Any advice on which to take Orchard Parade or York Hotel or Qianxi @ Expo


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Hi everyone, i intend to hold my wedding on either one of the above. But i quite fan on which to take. As they have their pro & cons. Any advice for anyone?

York Hotel - we like their perks, the room, the ambience

Ochard Parade under Tunglok Classics - we like the food menu, date, location

Qianxi @ Expo - most on the cost per table.

Any advice from anyone?


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Hello, have you decided which place to hold your wedding?

I'm also considering Orchard Parade
when is your AD?


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Hi Ng,
I am also considering Orchard Parade! =)
Im a Dec 2012 BTB. had checked with the restaurant, they will only open for bookings in 2nd qtr of 2011. =)


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Hi Ivy,

I've went to York Hotel for a walk. It seemed like the route up to the hotel is kinda ulu, and inconvenient for those who don't drive. and was told by others that the availability of parking lots might be restricted. the pros part might be that the ballroom is spacious. do let me know if you wish to have a look @ the ballroom pictures. i've got them. =) and if you're a 2012 BTB, they arent open for bookings yet.

Orchard Parade:
pricing wise is attractive. however, the max tables is 30 + 2 reserve. If you have less than 30 tables, OP is great! somemore food is from tung lok. nice food. =) the perks are quite attractive too. you can consider this. and tis much more pocket friendly compared to others. =)

qianxi @ expo:
this 1 i cant really comment on but i guess tis totally pillarless and high ceiling which is a uber plus point for all couples. =)
food wise, i've tried qianxi @ hilltop (bt batoK). tis very nice. =) highly recommended as well. =D

hope these helps. =)


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saw this post n decided to share some view on orchard parade

i attended a weddin ther last yr n it didnt leave mi with a "wow!!" experience

the bride n groom are very goodlookin ppl but the place jus spoil everythin for em

1. very short march in - be4 u noe it ur on stage
2. they still use manual projector - the waiter keep carryin the projector screen up n down the stage
3. alot of pillars
4. low ceiling - or rather VERY low ceiling
5. portion of food is small, we had 9 pieces of suckling pig skin whn ther r 10pax/table.. duh mus share? hehe!
6. the staff r very eager to go home!! keep clearin the plates n askin if we r done..
7. e carpark is big thou n i hrd its 100% free
8. true abt the perks!! my fren had a very good deal

but overall, i think my htb n i were jus bein .. bias? as the day be4 we attended a weddin at marina mandarin

ther is realli a diff.. air of elegance..

the orchard parade.. to put it bluntly, u cld tell it was a budget weddin..

but den again!! its all abt what you like!! n the vibe it gives u.. we r puzzled why my fren chose OP whn ther r so many other choices..

but they were happie.. so we were happie!! =)


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hi all, went to york hotel for wedding dinner and yup it is kinda of small and squeezy.

the food is not bad though :)