Any BTB MTM Wedding Gown From China Website


Hi all BTB,

Anyone MTM or bought wedding gown from China website before like Taobao? Mind to share your experience? Tks


It will be on 06 Oct 2013 (SIN) and 20 Oct 2013 (PEN)
Since im going to hv 2 banquet, 1 in SG and another 1 in Penang. So i was thinking to MTM or buy from China. My friend bought OTR design at Suzhou. It cost her S$250 for 2 wedding gown and 2 evening gown. The quality is not bad ;)

I hv ask local WG maker (which they also MTM it in China and shipped over to SG for you) to quote for me based on the design 1 want. It cost around S$600-700/ gown. Im thinking to MTM 2 WG, 1 EG and 1 modern kwa


My ROM in Q1 2013, intending to reuse the WG from ROM for PS in TW in June and AD in Dec 2013. Rental does not worth it at all.

I am going to do so from taobao, it won't be as cheap. But will cost around $300~$400 for a nice design WG to ship to SG via peeka service. Should be ordering 1 WG first in Feb or March, able to reach by May or June. If anything goes wrong still can amend or get another 1.

Maybe doing 2 WG & 1 Kwa/qipao, EG can purchase in SG, don't know need EG anot since I am having lunch banquet.
Hello honeykitty! I think you should know me from the myhometown forum
We applied for the June 2010 BTO just that u chose rivervale

I got a wedding gown for my upcoming ROM from a wholesale China website - Very pretty and cheap (<S$200, got a small train some more)! It isn't exactly made to measure cos I indicated that I am a UK size 10 and they sent me a dress that is UK Size 10 liao. I can't tell if it is ready stock or if it is really MTM in that sense. Seller was friendly and prompt in answering queries


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yes yes.. thanks for sharing the website to get the WG..when is ur big day?


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èµµæ• (邵æ•éƒ¡ä¸») , I checkout the web you mention seems pretty good! Not sure is it reliable to buy an AD gown from there


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hi ladies, when you all buy from taobao, how do you determine if the quality is good? quite headache cus I would like to get from there too.


my friend got it from Taobao through SG Taobao agent. Her dress is very nice. but you hv to read the review about the buyer..
Hello Emily,

I chose a seller with a fair number of transactions and with high review ratings. I will give extra attention to the number of reviews instead of just the % of good reviews. 1 good review when there is only 1 review = 100% good reviews but 1 good review out of 10 reviews in total means that only 10% of the reviews are good. My gown turned out pretty good!

The white gown I bought with the intention of wearing it for the ROM has a small train and now I saw another lavender colored gown w/o train on another webbie. Am itching to buy it lor!! OMG i am in such a dilemma now... Though of course I can buy it, and use the white gown for PS and 2nd march in on my AD, or use the lavender gown as my tea ceremony dress.


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im still browsing to see any nice gown ornot. So tempted to buy now...haha


You might want to try this site
Got a cocktail dress, design is the same as the magazine they post.
However I am not suitable for the style, it looks nicer on my friend than me.

On taobao, I will normally look for 婚纱 实æ‹.
The meaning is wedding gown original photo instead from magazine.
This is one of the famous shop I like:
Actually I still like taobao more, the review score is given by each item not by overall, so sometime can see comment like which dress is gd but which dress not so gd from same seller.


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I just ordered from on a recommendation, estimated to arrive in april.. will give a review when it comes in. Crossing my fingers.
Paid about $200 with shipping for a WG.


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I got my PS dress from

Quality is really good and turned out as i thought it would (would've looked nicer if i had lost some weight oh well..)
Took them about 1 month with shipping and tailoring (i paid a little more for custom sizing)

I can email u the pic of the dress ( i dun wanna post it up publicly)


hi Sam and Amelia Wong, may i see the dress please, email: [email protected] worrying about order online..
Ask taobao agent to help but charge quite expensive, around 50-60SGD, the dress itself price around 200SGD
I saw a nice dress at isabufei taobao, really wanna buy, but a bit traumatic with online order, afraid quality not good..
hi, anyone can share if alternation is needed for gowns bought from taobao or china sites? i reckon singapore's alternation pricing for gowns should be quite high?


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I feel wedding gowns cannot buy from online, cos we need to try to see how it looks from us. Its once in a lifetime affair! i rather pay more and buy/rent one from here. My friend ordered from china websites, and it was such a total disappointment, and she was so desperate and in the end had to rent one from the bridal studios here.


got my gown through taobao at around S$300.. Feel so happy at least didn't see look alike gown around in the market..

However I got to say, as compare to the other 2 2nd hand WG I got from 2 different BS, the quality is not as gd but design more unique.. Total I spent $1000 for 3 WGs, no regret..


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got my gown through taobao at around S$300.. Feel so happy at least didn't see look alike gown around in the market..

However I got to say, as compare to the other 2 2nd hand WG I got from 2 different BS, the quality is not as gd but design more unique.. Total I spent $1000 for 3 WGs, no regret..

Hi babe, can you share the taobao seller link and do you also have photos of the actual gown u received? :)
Hi ladies,

I am looking at selling wedding dress for brides in Singapore who cannot afford high end price from bridal boutique.
Had source for a few suppliers but unsure of their quality. Since you have decided to purchase online, I request for a small favor. should what I had source for suit your taste.
The gown and everything will be sell to you @ cost price and made to measure to your size(with measurement you provide.)
However, I will not be able to confirm the quality and the alikeness. But definitely I had done my research.
I regret I will only be able to provide you the price & time for deliver together with the picture. that is all I can do, as the source is from me.
Any bride who do not mind to do me this favor kindly email me : [email protected]


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Hi All,

Thank you for your enquiry.
All will be self collect @ tiong bahru or if you want me to send to you unfortunately have to pay for courier or something?
Supplier had promise will be 80-95% similar to picture.
1 month to deliver.
Some are shorter though about 20days to reach singapore.
Made to measure.

1st gown is $390
2nd gown is $450
3rd gown is $310
4th gown is $280
5th gown is $400
6th gown :
Chinese Fabric: SGD$430
Imported fabric: SGD$550

Exclude shipping fee for this.
trying to nego with the supplier for free shipping though.

I don't think I will take this too expensive =.=

7th gown:


Hi all, i have 2 gowns to let go, selling at $130 each, PM me if you are interested, fits UK8/10.
Wore them once for indoor shooting only.


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