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  1. little_p

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    we just moved to duxton pinnacle in July.
    since last two months, there were lots of red ants crawling out from water pipes, gaps on the wall, from HDB timber skirting etc
    anyone has problem with Red Ants in their new house?

  2. patriciafe

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    Some cleaning products and tools that help combat ants are: bleach all purpose counter cleaner, strong garbage bags, vacuum, broom, mop, bleach floor cleaner, dish soap and a sponge. Making sure your kitchen is clean each night is very important. Leaving dirty dishes out will attract ants, so be sure to at least rinse off food stains and crumbs. Wipe down your counters with the all purpose cleaner to ensure the ants won’t have a tasty evening snack. Sweeping the floor after food is prepared will take another meal away from the ants. You should mop your kitchen and dining area once a day to eliminate the scent trail scouting ants leave behind. If you have a carpeted dining room then vacuum up all the crumbs after your meals. Ants usually cultivate where any type of food falls, so your carpet is a virtual playground for these insects. Take your trash out daily, so the ants don’t find a buffet just waiting for their consumption. These steps will help control the ant population until you can fully rid your home of the pesky insects.
  3. maylitte

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    Cinnamon works very well for getting ants to move somewhere else. It doesn't kill them, but they don't like it and will move. I've used it successfully in a number of different houses, around patios, sidewalks, etc. and to clear out an entire colony that for some reason decided my garage was the place to set up home. If you buy cinnamon in bulk (Sam's carries 1 lb containers for around $5), it's economical, too. I just sprinkle it liberally around areas you don't want the ants.
  4. jay_fantasy

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    I'm staying at Pinnacle too, 8th Floor. I dont have a problem of ants, but I noticed after 7pm, alot of flies fly in through the windows!! So i usually keep the windows closed.. yes, every window of the house.

    For ants, they are probably attracted to the dustbin, or if you have any food lying around.
  5. cathy20

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    I heard somewhere about an amusing way to get rid of them. An old lady said she had taken a shovel, and took a shovel full of ants and dirt from one ant hill, and put on another ant hill. She did this all around the yard, swapping ants from one hill to another. The ants had a huge ant fight, and killed each other out. I have seen different ants fight with each other. It would be worth a try. And it's cheap entertainment.
  6. sweet_j

    sweet_j New Member

    hey cathy, this sounds cool... thanks for sharing.
  7. carlislesg

    carlislesg New Member

    I think that was funny.playing the ants... But that was cool. [​IMG]
  8. lonelady

    lonelady New Member

    Anyone has ants coming in from external wall? I realized that ants can still crawl over residual shieldtox even though I sprayed 5 days ago. But with bio-x, it as such effective.
  9. TeleHme

    TeleHme New Member

    Oh wow... I have this issue before my renovation haha

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