Any Bridal shop recommend?


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Hi Everyone

We’re plan wedding on 2019.
Now starting to survey for the shooting package.
Have any Singapore or JB Bridal shop an recommend?
Thanks in advance.


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I have looking many thread and hear friend's opinion. My hubby and i have visited few bridal with Destino and Castalia, but found that either the gowns doesn't suit to our liking or the price is a bit too expensive.

And we going our last listed bridal shop - Melbliss Bridal (friend's recommend). And we decide taking one package RM10699 (around SGD 3500) pre wed with AD gown, VG, PG, MUA All in package.
I feel the price quite reasonable:cool: . Before that they have show me and i'm feel their studio is Amazing! and they have a lot of the indoor background, I really like their pumpkin Car, Europe concept, flower background and the photography skill in sample album is good. After looking background, they directly show different pattern gown for me before i'm asking. I like their gowns pretty and they explained and show me which style is suitable for me and what is not. I thot that was good.

Their package thing is negotiable. Whatever i don't need, they will change to something you need more and asking me if something i'm feel need to adjust still can discussion. They explained everything very clearly and free me the special edition gift have lighting :p , it's quite creative thing, i haven't look before my friend's wedding.

But I very confused is need for going for oversea shooting or not. Because i sharing my feeling to Mebliss Bridal that i dun want my album show out same with my friend. I got quite a lot friend shooting in JB and Desaru.
And Now they have offer me for going oversea shooting, shooting with 2days with any country i can select. We just need paid with photographer and make-up artist’s air ticket, accommodation, meals and expenses on there. They have giving me some suggestion, like Japan, New Zealand, Bali, And they show me Sydney's photo quite good.

I would like to seek for asking that shooting oversea is better or shooting on JB.?:(
Hi I’m letting go my pre wedding package from France Paris + Actual day photoshoot as well. Please let me know if you are keen. Thank you