Annulment advise needed


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Hi all, I seriously need some advise.
We registered in Mar 2017.
Signed the annulment documents in Mar 2018 (both signed) - until now still no updates from the lawyer. We are both living apart, never consummated due to my unwillingness (I don’t love her). How long will this process usually take? One main reason I called the marriage off is because she tried to attack my family with a knife when we were quarreling. Can this be another good reason for annulment? I’m only scared she secretly withdrew her consent for annulment.... that’s why it’s taking so long. Even if no grounds for annulment, can I pay to get it annul? I am really suffering from this wait. And I’ve met someone new, I really just want to end this and start a fresh.


Hi SRj1987 have you checked with your lawyer why is the process taking so long. I engaged a lawyer in Mar 2018. Went for a 2courts hearing and got my final judgement in Sept 2018. Usually will be faster if the judge passes the order at the first hearing. I am just guessing if your spouse have file to contest the annulment meaning she don't agree to annul the marriage with you. But I guess it's better you call up your lawyer and understand how is your case processing now.

Hope your annulment passes soon..