Any bridal shop willing to include pet in the studio shooting!


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Hi Shanice, I know Sophia can include pets as they showed me their albums of couples who brought their pets.


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Tat good..I got more than 2 dogs which I like to include in the photo shooting...

Hi Nanny, who is Sophia? Frm Bridal Concept?


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Sophia is a bridal studio.. u can go to their threads to find out more abt the respective studios.. personally, i visited both and i find Bridal concept more value for money...


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Yvonne's Creative allow pets as well =).. but of coz..bring plastic bags and wet tissue..juz in case they poo or pee..haha..


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I brought my 2 dogs for my studio and outdoor shoot too! Just that I have to a responsible owner and pack in all their stuffs i.e. towels, water bowl, food, poo bags, stroller and bring along, so no problem! =)


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Hmm..nice wor if can bring the dog for PS...Tot of bringing mine aso but lookin for Bridal Studio..Choice will be BC, WhiteLink & Sophia..HMM hws the cost of it?Any ideas.


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I use The Aisle Bridal Boutique, also allow dogs for studio shooting.
I had a fellow The Aisle bride to be, taken photos with her adult husky dog.


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Hi, i had a bad experience with one of the bridal shop. Thinking of asking for refund, u think is possible?
My package is MTM, photos already given, but they still can do wrongly. Designer insist that there is nothing wrong with the gown.. they even ask me to pay for extra cost for the MTM which i wasnt inform.


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Hi Eve,

what bridal studio is that?

Most prob they won't refund the whole package price.. but rather, you can try to ask for reduction perhaps.. since it is not to your expectation/requirement..


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the BS i'm with (Venlis @ commonwealth lane)they allow pets for photo shooting indoor and outdoor. Maybe you can consider!