Previously, they have told me that Diamond Tone Facial is not suitable for me'! What caused my nightmare is I have also did eyebrow embroidery (6D) on the same day and now I have aneyebrow that look like 'leach', don't look like an eyebrow at all! Have you ever seen someone with an eyebrow that are thin at the head, thick in the middle, and thin at the tall? Usually I don't purchase on impulse (i.e. I have been dissuading friends and family not to sign up facial package after my experience with shine studio), I guess I must be under some witchcraft that day!

    I went to few eyebrow specialists and all of them exclaimed that it’s the lousiest job that they have seen. Some described it as 'mountain'! Not only that the shape can't make it, the stroke is not fine for it to look natural. Mine is supposed to be 6D eyebrow embroidery, one of the specialist exclaimed that 'it can't ever compared to their 4D/2D'!

    I called Citispa and they just offered to have it reshape for me but when I tried to book an appointment on a weekend (i.e. I'm bringing my friend to judge for me and she could only make it on a weekend), the earliest slot that I was given is 20 February 2016 (i.e 2 mths and after cny) while she could have it reshape two weeks after eyebrow embroidery (i.e. My eyebrow embroidery was done on 21 Dec 2015). This just shown that they areinsincere in trying to amend their mistakes. In fact they’renot ever apologeticin dealing with my complaints as they didn’t ever apologise, not ever ‘we’re sorry’. Anyway I dare not go back for touch-up as I just hope that it’ll fade off as fast and as clean as possible so I could get a re-done elsewhere.

    I've managed to change diamond tone facial to smoothing facial which they claimed that it'll hydrate, firm, tighten the face which is not as effective as claimed. It has not been a smooth process negotiating for a change of facial. Theytried to defraud on their promisewhich was not stated in the receipts, firstly I was promised of 10 sessions of FOC eye treatment if I sign up on that day but when I asked about the FOC eye treatment she gives excuse that it only comes with diamond tone facial. However I retaliated that it should come with whatever package that I signed that day and they just smilingly said that there shouldn't be a problem. Secondly, they tried to tell me that I could only get 7.5 sessions of smoothing facial instead of 10 sessions as there are no promotion for smoothing facial at the moment and luckily I have called other outlets beforehand and found out that there are christmas promotion for smoothing facial too.

    I'm letting go of my facial session/package, people who is interested to try out their facial session/package ( at your own risk) may feel free to email me Price is negotiable....original price: Smoothing facial & Eye treatment($94) + Ampoule ($40) = $126. I'm also willing to exchange for other beauty service at other establishment to try out.

    I’ll be utilizing the remaining 5 sessions of smoothing facial from my previous package and have made an appointment with them on 27 January 2016. I want to transfer outlet but citispa service is bad throughout the island, there arezero positive reviews online. I voiced to the manager at Tampines that I want a change of outlet before they promise that they‘ll provide a better service as they understand my needs more after all this mishap but I don’t trust them anymore (i.e. not apologetic at all, for them is they mean that I’m at fraud for the miscommunication?). I read online thatever if I got rashes after facial, they’ll not be responsible!!!Any suggestion?

    It is a lesson learnt that I'll never sign up for any beauty package ever if it highly recommended by friends and family. I'll rather pay on a one-time basis ever if at a higher price. I'll not decide on anything on impulse, giving myself cooling period.

    Others who have encountered the same experience, feel free to share. You're not alone!
  12. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    do not go new york skin solutions too
  13. wensi

    wensi New Member

    Really horrible experience at Citispa Ang Mo Kio

    I bought a package at Ang Mo Kio Hub branch and hardly finish 3 facials.
    When I went down for my appointment, the shop has vanished!
    No one informed me about the closure of the branch. I called them and no one answer the call.
    After trying several days to contact them, I finally spoke to the staff and demanded a refund.
    I'll take Citispa to court if can't get back my money.

    There is no customer service at all and the staff at HQ is very rude!!!

    I tried to find some review about them online and found lots of negative reviews and bad experiences by customers.

    Never buy any package from Citispa !!!
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  14. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    go small claim tribunal?

    go send e-mail to wanbao ?

    please report to case
  15. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    you can write to singapore press, or go to small claim tribunal .

    consumer associate of singapore
  16. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    very bad service
  17. wendyssw

    wendyssw New Member

    I went to Ang Mo Kio Hub last week to book an appointment and found out that citispa has closed.

    No one inform me about the closure

    No one answer the phone

    Bad reviews

    Citispa at Ang Mo Kio Hub is terrible. I'm going to ask for a refund!
  18. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    you can write to singapore press, or go to small claim tribunal .

    consumer associate of singapore
  19. Chatis

    Chatis New Member

    Hi anyone has unsatisfactory encounter with citispa regard to their refund ?

    How to report them?will case trust handling this issue? As their product cause harm to individual skin with medical proof .
  20. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    post on stomp.
  21. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

  22. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

  23. Chatis

    Chatis New Member

    I do not Wana blown the matter big..
    My main point is to request for a refund .that it ,or not report to case trust.

    Their product Ingredient is not natural.
    Natural product won't cause allergy reaction to sentitive skin..their staff is not knowledge and extraction is not that good too.

    Call to their main contact thousand times but nobody pick up phone .fm days to evening .nobody seem to be working ..quite curious to know what their company is doing. No cus service hotline at all.

    To whoever want to sign up for citispa, deal at your own risk. They don't use steamer now (quite a laughing stock as this is the most impt process for extraction).

    This is not my first time doing facial
    And this is the first I have unhappiness encounter with this brand name citispa..
  24. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    hi chatis,

    if you do not blow the matter big,they will not refund you 1.

    you can go to case trust .
  25. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    hi chatis,

    you must blown the matter big, If not they will not refund you one.

    since you mention allergy reaction to sentitive skin you can get doctor letter?

    you can try case trust.

    CITISPA @ Kaki Bukit Place (map) Tel: (65) 6848 5177 9 Kaki Bukit Place, MHF Centre, Singapore 416187. Our Operating Hours (9AM - 7PM)
  26. minipork

    minipork Member

    its so weird that its those quite famous shops that are having bad customer service
  27. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member


    Please bear with my long story to share my WORST experience at AMK outlet....

    I initially wanted to just complete my remaining 3 sessions with them.

    But after bringing me to the treatment room, the consultant left my door half open, sat on the floor and while i'm doing my treatment she's there keep persuading and persuading... I wanted to be nice and reject nicely more than 3 times but she was just super duper
    PUSHY, refused to accept "NO" and refused to close door... Until i keep coming out with excuses like i don't have $$ blah blah blah.. then... she went to calculate this and that convert existing 3 sessions + pay by installment for credit card.. blah blah... I finally agreed as i thought ok forget it.. just pay...

    But... after 1 month i booked for an appointment and i called them up on that day to inform that most likely I'll need to OT and I can't go down for the appointment tonight. That consultant told me never mind, I'll keep your appointment and if you can come down then u come down.. But when 8pm and i'm still in office, she called and scolded me for not informing them... WTF!!! I informed but they don't cancel my appointment and scolded me that if I don't go I should inform as other customer are waiting for that slot.. SERIOUSLY!!!!

    Then after few months I realised I really do not need that treatment as I don't even want to go.. So I call up and request for refund. To my surprise... This consultant told me CITISPA is CASE Accredited if any refund, needed to inform within 1 month if not... TOO BAD LOR... WOW!!!! Ok now i'm pissed... So i called up to CASE and ask for advice and to my horror CASE officer mentioned that CITISPA IS
    NOT CASE ACCREDITED so CITISPA's consultant is nothing but a liar to cheat their customers!

    So I call their HQ wanted to complain but nobody answer the phone no matter what time or which day you call, nobody answer... Even when I email-ed to (email add given by AMK's consultant) also nobody reply. I had to googled for their directors email then got the reply from 1 of the director's PA.

    She eventually gave me a last reply and then MIA never respond anymore. I shall paste her reply here!

    "Thank you for your patience. I understand your frustration and sincerely apologise for it on behalf of CITISPA. The person in charge is still on leave, which is why there was no one to handle your case, thus I'm trying to assist you now.

    Firstly, I wish to bring to your attention that when you purchased the package, the terms and conditions of the sale was clearly indicated on the receipt signed by yourself. So when you entered into this contract, it was already stated that "all fees paid are not refundable".

    Second, this is a legitimate transaction with your signature on the charge slip, so there is no way the bank will do a refund. If you do not wish to take my word for it, you are welcome to enquire with the bank.

    I am sorry to have to lay the facts out bluntly in this manner, which is not the way I originally hoped to proceed, given a choice. As a customer, you are important to us, which is why I am trying to assist you, as long as it is within my means. Therefore I am proposing the following options:

    1. Transfer your package to another nearby CITISPA outlet (we have a total of 11 outlets in Singapore, of which the next nearest outlet will be at NEX Shopping Mall) OR
    2. Assign your package to a third party for example a relative or a friend (Normally we do not allow assignment of packages, but for your case, on a goodwill basis and without compromising our rights, we will make this an exception) OR
    3. Convert your package to any of our exclusive skincare products.

    I hope the above is agreeable with you. Let me know your preference. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you and Happy Lunar New Year in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Irene Leong
    PA To Director

    DID: 65) 63323183
    Mobile: (65) 96868599''

    1) Now I would like to bring to all attention and quote Irene's reply "Firstly, I wish to bring to your attention that when you purchased the package, the terms and conditions of the sale was clearly indicated on the receipt signed by yourself" <-- This was not informed or brought to my attention during the signing of the credit card charge slip. As we all know, very often it is just a normal charge slip without T&Cs so I would say this is a special case whereby CITISPA is trying to trick their customers.

    2) Are you girls out there aware that CITISPA have a set of policies which are indicated in their website BUT at the point of signing for packages, DO YOUR KIND AND LOVELY CONSULTANT TOLD U THESE?????? I BET THE ANSWER IS NO...

    The below is extracted from CITISPA website FYI...

    We seek your kind understanding on our policy pertaining to cancellation of appointments.

    • There will be a reminder call to all customers one day before the appointment. Kindly inform our staff should you need to reschedule your appointment.
    • Kindly inform us at least 12 hours before your appointment, after which it will be considered as a Last Minute Cancellation and one session will be deducted from your package.
    • Should you arrive late by up to 30 minutes, your appointment shall end at the original scheduled time.
    • Should you arrive late by 30 minutes or more, your appointment will be cancelled automatically and regarded as No-Show and one session will be deducted from your package.
    • We understand that there may be changes to your schedule. Kindly give 24 hour notice for any single service, 48 hours for spa packages and a week for spa parties if you need to reschedule your appointment.

    All in all, I WILL NOT RECOMMEND CITISPA as their customer services are really bad and then look at all these hidden rules & regulations which wasn't told at the point of signing packages. All their consultant told you was, this is good that is good, now i can arrange payment within your budget comfortable for u.. blah blah blah.... But do you know of all these HIDDEN POLICIES????

    I have since left without a choice but to apply for CASE assistance as my package is S$2K++ so I will not let it go without a refund. I also sincerely hope girls out there, please don't be tricked by CITISPA...

    I will recommend Jean Yip Loft instead, customer service is super good + they have special consultant who will care for your needs and MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY ARE NOT PUSHY AT ALL!!!!!

    Thank you for reading my long rant.....
  28. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    Chatis, Citispa AMK consultant told me they will do refund if skin is unsuitable. Pls don't tell me they don't refund u??
    I requested refund for bad service encountered and they don't refund and stopped replying me. I'm also terribly upset with CITISPA
  29. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    go report to small claim tribunal
  30. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    CASE mentioned CitiSPA printed a fine print below the receipt with the terms & conditions, it is therefore a legit contract and it should be consumer's responsibilities to read and signed as agreement.
    Even though CitiSPA did not make any responsibility to inform their customers about this contract which I think most of us did not know of.

    Lesson learnt, CitiSPA is banned for life and always READ whatever you signed even if it is just a credit card charge slip or whatnot.

    My last resort is to visit the SCT and hopefully god bless me with my claims... :(
  31. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    you last resort can post on singapore stuff aslo.
  32. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    why not all singapore stuff do a review of Citispa based on this website? it is also good enough.
  33. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    Citispa is finally refunding me but their charging me 8% administrative fee S$166.56 + 7% GST S$145.74 (non-refundable as they claimed paid to IRAS already) + ala-carte 1 session which I utilized at S$388 (they charged as ala-carte since i wanted a refund so it would not be considered as promotion price of S$174) + 6% bank charges S$124.92 for installment payment.
    After the above 4 deductions, my supposedly S$2K refund is left with S$1.4K and I agreed to it as I didn't want to deal with Citispa anymore. I guess sometimes we just have to learn it the hard way.

    On top of this, I wish to highlight that Citispa is actually CASE-accredited and it is supported by their CASE cert during the SCT consultation. I did call CASE regarding this, they mentioned they will check who is the officer whom advised me that Citispa is not CASE-accredited, however there is no reply from CASE yet.

    Also, Citispa claimed that I'm slandering their company by sending mass emails to govt corporate organization. I wish to share that I do not hold the account and the email was just an extraction of my thread here to mass share several govt organisation.

    I'm hereby sharing my unhappy and very upsetting experience from Citispa, the rest will be up to you guys to judge.
  34. Marmalaide

    Marmalaide New Member

    Citispa girls really sells hard than focusing on their service. I have never managed to complete my package either rather than keep paying $$$$ for more expensive massage treatments which I dont really need. One of the sales girl also showed black face when i refused to add $$$ for other treatments and hence bad attitude each time i called in to book appt. I felt mistreated and threatened by these gang pressure.

    Now the branch at westmall changed the girls but the tactics are still the same. Beware of the cunning wicked ladies ! Is there a way to bring this up to stomp or sg gov attention?
  35. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    For my case there is no way to bring to stomp or any govt attention since I already agreed to the refund even tho is very much charged at my liability.

    I will just treat it as an expensive lesson learnt.

    As for you, i think is pretty much useless to bring to stomp or govt attention. Someone already extracted my thread and mass sent to govt and media but stupidly that person sent to citispa too. I have no idea why. So citispa claimed that it was me who mass sent which is not.

    Honestly, best solution is to complete your package and always give a firm NO and if they persists, maybe just treat them invisible and simply ignore until you complete your package.

    Unless u dun mind going to SCT and even so, they refused to refund your desired amount then u gotta prepare for trial and it's really very troublesome.
  36. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

    Hi marmalaide,

    you can contact singapore media and post on singapore stuff.

    last time i sign up with new york skin solutions the sales gal aslo show me black face when i refuse to upgrade my facial package. i call the hq and post online and feedback till they scare me
  37. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    Hi Jason,

    I don't think it works the same way for Citispa. U see someone copied my thread and mass sent to several govt mails with Citispa in the loop. Ended up, part of the reason for Citispa for refusing to refund me is they feel that i'm slandering their company which made them upset. Even after SCT consultation, they still managed to deduct S$825.22 and I had to agree to it otherwise I will need to go on trial and even tho, they still can counter-claim if they want to.
    I believe this is the stage whereby nobody wants to go through and no consumers should face such situation of a spa company that actually mentioned that "the package is S$2K+, any adult should read through before signing", thus it became my responsibility.

    From my last SCT consultation, the assistant registrar reminded Citispa to refund before 20 June (2 weeks), it is Thurs 15 June now and I have yet to receive my refund. Even tho it is still within the time frame, however we all know any good and reputable company will clear refund immediately to prevent further upsets. Based on all these, it is able to determine their integrity and work practices. It really isn't easy dealing with Citispa, at least in my own opinion.
  38. JASONCHNG1987

    JASONCHNG1987 Member

  39. Fyxen

    Fyxen New Member

    I went to Citispa HQ to collect my cheque according to Court Order on 23 June since Citispa refused to do registered mail to me which by Court Order, I should receive payment by 20 June 2017.
    Lucky for me, I brought along 2 friends as witnesses since I had a feeling that it's going to be nasty.

    And indeed, it was so nasty. Irene Leong of Citispa gave me my cheque to check my name, I told her ok and I kept my cheque. Her face changed... LOL She then requested me to sign acknowledgement of receipt, this is fine as I did receive my cheque as per Court Order. However, she forced me to sign on their Terms & Conditions which stated that I should not disclose this matter to other 3rd parties and should not request their existing customers to cancel their packages and to discharge them of all liabilities.

    I refused to sign it as it doesn't protect my interest and I reserve all rights to claim my cheque without any further Terms & Conditions by Citispa as this was protected by a Court Order and not private settlement between Citispa & myself. After learning that I won't sign this, Irene Leong of Citispa said she will void my cheque as I did not sign the T&Cs stated by Citispa and she ran back inside the office without even giving me a copy of acknowledgement receipt which I signed that I received the cheque.

    After which, Irene Leong claimed that is Citispa's policies and I should sign if not, she will void my cheque, even tho it is protected by Court Order. Ok never mind, I said if u want me to sign, I will sign but I have to cancel the clauses which state that I'm not allowed to share my experience. Irene Leong refused to let me do that and went back into her office.

    Left with no choice, my friends and I simply left Citispa HQ level 5 and proceed to level 1 to wait for our transport. Now the most epic moment starts, a male employee of Citispa came down to confront me at the top of his voice citing that I snatched the cheque, I told him NO, I did not. Then he started hurling vulgarities and shouted at the top of his voice that the service I received is due to I'm a bad customer. He even claimed, how good do you expect us to treat u? To kowtow to u? To apply moisturizer on your face? WOW!!! Most epic moment that even my friends was shocked and felt angry for me to have receive such treatment from Citispa.

    Never mind, even through all these.... Even with a Court Order... Citispa intended to void my refund cheque and so, this left me with no choice but to publish it to media. I'm going to make a police report with the experience had at Citispa HQ, with my Court Order and with my Bounced Cheque Advice.

    Everything I shared is as per 100% based on true facts with 2 witnesses. A corporate organization refused to abide to law proceedings even after Court Order and still want to void my refund cheque. What kind of organization is this?
  40. janhui

    janhui New Member

    I also have very bad experience with Citispa. It started with a promotion at a roadshow where I bought a trial voucher. Subsequently When i used the voucher at the Westmall outlet then did i realised the “promo price” is actually a prorated price for 30mins service instead of 1hr full service. During the trial session, the PRC masseuse suggested me to extend the session to full session by topping up and I agreed since the massage was still acceptable. Of course after the session, she hard sell me the slimming massage package and telling me a bed of roses stories to trick me into signing package. Later after paying for the package, then i realised the amount that she told me and the amount that i paid is different. And i called them to clarify then did i know there is GST which the Masseuse and the counter staff who processed the payment did not highlight to me. I requested to refund the difference but they said it cannot be refunded.
    Subsequently, i almost always have difficulty getting available slots on weekends (even though i tried making appointments at least 1 mth in advance) as the outlet only has 1 masseuse! I told them if they are unable to deliver the service then don’t take up new clients. Most people who are working like me are only available on weekends and moreover on weekdays, their last appointment is 7pm. If we finished work at 6pm and travel from city centre, for sure cannot make it by 7pm. They should extend their last appt to 8pm and close shop at 10pm which most retailers pratice. What’s the point of me buying a slimming massage package if i cannot have regular sessions for the massage.
    Another bad experience is I encountered a few times they had to cancel or delay my appt quite last min and disrupted my plan for the day. If they have a policy that clients have to notify change at least 12 hrs prior to appt otherwise a session will be deducted. Then how about vice versa? Do they compensate for a session they change?
    Last but not least, the masseuse wears a glove to do the massage for me which the feel is uncomfortable and the massage stroke is very inconsistent. It’s more like applying oil on my body up and down rather than massage which is so different from the trial session i had. I feedbacked to her that i am uncomfortable with her messaging with the glove on, she said it is to protect her health as she would “absorb” the bad elements from clients. As clients, we paid for the service yet we have to work around the service provider, what is this?!
    With such a terrible experience with Westmall outlet, i wanted to try out the service at another outlet. Though the person whom i spoke to seems nice over the phone, she said that for the transfer of package to take place, it has to depend on the availability of the service they provide at the latter outlet. I said if not, I don’t mind changing to another type of service but she said it is not allowed! I remembered upon signing up the package, i was told i can use my package at any of the outlets they have but they didn’t tell me based on what t&c!
    Citispa is really very inflexible and has very poor service staffs and i felt so cheated in this whole episode. It is not a mere few hundred dollars package but a few thousand dollars which is hard earned money! Imaging paying so much to get such poor service and black faces of the staffs each time you go for the service. For the amount of money charge by citispa and the level of service as well as the ambience, you can get better service providers in Orchard area.
    And i hope that you do not be fooled by whatever Casetrust label Citispa displayed or the bed of roses stories they tell you.

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