Here is my story...

I know my husband since I was 18 and have been together since then for 17 years. We got married 3 years ago when he was overseas studying. He went back to his studies after the ceremony and I stayed in SG as he wanted to concentrate on his studies.

After he came back, he changed so much. He only concentrated on his career and nothing else. Now he initiated a separation on my birthday. He claimed that he does not have time and effort on other things except for his career.

I feel so hurt. I have waited for so long for him to come back to have a normal family life but in the end all I have is him initiating separation.

I wanted to end my life but I cannot as I still have aging parents to take care of. He has ruined my life and now I hope his would be ruined too. I hope his career will failed. Now I am even scared of myself because I have become a monster with all these negative emotions.


I only wanted a simple family life. Is that too much to ask for? I hate him so much now for wasting my 17 years and for ruining my life.


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I love a girl for 16 years... When we met again, she is married.

I can understand that kind of hatred, but... I put it in perfect control. Man... is a selfish creature after all. You have wants, you have needs.

Unlike you... I never stopped loving her, I never stopped meeting women.

What is love to you...? Do you know him? Have you care to know him? Is your love just your imagination?

It's alright to love... it's perfectly fine to have someone you desire but... you are losing it because you have no balance.

Seriously... I feel like killing that guy... and her. LOL~ But it's a feeling you have to balance by love and passion. Your soul can't be just an empty vessel...

Life... as long as you are living, you don't know what will come next, Npyl. Maybe you'd meet someone better, maybe he'd realise his mistake and return to you, maybe you'd die tomorrow...

End your life... How hilarious... Here I am worried about deadly STDs and there you are thinking of ending your life... If you end your life now... if you give up now... you will really ruin your life.

Look... I was devastated when I learn she is married. It is a big blow. I couldn't sleep for many days... I am still fighting against the thought of her. I can understand how devastating things are... it looks an eternal fight due to an eternal love, but I am still fighting for my sanity. So should you.

You think because you suffer someone will come licking your wounds? You think she'd care if I am devastated? You think he'd care if you kill yourself?

What...? You expect life to be a bed of roses?

Just because of a man and you want to die? Are you out of your mind?


he might have a change of mind.

i feel that u should stand up and leave him. get out of the marriage ASAP and start a new life. He is not the only man in the world


Scope_Guy, my situation is different from yours. I am married. It is not just if we are not happy, we breakup. We have a promise that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives togather.

What is wrong with having hate when the guy that hold your hand say said I will stand by you forever is now breaking his promise.

I am not lashing out at you but I am now in a very negative mindset.

Thanks for reading my post.


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Hi npyl,

Most of my girl pals knew that they wanted to have their own little family.
They would all start to seriously date in university and aim to get married by 30 yrs old and to have 2 children by 35 yrs old.

So if some guys they dated, was not serious or took too long to decide on commitment, they would drop them off quickly.

The sad truth is women have a biological clock ticking, we have to love ourselves more, if we wish to be a wife and mother to our children.
Don't let a man ruin your dream.

Are you 35 yrs old now? Take some time to grieve your loss and focus to get back to the dating market and achieve your dream to have a family of your own.

My colleague got married at 38 yrs and was a mother at 40 yrs old. It's never too late, don't give up your dreams.


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Have a good talk with him to assess the situation. If that's what he wants, no point hanging on to it. At least no kid involved it is less messy.

You need 2 persons to build a marriage, but you only need 1 to go separate way. No point hanging on if his mind is set. Go separate ways, anyway there are 3 years before divorce can be filed. During these 3 years, have a nice break and both of you can have clearer mind what you two want. If you are fated to be together, you still can be together and not file for divorce. Else, no point holding on to it, problems will surface later.

And it is not worth giving your life for a failed marriage. You own your life to your parents, not to your husband. You may have wasted 17 years with him, but do you want to see your parents waste their 35 years including about 20 yrs raising you up?


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Promise is an arrangement. A vow to say I love you and an unsaid vow to love you is still the same. See?

Say... a marriage without vow of 'I love you' is as good as a marriage with love.

You ah...

Marriage? What is marriage?

Let me tell you something...


Married or not, what is so different?

You are not lashing out at me... You don't seem to understand that the basis of relationship is love, not marriage.

Promises can be broken, love can't. I am sorry to say that you have based your relationship on the wrong thing.

Negative thought...

There was this woman I knew... She married her husband, her husband became rich... then she was old and her husband found a sweet young thing, then she committed suicide... and she succeeded. She is now dead. And what have changed?

The guy still married a sweet young thing. The woman probably forgotten...

We are about the same age, Npyl... So this is not your man, you know it early, you can still choose. Look at many women in this forum... some are lucky, their men deserted them early, some go on to make the same mistake.

It's alright to feel hatred. It's alright to make a mistake. It's life.

If you want to commit suicide, what do you expect? You just chose the wrong man. You just bet too big on the wrong thing. You have yet understood what love is.

If this is not your One... there could be a man out there made to love you... without promises he will love you for the next 17... 170... 1700 years...

Is it fair to be so negative and keep that man waiting? Is it fair to kill yourself when there could be someone waiting for all his life to meet you?

Your situation is the same with mine... who we love, we do not get. LOL~

This is the real situation, you are facing it, it's devastating, it's time... it's the moment for you to face it and fight.

Npyl... there are good men out there. You have a good experience. You can still choose... no. Love is not a choice. You can still meet the One.

He's out there somewhere... With what you have gone through, it could make you a better woman. Isn't it too simple to die... when happiness could be waiting for you?


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so what if u kill urself?

maybe he will be sad for a couple of wks and then life goes on...

or he won't even shed a tear for u cos "he does not have (the) time and effort on other things except for his career".

that will make ur suicide look like a joke that only ur loved ones will care to remember.

and u tok abt ruining his life...

well doing it won't make u a winner,

it will only make u a double loser.

dun insult urself.

so please...

grieve all u want but keep living ur life and make it great.

who knows, u might live to see his career fail some day.

killing urself won't give u that.


Men are just selfish creatures. They can go through thin with you but once they make it big, they dump you like a hot potatoe.

Another relationship...that sounds like a fairytale/joke.

I realise that I need to see a counsellor. I would not kill myself as I need to spare a thought for my parents.


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Ah~ People said what I am looking for is a fairytale... but ain't we all looking for a fairytale?

Who you love... you lost.
Who I love... I lost.

Ain't women selfish also? LOL~

Do you prefer to be the wife... dumb dumb thinking the marriage works, then when he got rich or you got old, then you presume the marriage doesn't work only because a sweet young thing comes?

Am I selfish, I am a man...

Even if it were to be a fairytale... I am looking for it. Because I know I don't want sh|t.

And you... maybe there has been a man who has love you for 17 years... maybe there is a man out there who will love you forever.

For your parents... for that man who deserve your love... for a you who should have grown up... It's a blessing your man doesn't help you drag.

The woman who committed suicide is real... she won't be the last to be dumped for a sweet young thing. She chose marriage instead of love, she paid the price. Even if she is dead... I can't say she is right.

And yes. She is forgotten.

Death can only achieve that much... only when you are alive...

Your pain ends when this relationship ends. My pain goes on everyday when the woman I love is the arms of another. LOL~ You expect me to kill myself? LOL~


Scope guy, maybe to you I am a joke. But isnt you one yourself? You claim you love a woman for 16 years but have you done anything for her? LOL.



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What is wrong with having hate when the guy that hold your hand say said I will stand by you forever is now breaking his promise.

What is so "right" about hating? It just waste your energy on something that you have no control and cannot change. Yes, it may make you feel a little better by directing the hate at him.. but don't overdo it. You are best focusing on things that will help you in the future.


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Hate doesn't value add at all. That's where the problem is. Drawing conclusions that men are just selfish creatures. Be honest, your ex-husband is not a representation of the gender. Likewise, other women do not necessarily think like you.

Okie, you need time to vent. When you are feeling better, move on. Don't harp on hatred.


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I can't do anything for her anymore.

As I have told you... ... no man, especially me, can tolerate the woman he loves to be in the arms of another...

But because she is the woman you love, you have to respect her choice and wish her success in the marriage she wants. You want your guy's career to fail... I want that woman's marriage to succeed.

What do you expect me to do? To show up at her home or workplace with a bunch of roses and a box of chocolate and tell her I love her? LOL~ This is going to be an affair.

You not only respect her choice... though love is selfish, you have to accept that man.

If you ask me... I have done enough for her. More than enough. But she has... taken my love for granted. LOL~

Npyl, if someone must suffer in this, I have to be the one. Precisely because I love her truly, I'd have to suffer. If I am you, I'd have to commit suicide everyday. LOL~

It doesn't matter if you understand or not... ... I just hope she'd be a good wife, good woman and really hope she has chosen a man who loves her truly. At least that'd be the woman worth my love.

Right now... you may be a little extremist, you may think of committing suicide... But this man doesn't love you, and you want to die for this man? LOL~

You asked me what have I done for her...

I feel pain. Because I wanted to do more. But I can't.

There is nothing I can do.

To love someone, you have to consider her interest. Maybe she is laughing at me, maybe she thinks I am Steven Lim, maybe she'd betray me, maybe she'd attack me... but for now...

What do you think I can do? LOL~

She is married! No matter how much I love her, no matter for 16 years or 1600 years... she has chosen.

No matter it's 17yrs or 1700yrs, your man has chosen... he never loved you truly. You know he hurts you. This is not love...

I just want you to know... all relationship is based on love... not the bio clock Albee talked about. I have seen women committed suicide, I know this is serious. Women are irrational.

So what I love her for so many years... and till she dies and beyond. I am not the one she chose. Got it?

No need to say sorry. Her marriage is 10,000 times more devastating than any ill intents you have for me. LOL~ Do you think I'd be offended?

Love is great... hence hatred becomes small. I hope you can walk out of this confusion, and realise what love is all about.

As for me... in years to come, even if she wants to find me, I'd probably have left Singapore. Well... do you expect me to commit suicide because of her?

If love doesn't make you a stronger man... or woman, it's not love. The more the love, the more true it is, the more it hurts... and the more you need to grow stronger.

We are about the same age... but... to me you are like a kid. I hope this incident will make you grow.


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I have a few friends (divorcee), they met their current spouse at mid thirties and tied the knot within a year. It's not the end of the world, I understand it's difficult to picture a new life with another person now but there's always hope to have a family again just that maybe not with yr current husband.


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To poster, 35 is the new 25, nowadays many people marry in their 30s, so fret not, just enjoy ur single life while u can. It's quite a freedom to be able to do anything, go anywhere, no need to compromise or ren, even sleep is better, more space and no snoring haha. If it makes you feel any better, there are plenty of divorced men too!

If you ever feel like killing yourself again, come find me, I will slap u to your senses! And remember forgiving someone is for yourself not them, when you don't forgive them, you keep yourself a prisoner with them. If you need to rant, rant, just don't dwell in that state for too long. When you're able to sincerely wish him well, that's when you know you have moved on.


it's almost impossible to stay with the choice made at 18. 18! man, i can't remember the person i was but lets just say i wasn't ready to pick a right marriage partner. one may get lucky and hit pay dirt that young but fact is very few first loves survive. perhaps it is futile to think about this but i wonder if you guys have broken up before. him going overseas could be the revelation for him that you are indeed not for him. and believe me, right or wrong, it is not easy to come to that decision. i know i've changed to a different person after spending years away. i am sure it was the case for him.


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Actually I know a lot of couples who have been together since teens and are going strong, perhaps it's because they knew early what they wanted and both grew together. Poster in this case spend a good amount of time apart, perhaps both grew in different directions.

My bro's first wife is also from teens, they dated like 10++ years, Rom, got the flat and about a month before banquet, my brother was caught doing something truly stupid. Until today, nobody has any doubts that she is his one true love, u can hear it in his voice when he talks to her. But my bro chose to not fight for it, he said he has done her too much wrong, that she deserves better. I think he was just choosing the easier way out so he doesn't have to face his own issues.... Oh well life sometimes work out differently than we planned, what are you gonna do about it?


I am sorry to say, but 35 is definitely not the new 25 for women. A lot of women out there forgot that guys that are very successful in life have a tendency to be successful when they are in their mid to late 30s. These guys if they ever want to get married rarely chooses women who exceed 30 years old. I got quite a few friends who are extremely successful and are in their mid 30s to late 30s, all their girlfriends are only in their early to mid 20s, sorry to say but women in their 30s dun really have much hope of getting married, unless u are willing to marry a man who aren't so successful in life or still struggling in their life.

The problem here is that young girls in their early 20s to mid 20s are more then willing to throw themselves at men who are successful in life as long as they dun exceed 50 years old. And i see this happening around a lot of my friends.

Sorry but this is the ugly truth of life....


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Chey I thot what u gonna say.... 命里有时终须有, 命里无时莫强求


i don't know your idea of extremely successful. but in my book lau bengs with trophy wives/gfs speaking terliber ingish don't qualify. perhaps someone who is still in love with his mate and they have a lovely happy family.

anyway it doesn't matter the percentages, there are desirable 35 year olds as there are desirable 25. you just do what you can to be or to stay attractive whichever group you belong. i think that's a more helpful way of looking at things.


that's too passive a saying for my liking. it is off topic but i am a 花开堪折直须折 kinda guy.

from a segue to a quick u-turn to stay relevant... there is awfully little one can do should your partner decide that he no longer wants to be a part of your life. most pick up the pieces and go on with their lives, some to better things. some pick up the pieces but are never the same. some give up on life altogether. the choices are simple but choosing the right path and staying on it is not easy. folks around you can help but it is really up to you to move on.


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If your man no longer feel the same, will you want to hold him back? Do u still want that kinda love who's not love but out of pity n sympathy?

Do u want to be a future wife who choose to close an eye even if the hb fool ard outside or even be tied down by 1-3 kids n to be trapped in a loveless marriage?

To spend the rest of the life with him in pain when his heart no longer feel the same? U rather want that?

I dun believe in holding someone back if they don't feel the same. In fact I will be the one to back off if I ever sense something amiss.

If u truly luv someone, u will really want to let them go n wish them well. Release the hatred in your heart n prove that u can even live a better n happier life without him.

My hb knows that he is not the man that I love most because the man that I ever loved left me for another woman prior to our marriage, but also thanks to him, that I'm able to find a wonderful man like my hb who can give me the most happiness.

This year marks the 15 years of knowing my ex as i know him in my teens too when we had a lot of wonderful memories and he's still my good friend now. Sometimes we will reminisce the past but we r still glad tt we choose to move on.

We can be good friends but not lovers n definitely not as a married couple! I can't even imagine having kids with him.

With or wo him, Life still goes on like the past few years of him not being around, just that he has been more upfront rather than give u false hope.

Since he have already given you a closure, accept the fact, grieve n move something that u always want to do no matter how outrageous, travel to wherever u like, make new friends, learn to live a new life all over again n even happier without him! Dont waste your youth.

It helps for me to hold 2 jobs at that time, shuttering here n there, No time to think about him too as i was busy learning new things n gaining new knowledge too. I took on a total new line so I learned things from scratch too, made many new friends, learned new skills.


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I'm not asking her to marry for the sake of marry, u troll.
I'm saying she might find in yr words the right ONE so dont give up hope and her precious life easily.


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Let her learns how to run first before talking about flying... you troll, because marriage is also not for the sake of starting a family. And look at her... you think she can find a man within a year and that's the One?

She is easily a radical, you have to bear in mind her state of mind. Are you sure she is the type who can find the One in a year? She doesn't even know how to love...

Doing that would be marrying for the sake of marrying. I don't think you understand...


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pls scope, u didn't even get marry before so don't act as if u know.

What is your purpose in marry if u know, pls enlighten us. don't come up with all those nonsense theory. come straight to the point


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There will always be a special someone there in our heart to remember for the sweet memories n move on. Life is too short for regrets.

Stay open minded, cast the net wider, get to know ppl of different nationalities, different age group. Enjoy their accompany.

Live for urself, enjoy this very moment instead of relying someone else for happiness

There will no other best person to rely for happiness other than yourself.


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Why don't you just shut up? LOL~

Married before? Why should I get married? Why should I act as if I know? This is all your presumptions.

Can you just stop being childish and ignorant?

Do you realise that alot of social workers and counsellors are unmarried as well, and alot of those helping in the yellow ribbon projects have no criminal records themselves too.

According to you, they are all acting as if they know... LOL~

Ignorant and childish...

Surprise surprise... actually I was a counsellor for women's affairs... I know you are talking rubbish because I have encountered more such suicidal cases than you have fantasized about your one marriage.

So what you are married? Have you gone through what Npyl has gone through? With what do you think you can stop me? LOL~ So what you are also divorced... you are still not the same.

Enlighten you for what? You are not objective in the first case. I have met such women like you... know-it-all, bullshit-it-all, never used the brains.

Theory... LOL~

Please Sha, come straight to the point, do you think you can stop me? With what? With a broken marriage cert that won't be of much use in some parts of the world...? You must be kidding me.


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why not u shut up! I touch something sensitivity? U didn't get marry before. u will never understand how wonderful it is.

u only know the size of of nuts.

now u come up with u are a counselor. If u are really a counselor, maybe in your fantasy again. If u are really so smart, u will not be unemployed.

U are crazy, that's why no one wan to employ u. Till now u can't even get a job, u worthless man.

Like i suspected, u know nothing. Always mention about the ONE. BIG LOSER. if u are so good, your the ONE will not have got married with another man.


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Personal attacks from a Singaporean who can't even make sense.

If you can tell me that being married or divorced is the requirement of marriage counsellor, I'd of course shut up.

But I doubt you even believe the crap you said. LOL~

And now you resort to personal attacks. You think that'd work?

It's true, nonetheless, I have worked with countless women on their problems. I don't care you believe or not. Does it matter? You can't even think straight.

I am prepared to be jobless when I returned to Singapore, I don't mind telling you this. This place is moronic.

Seriously, if you have nothing of value to say... you should really shut up.

Typical Singaporeans...

What is marriage? Like I said... it's only a piece of useless cert that don't even get recognised in some part of the world... It's all in your brain... your imagination.

What gives you the right to talk? You have an enjoyable marriage, while the subject here is now facing the truth of marriage...

You didn't touch something sensitive, I just find you hilarious.

You call me crazy... I don't remember being at IMH... LOL~


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I agree w Ting Yi, sometimes we rely on our partners to provide us with happiness, esp if together too long, we might lose ourselves in the process. Get to know yourself again, go on a date or holiday with yourself, have a relationship with yourself, some might call this 自æ‹, I call it 自爱. Although don't over-indulge, too much you end up like you know who. Do it as a way to regain balance in your life.

Although Ting Yi u say u love ur ex more than ur husband, but u said u can't even be lovers w ur ex nor want kids with him. Hmmm could you be mistaking the amount of pain with the level of love? When I really really love a man, I actually start visualizing our kids.


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ha ha, crazy people will never admit they have being in IMH.

No one would want u as a husband, u loser.

If u are really a counselor, i challenged u to show prove and i will leave this forum.

i know u are crazy, that's why u needed your parent to support u, because u can't work outside.

Have u taken your medicine yet, u crazy me. Or are u going to say u are a doctor also. Ha ha ha


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Although Ting Yi u say u love ur ex more than ur husband, but u said u can't even be lovers w ur ex nor want kids with him. Hmmm could you be mistaking the amount of pain with the level of love? When I really really love a man, I actually start visualizing our kids.

Soisuka, he's not a bad person but someone not compatible with me n we are better off being friends. It wont do both of us any good if we are being forced to stay together. We can't grow.

He made me realise alot of things, the kinda of person I'm n wat's exactly goes wrong between us. We never even talk as much as in the past.

I m careful in not to repeat the same mistakes in my marriage. In fact I've mellow down alot fr my past fiery temper. I learnt to see things fr many perspectives n no longer the wilful girl that I used to be.

We love each other alot but always use the wrong way to express ourselves. In fact, no gals can ever love him the way I did ever since we parted.

It's actually a norm for us to fight in public with his friends pulling us apart. I almost broke all this things, turned his room upside down. Luckily we do not have kids.

I was wrong, very very wrong. I did alot of self-reflection n really really regret the things that I did, picking on the nitty witty things tt are of no importance while overlooking the bigs things that he ever done for me.


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You sound like you've been 'tamed' ... It's a shame he didn't get to enjoy the fruits of his 'labour'. Sorry just kidding.... So long as you're happy.

For me I want to be the one whom I truly love and loves me too. I rather deal w broken things than broken people. If there was no love, there will not be hate. But of cos if the other party has chosen, there's no point overstaying ur welcome. "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference". I forgot where I read that from.

Again, the thread feels oddly 'propaganda-ish'....


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When he left me, I was actually devastated, however I was determined to live a much better life.

I began to "re-live" and to re-discover myself. Life couldn't be so much better than now.

I think that was wat everyone is trying to put it across to TS, it's not the end of the world after a failed r/s.

There's so much more worth living.


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Moron~ LOL~

You should leave this forum. It's for your own good.

You know, I went to the zoo and I saw screaming monkeys... you expect me to debate with those monkeys? LOL~

Show proof? Who do you think you are? You can't even talk sense. All you have is personal attacks. Why don't you enlighten me that all marriage counsellors are required to be married or divorced? I asked the same question twice, this is the third time.

Sha... use your brain when you open the gap.

Ting Yi,

So that's your true character. LOL~

It's good you are trying to change, it's better to know you actually do self-reflection. Many women don't... In fact, most women just carry on with their old ways. You are a challenge to a leopard never changes the spots. LOL~

But I think you still pick on nitty witty things which are of no relevance.

However... it's unfair that you don't love your husband as much as your ex... though it's quite common you don't marry the one you love most.

As for TS... Some women can't overcome the emotional attachment readily. After all, she has thought she was in love for 17 years... suddenly she realises that guy is but a stranger who wants to break off now, and marriage is dissolving.

This is the time that would decide her future path... to be extremist or otherwise.

She thought of giving up her life for someone who doesn't love her... she is pessimistic she'd find someone who will love her.

Well... women.

She is now having alot of negatives... it's useless to tell her it's not the end of the world... We have to slowly lead her attention elsewhere.


I doubt she is being tamed. Sometimes with people you have certain expectations and you feel close to, you can be very blunt... With a different man whom she clearly knows she doesn't love as much...

Say, you are usually more polite to strangers than to close people. That's about the point.

If we... if we have the ex and her together again, she might end up tearing up the house again.


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Scope, not really leh... my hb and I have been married for almost a decade but I feel that I have grown to love him more and more over the years while for my ex, it was really like sweet memories for the things that we ever done.

Till now I m still thinking to do little things to surprise him, planning a surprise bdae for him, just that ydae I just went out of town to get his bdae pressie, cooking his fav food for him. These are tokens from my heart.

I just love seeing him smile and feel happy. If he is happy, I feel happy too.

The major difference about my hb and my ex was communication.

My ex never bother to communicate with me, he like to assume. Whenever I was angry, he just assume that I was spoilt, throwing tantrums and ignore me without even the slightest effort to communicate!

As for my hb, he's v sensitive towards me and when he sense that my face expression slightly change, he will be very concerned, talk to me, sort out our differences, making me burst into laughters. He always make me laugh like a crazy woman.
In fact we will call time to time in the day (when he is free) to chit chat too.

I just hurt my toes a few days ago at his workplace and he immediately rushed over, kneel down with a pile of tissue, clean the wound, apply plaster for me and when I was hospitalised in the past, he will always keep me accompany day and light, shuttering between workplace and to accompany me. In fact, he's the very guy who treat me the best.

But I think you still pick on nitty witty things which are of no relevance.

on u ar? I know u still holding grudge of me saying u look like Steven Lim lah.. :p


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Nice. It's always nice to have a man who loves you and in response you grow together.

Hopefully everything will be good till the end. So here's the real reason for a new and improved Ting Yi.

Seriously, do you think I think you think I look like Steven Lim?

Even if you think so, I don't. Apparently I don't. LOL~

Hopefully, I'd encounter a great woman later on in my life when I am in Germany.


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Nay. I won't be talking to you if I take such things seriously.

From what you painted, it's real rosy, and I am envious of your relationship. LOL~

But so said, the woman who successfully killed herself I mentioned... well, they were 'model couple' before the husband met the sweet young thing.

I haven't met that girl... I probably won't ever. Npyl may think it's a fairytale... Unlike her, I believe in meeting that girl, and the romance... It's a regret she never appears yesterday... LOL~

Do our best eh...


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Not only syts but hunks as well. Juz last month, when we were out together, theres a quite cute looking guy who came up to make friend with me right under his eye,
Temptations are everywhere.. Not only guys who Noe hw to stray, ladies r capable too if we ever wan... long as we done our best, no regrets and for losing a great spouse,it's their lose definitely not ours.
Spouse is part and not everything of our life. With or without, life still goes on, the world will not stop revolving for anybody.
Juz feel sad for the lady who 想ä¸å¼€ã€‚U only hv 1 life lo n there's still so many others who love you.

Eh which gal u talking about?


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"It's a regret she never appears yesterday"

It means I hope the great girl can be met earlier.

I have been betrayed before, I know ladies can stray...

That's why I prefer to fock and go. Keep things simple... focus on sex.

Actually it's probably a blessing in disguise that the woman I love didn't choose me. She may stray, we may quarrel, we may fight... maybe the real her is a slut or an impossible woman...

Recently I know a JC girl, 18yo... She's pretty... sweet young thing... it's obviously just companionship, not even romance. When I kissed her yesterday, it was just sensual. Obviously, I am too old for her. LOL~ But nobody is thinking about marriage. When I undressed her, I could feel her being shy... I like that feel. I feel young.

It very strange... I need a mature woman, yet I prefer young girls. Probably deep inside me... I see too many women to know that the likelihood of meeting someone mature is low. And young girls like her are mostly virgins... free of STDs, impressionate, and easy to pick up.

While it's simpler to focus on sex... I really wish to meet someone to fill my hollow heart.

I find myself ironical... yet I really don't prefer to see older women. I know women can stray... Guess that's why I prefer younger girls.


I used to be a very forgiving and forgetful person. I just forgive and forget if someone did something bad to me. And one day, a year ago, something just happened to me and I became someone else. I kept grudge, I had this anger and hatred inside of me and I really suffered from it.

Anger and hate ate me up from inside and I feel hollow. Anger and hate is like a bad cell eating another cell of you and makes you someone that is no longer a whole a person. I wonder why it could happen to me. I started to think about revenge and how to make people suffer. I started to hate people and pull myself out from the society. The only place where I still like I used to be is here in the virtual world, where I don't have hate and anger.

have you ever hate someone so much it makes you sick? Have you ever hate someone so much, keep the anger in your heart and change you into a worst person you would ever met?


I have learned over time that it does me absolutely no good to hold a grudge. i have a few people who have enraged me for one reason or another. The way I deal with those people is to just cut off all communication with them, and move on with my life. If they call, I ignore the phone, if they send me an e-mail, I do not respond, if I bump into them on the streets, I turn away. Just eliminating those people from my life has given me more peace.
Holding on to anger will only hurt you. Chances are, these people don't give it a second thought. They are moving on with their lives. Why should you let anyone have that kind of hold on you?