Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?


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hi evan, did u sign up with fables? i have not checked out fables, coz i heard the boss is same wif venus so tot shld be similar's the price range and style like?


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hi lovenco,

very sorry for the late reply... i always go to fables thread only... seldom check out this thread... =S

hmmm, actually my package is quite ex cos i took the most ex package and also top up more photos during sign up... i know i'm not those determination kind, so i think if i took a normal package, i might in the end top up for more photos which is going to be more ex than now... =) so i took a higher end package with more photos, n it is much cheaper to top up before PS... BS always earn money from the top up photos after PS... =D

if u r interested, join us at fables thread... most of the BTB there have diff packages... maybe u can post ur budget there, then the BTB can email u their package (of a similar budget as urs)... FYI, my package is RM8000... haha... =P


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Hi Lovenco, Pauline and OCX... sorry for the late reply. im seldom on Singapore brides.

i've sent my package to all of u.


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Hi Chloe,

I am new. I am interested on SG package. Do you mind to share with your package deal for RM4288

Anyone else can share with me Venus & Fables packages deal

Thanks a lot


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BBlynn, you can purchase a magazine "My Wedding (Malaysia)" - Jan-July 2009 for information on JB-BS. I have chosen gowns from the magazine for photo shooting


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I just had my photoshoot done by Aegean Wedding, must say that their photographer is very professional. My hubby don't really like taking photographs, but I must say that they do quite a good job putting him at ease. PM me if u'll like to know some details about my package thou.


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At aegean wedding, at first i tot is good...highly recommend, but when after u signed up, lots of arguement...and they cant kept to the promise one !! photos quality also not good, DVD montage, signature book, free gifts all these need to be triple checked and return again n again !!!

and got hidden cost when u took the pre-wedding shoot !! no matter how u wrote down the charges, also....hidden cost !!! I argued with them tat time..when u finished the shooting...the
payment come.....

Be extra careful lor..


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yes my photographer is Alex.

what happen Yeannie? Is the lady boss Serene?

My package was RM3088, incl the following:

- 8 gowns for photoshoot, of cos gotta pay for fake eyelashes, ampoule etc.
- 32 poses,
- DVD which we can include childhood photos for montage,
- 2 table tops,
- 1 big portrait (can't rem size off hand)
- 1 big album (i think it's 15/16-inch one),
- 1 smaller album (i think 10-inch),
- 1 small table top with 4 photos
- 4 gowns for AD
- 2 men's suit for AD
- 2 "fathers' jacket"
- free kota tinggi photoshoot
- signature book etc

I wanted to take casual wear for photoshoot too, but if it doesn't turn out well, i may not choose for my album. But if i choose to put casual wear for my small table top (w 4 photos), they will not charge me as part of the pose i selected.

Didn't like their MUA at first (Chris), cos she was kinda fierce when telling me to look up, look down when applying mk-up. But everything was alright after i came back from my outdoor shoot. then i realized that she's pregnant, so perhaps that's y she's kinda short-tempered ba.

other then that everything was ok till now la...


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ya lor the lady boss...i dun like her.
who is ur consultant? mine is Ai Huei..she is nice!!
last time i brought my ROM dress there to take the shooting...u know what, at the end...those photos, both of us..prefer our own dress's photoss rather than thei gown haha.

mine package quite similar to urs. few diff compared to urs.

My package was RM1999, incl the following:

- 7 gowns for photoshoot, (but i change 2 gown to extra 2 poses), of cos gotta pay for fake eyelashes, even i bring mine, still force to use their fake eyelashes, but ampouples use mine. and need to pay for hair styling for my HB!

- 25 + 2(exchange) + 5 (top up RM300 with 2 extra pages) = 32 poses
- DVD which we can include childhood photos for montage,
- 2 table tops 14R
- 1 big portrait
- 1 big album 1$ X 20 (FOC : with cross page style & design)
- 1 smaller album (put 5R + 8R )
- 1 small table top with 4 photos (is a water wave frame
- 3 gowns for AD
- 2 men's suit for AD
- 2 flower girl dress
- free kota tinggi photoshoot (i dun take any outdoor shooting)
- signature book
- Che Mui Photo 60pcs
- Car Décor + Ribbon

yes, their MUA very fierce, is not becoz pregnant lah.... i took mine last year mah..

My advise is.....better chek n check...ur photos... and design for ur album, when u collect it. and another one is make sure u allocate about at least min 1-2 months before ur
marriage, to collect the album, potrait...and etc.


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wa Yeannie, seems like your bridal package is very worthwhile wor, for RM1999 somemore. tat's very very worthwhole, comparing to most bridal shops even.

okok, will note and allocate more time in adv for collection of album. thanks for the advice.

btw, how early in adv did u select & collect ur gown for AD?


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ya..consider worth.
3 weeks in advance to select my gown, and 2 weeks
to bring out my gown. This is becoz i am havin my wedding at north n central, therefore, need to bring out in advance lor.


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i c... thanks for sharing Yeannie...

oh juz saw ur qns asking my abt my consultant, mine's Serene lo, but so far she's ok la, juz tat she seems everything oso very flexible, so abit scared scared leh....


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They're at johor jaya, opp tesco & jusco area.
address is
No. 9-11, Jln Dedap 4,
Tmn Johor Jaya
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

perhaps u can try calling them at +6073515661


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Winson tl : if can.....I dun recommend Aegean, as
I have mine there.... at first feel ok, but after everthing done.
Then u will regret... :p


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Hi Winston tl, when's ur wedding? if you still hv quite a while more to wait b4 deciding, u can wait to see if mine turn out to be ok or not, cos sometimes when it comes to service and standards, may have to depend on heng suay one ba. I'm also keeping my fingers cross hoping tat I won't hv much bad experience with them like Yeannie.

I've previously compared about 10 bridal shops in JB (i noe, v kiasu, but bcos i'm very budget) and have decided to select Aegean mostly bcos I felt that the package they offered was most value for money. We've been to cheaper ones, but saw that their gown was of poorer quality, of cos, much better ones like Fables and Venus have nicer gowns, but at a higher package price and with lesser things in their package.


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Thanks for both recommendations.

I haven't started the bridal survey, only started to gather some info and packages from this forum.

My AD will be on the next year prob Feb 2010.
We haven't fixed the date yet be'coz of tong shu.

ANan, u really Kiasu .. 10 bridal shops in JB.
I dun think i got so much time to do it.
maybe just visit few of them ba.

btw, how do you go to the jusco area ?
coz i'm in Singapore, i dun familiar with JB area too.


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Hi Winston tl

Sorry for the late reply cos was quite busy. The Jusco/Tesco area is straight further up, slightly further than Taman Sentosa, say about 15 mins drive along the main road ba, if no jam. When u're approaching this junction where turning left would be Jusco, you gotta turn right instead to go Johor Jaya. I can't exactly remember off-hand la, better get a JB map if you'd like to go thr.

Seriously, even if you wouldn't want to go Aegean, there are still quite a few bridal shops at that area, which most of them are cheaper than Taman Sentosa area's bridal shops. For similar stuff, the packages are about RM500 to RM1000 cheaper. Well, it's up to you la.

If you need any help juz let me know la, can PM me also. Anyway, tried to PM you but I guess u turn it off liao.


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winson, there is an upcoming bridal fair at plaza pelangi in the first weekend of June. maybe you can shop around there for good deals, and kill a few birds with one stone (one trip). hope this helps


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Suggest you guys check out Ivory Romance Bridal. The photo designs are nice, I have taken mine there, now waiting to collect my album.


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yes plaza pelangi is in JB. along tebrau highway, considered along the trunk road with venus and fables. opposite fables and venus is crystal crown hotel and SG bridal and I do wedding.

i recommend I do wedding and SG bridal.


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Thank for your info, lovenco..

Thinking whether want to go anot ..
I afraid sign the bridal packages during bridal fair coz i think many hidden cost and unhappy things..

SG bridal, i will drop there and c c ..


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I'm an SG Bridal bride.. Don't worry about hidden costs, they are very clear about their costs one like extra corsages, extra poses.. All the extras they will indicate on a paper which they will attach to your receipt (u can also ask them to photocopy it for you so you can keep).. So there's no worry about being charged for something you din know u have to pay..

On ur part, whichever BS u go to, just make sure they write everything they say in black and white.. If there are MTM gowns involved, ask about the materials and what kinda materials need extra charge. If it's OTR, ask if there is only the 'normal range' you can select cos some places charge extra for their 'premium/vip range' (SG Bridal dun have, all gowns on the rack you can choose) With everything written clearly, less unhappiness will happen.. =)

Hope you find your desired BS soon!


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Hi all BTB,

plis help okay..
i really want to get all my PS negatives back from my BS.. but i don't have enough $ to do so.. my BS offered me a way to get all my negatives back at no cost.. which is to reccommend another 3 couples to sign up their package.. they're really not bad.. will post my photos up when i get them..


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LH Lee,
Can I know where to buy "My Wedding" magazine? I had asked my friend to help me buy this magazine at JB but could not find at all...

oh, i tot there is a thread on ivory romance bridal in the forum but how come could not find now? any idea?

so hv u collected ur album? how is it?


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Any one sign up with D'Gio Cafe BS in JB?

I'm interested to know more of their package, anyone who had sign up or been their bride before, care to share your experiences and feedback?
Quite impress with their PS work saw last wedding fair during early July in JB.


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steven, for DiGio suggest u visit them at their BS. sometimes bridal fairs are not a good way to gauge the BS as u cant view the gowns. go to BS to have a look and u will know wat i mean. cheers.


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hi BTB, i'm new to this thread...

i'm planning to take my outdoor shoot in redang. do u have any recommendation which bridal shop will give a better package??

currently i have a package in singapore.

pls advice...

or any better suggestion for me??


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Hi BTBs, any advice on Christable at JB? i went to SG bridal, Venus, Touch and Christabel, SG bridal is good in photos, Venus is gown and Touch is reasonable price where as Christabel looks not bad in both gowns and photos but never heard of the comments here so BTBs pls help me


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Hi, has anyone been New York Image Studio at Taman Sentosa? Was attended by a very nice and friendly sales girl. Thus thinking of getting a package from them. Any feedback / view on this shop? =)