Anti Cervical Cancer drug !! Good or bad ??


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Gardasil and Cervarix are designed to elicit virus-neutralizing antibody responses that prevent initial infection with the HPV types represented in the vaccine. The vaccines have been shown to offer 100 percent protection against the development of cervical pre-cancers and genital warts caused by the HPV types in the vaccine, with few or no side effects. The protective effects of the vaccine are expected to last a minimum of 4.5 years after the initial vaccination.

Hi, i do understand that the vaccine is for the prevention of cervical cancer. However, the drug is relatively new, and i was wondering if my gf, who is still a virgin, should contemplate going for it. After all, almost 2 women is diagnosed with cervical cancer everyday in Singapore. I do understand the benefits, but it is the potential side-effects that worries me. I mean, in the long run, nobody knows if it affects fertility etc and that is her primary concern. The nature of life is always a balance. Could any ladies please share their opinions on this drug, and advise me whether i should encourage her to go ahead. SHe is currently unsure, and i thought it would be helpful to gather more insights and opinions before deciding.


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It will definitely be good to get vaccinated. Anything prevention is better than cure. I think Cervarix can last longer. Maybe can check with the doctors.


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ask doctor is the best i guess... yahoo news too sensationalized.

Agreed prevention is better than cure.


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hi girls,

Heard before of F-essence?? It help to promote blood circulation, eliminate PMS systems and most important it help to prevent cervical cancer.


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You can always prevent by taking supplements. I do agree with tyc, why revert to drugs if you are not sure of the side effects. Try supplements. I do believe supplements such as green tea can help.


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Dear all, currently Im on a few vr gd supplements currently. I truely believe in it its because my dad has diabette and high blood pressure last few years ago and he became sickly after taking the medication. So I bot the supplements for my dad and after intensively taking it for a year, his condition has improved tremendously! Hence, my confidence for the product is vr high. Personally I have a friend whose mum have cancer and my friend is the one that is taking care of her wound after the chemo session,I introduce her to the supplements and her mum after taking the supplements, both her "jing sheng" and the open wounds are much better after the chemo session, versus when she is not taking the supplements. I went to a seminar talk by a Doctor cum Scientist on the supplements that I'm taking currently, turns out that they have done alot of research and 3rd party clinical test shown that the product can help to prevent cancer and protect your cells from damage. I manage to get a few infor including those scientific publication on that, can eml me if you are keen to take a look at the facts. My eml is [email protected]


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Hi Lynn & tyc,

I agree with you. Drugs Kill. We need supplements to help for healing effect in our body systems.
Perhaps,taking supplements is the most important for everyone, since now our surronding is polluted. We need supplement!!!
Thank you Cheer!!


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Supplements are important? Are you guys living in a third world country where you don't eat enough and can't get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet? Do you even know what and how much your body needs?

Drugs kill? The ignorance on this website astonishes me. You guys will believe a two paragraph write-up on the wonderful benefits of fungus but will not care to even look up scientific journals with rigorous studies that shows that most of these complementary medicines are useless and could even be harmful.

As to the vaccinations, talk to your GP. Ignorant people on the board will just give you stupid answers. Go straight the experts.


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my gynea told me that the this vaccination is best for all virgins. as for others, may or may not work.


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hi plain yes I heard of the vaccination too, my aunt intend to let my cousin to inject it for prevention. gyne said non virgin women will not work.

I personall also took supplement like vitamins, calcium and detox.
Hi All,

Im trying to slim down and I heard about this product called herbalife - they've been around for i think over 20 yrs.
Im wondering if I shld go for it. I have 8 months to lose 20kg..=(
I heard alot of success stories of ppl losing even more than 30 kg..
Anyone can share w me??
Upset about my weight..


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springing with life, you need to lose 20kg before get married or?
hmmm tired the meal replace of herbalife but i tt time no determination so didnt slim down alot. but last year i tried acupuncture slimming(detox+dietary+acupuncture) i lost about 17kg in about 3-4mths.
dont be upset, overal is about determination and discipline.


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anti cervical drugs are good like
Gardasil protects against four strains of HPV, a virus that is transmitted through skin to skin sexual contact. 2 of the strains of HPV that Gardasil protects against are responsible for about 70% of cases of cervical cancer.


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The risks of dangerous side effects increase with each shot of Gardasil. There is nothing dangerous about stopping the vaccine. Get yearly pap smears, which you would have to do anyway even if you finished the 3 shots of Gardasil, because Gardasil works against only a few of the many HPV strains, and it's not even fully effective against those. Yearly pap smears will catch HPV in the very early stages, before it can get close to becoming cancer. Many cases of HPV disappear on their own, without any treatment at all.


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i had it, dunno whtether effective or not. Dr say gardasil provide more protection, but limited long -period studies so would not know how long it would last, so far 5 years proven. It would be more effective for those do did not have sexual activities before, regardless of age. Coz may contract virus(dormant) after having sex, so the injection is no use.


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it is good to get vaccinated. my doctor says even if you had the virus infection, if you get vaccinated, can protect against the other types of the virus as well.


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Yeah i agree with Cheryl Tan. it is very good to get vaccinated. I did ask my doctor about the side effect, she said only redness and maybe mild fever.


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Hi Ladies,

I had Gardasil... 3 dose for $300 at NUH.

I did not suffer from any fever though.. just a bit of ache on injected arm..Feel like "chicken pox injection" for those who had taken it.. back in the old primary school.....