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Hello all, I'm new here. Just had my rom in June and moved into our new house. Living with my husband has been emotionally draining and we had fights that were so bad that we both moved out of the house eventually. We are both in our early thirties and decided that moving forward, annulment would be the best decision as we don't see our issues being solved.

Can anyone advise on how long the annulment process typically take? And how difficult would it be to attain one. Furthermore, would i have to declare that I was once married the next time I decided to get married to my future partner? Thanks.
You would need to declare to your future hubby. For annulment to be given, both of you should not have consummate the marriage. If there are no disagreement, it should finish within 6 months. If both of you have a matrimonial home, it has to be sold back to HDB at 90% of valuation price.