Animation Cartoon (Doing a cartoon instead of montage)


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Hi Yi Ling,

Your recommendation very similar to what Eco Worz is giving.
Even e package items and drawings are imitating them..

I am still looking for companies
who can provide creativity to my cartoon..
Anymore better recommendations?


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I don't know that, they are quite similar


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Hi Yi Ling.. I have signed up with them... I find their work similar to other companies... but they are cheaper in cost.. so i decided to take them...

Hee i prefer the cute cartoon style and also not so expensive as the realistic one... My hubby say not to spend so much on animation as it was juz a 3-5mins thing... =P


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Hi all

Advertiser trying to protect their poor service,
is covering up to say me a fake... Sharing negative feedback gets me isloated...

Me think Yiling is a fake instead.
advertising with cheap price at her first posting.

Ironically Jane signed up immediately within one day time? (See posting date n time)

That's funny.. ?

Their website has no company name, contact and animated portfolios, still trying to make stories in forum to make us buy their services ..

All BTB, please beware!

Anyway its my thoughts, you can choose to believe and oppose with your reasonings.

I just can't stand such fake advertising tactics!


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Hi All... seriously i dunno about Yi Ling... And did i mentioned that babie is a fake.. no i tin...

i jus did my part as a customer to comment on their service.. and really grateful to Yi ling for providing the link... irregardless of whether she is advertising for herself or nt...

coz i have met the person in charge personally and i really find her works nice.. even though not those very fantastic one... but wat can i expect for that price rite...

even my hubby says its ok... so we took it... the reason we signed up within 1 day is becoz the person in charge, Julie, replied within 1 day... and she meet me at my place to show me her portfolio... which i really appreciate her effort....

What babie has commented really is not fair to "My wedding cartoons" coz you have not seen the works or the person in charge... how can you comment on their "poor" service??


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And also the company name is stated in the website... The name is "My wedding cartoon" juz fyi...

you will need to email them and they will send you the link for their portfolio if you want to view their works... thanks...


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Hi Jane,

You have mistaken.
The poor service and cover up i experienced is from other video company and threads related.

I feel unfair as those fake advertisers should be exposed instead. Its Yiling which is my thoughts, not refering to you...

A lot untrustworthy free-lancers from nowhere are here trying to get us hooked..

We BTB should help one another, that where you and me share the commons


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Hiz jane & babie,

**Cool cool lee...>)

....i find myweddingcartoon copy the same style and package frm eco worz.
just curious lee... like that no legal offence meh?

...babie is right too.. is myweddingcartoon a registered company to trust? esp they copy from other company this way... worz offer cheaper prices lee...
i think the red package very attractive lee..>P

Jane, can email myweddingcartoon contact num. to [email protected]? >)
i want to meet both companys for more comparison first...

thankU 4 sharing>)


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Hi Babie.. i see... like i said... i dunno abt yi Ling... I just like their work...

Hi Cutecute.. i dunno abt the legal procedures... as long as they can produce the work and i tin package wise... almost all company are giving the same tins...

My wedding cartoon is in fact cheaper than eco worz... $359 now... dat's y i took up their package...

Ok will email her number to u... she and her partner are graduates from laselle... even though she's new in this line... but i tin shud give graduates a chance... since their work are nt bad...

I have this link for their cute cartoon demo... was given to me after i emailed them...


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Hi Cute,

The fake company are just newbies with no experience as Jane said.
You have found the answer to why they just know how to copy.....
Anyway beware, they are not a registered company.
They might run away with your $ anytime...


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Run away with your $$ anytime? Babie, when a service rendered there are bound to be payment. whomeever Jane chooses to do her montage/ animation is up to her. Who are you to condemn someone without even knowing? Is it a compulsory for a animation work to be traded via a company? Freelancers offers the same without the additional costs of running a company. Hence you get better pricing. But to call a person fake without any proof is called a slander. I wouldn't call you a fake Babie. But I would consider you a slanderer with your posts here.

I am not defending Yi ling. However I do think from your post that your comments are unwaranted and without any basis.


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Hi Babie> I didn't mention that they are fake company. Just because they are new in the industry doesn't mean they have no experience and fake.

Their customers are just not as much because they are just starting out...

You mentioned they copy but I find their styles are different from others even though their packages might be similar.

Can I know why you are so against them when you haven't even tried their services? Or maybe you have tried and not satisfied?

I am a customer of them.. that's y i can comment on their services... If there's anything wrong.. I will let everyone know...


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Hi nguyen,

Isn't it obvious that first posting again siding your 'company'.

You don't have a registered company, then how do you assure you won't run away with our money? We have no ways to track you down, right?
especially when you back to vietnam?
(from your names, i guess you must be a vietamese)

There are so many cases where BTB like us are cheated, so we are just being careful.

I am not against you and your 'company' and Jane, i will not try this freelancer with no experience and assurance.
There are more free-lancers with better work.

Copycat work doesnt appeals me, we have eyes to differntiate..

I am here to just share experiences and personal comments. Please feel no offended if my facts are not applicable to you.


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Hey babie.. common la... how much can it cost for an animation... y will they run away for such a small sum of money...

If u dun wanna try freelancers then dat's ur prob.. y u wanna say they r fake when u didn't even engage their services... if u dun wanna try den dats ur business... u cant influence others into believing dat they r fake...

anyway so far they have done a good job for my animation... i dunno y u r so against them... maybe u r from other companies... i dunno...

anyway lets stop all these arguments.. they r spoiling my mood for my upcoming wedding...


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Hi Babie

This is my real account. I had just borrowed my friends account (Tomcat) under his recommendation since I am sourcing for someone to do my upcoming wedding animation. (Obviously I am not Vietnamese. Not that there is anything wrong with being a Vietnamese.) To my surprise I've found your posting here very distasteful. First and foremost the topic for this particular thread is looking for animators for our wedding montage.

Now it seems to me babie is trying to slander some freelance animator. I find it odd that Babie is targeting only this freelancer. Thanks to Jane for your unbiased observation. I do feel Babie is spoiling the fun for most of us BTB.

I will check out and see what do they have to offer. But there is this nagging concern on Babie's post. I wonder if Babie is working for any particular company metioned in this thread?

Funny that anyone would cheat a couple of hundred of dollars just to go back to Vietnam. I mean the airtickets alone won't be worth all these troubles would it? Won't there be meetings between animator and the client to discuss about the montage/ animation? How to cheat? I am really curious. I've checked their website, it doesn't seem that they are inexperienced in any way. Doesn't some company hire freelancers to do the artwork for their clients as well? It just doesn't sit well with me.

How to define copycat work? Unless there is a copyright clause. Have you met up with them Babie?

This really has perked my curiousity. I will contact and see what do they have to offer.


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Hi guys,

Anyone can suggest me that should I have an animation presentation on my ROM?
Will it be too costly if ROM...



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Hi Yew Siew Yun. I did my own animation for my bride on ROM as a suprise.

Well if the animation is very meaningful. Y not?

for my case:
1) its done by myself ( took abt 2 months )
2) the song lyrics is exactly about our love story
3) i manage to show the key moments in our story.

I notice most ppl do the animation for their AD itself. For me, I wanted my AD to be more special than the ROM for my bride. SO on AD, i prepared something greater for her.


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Elim Yong,
Charis Tan,
May (roses),
pjan (pjan),

Pai sei for late reply..just back from my honeymoon trip.

Din know so many of you want to see my wedding animation:>
I be sending my animation to your email, but my courtship is boring one.. heehee!


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hi Jane, i juz cannot agreed with u.
for exampe, 1 couple = $100, 10 couples = $1000, 100 couples = $10000.

wat i analyze is that an animation few weeks to complete, could be up to 2 or 3 months, by the time, they can pocket many couples' deposit and runaway.

i, personally, will not take the risk to sign up with an unregistered company.


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Ya like i said its up to individual.. just dun anyhow brand pple as fake if you did not take up their service.

Let me wait and see if i get con... up till now they have completed my mascots and I will send them my story soon...

Their work is nice... i dunno y people are so against them...


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Hi cutecute (cuecute),

No la.. i din know how to do.
Its done by eco worz..if you din have their url,
its at

They done a good job, worth the amt paid:>

i be sending, sorry, really busy, tons of work to clear after my honeymoon...


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...the package at mywedddingcartoon all disappear......!?..........

i thought they hv e promotion till end tis mth... how come all gone just in a few days..? HTB and i still considering to get back to them ...but veri shocked to find them gone missing... they seem like really not stable for us to sign up......


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Hi Cutecute, so you can see from their homepage.. they are upgrading their website... so do get back to them a few days later if you really wanna sign up with them... =D


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Hi Cute,

Just as i reminded, we, the BTB needs to select carefully.

Don't select those with no proper system ... When they have mood, they set the promotion, when they low mood, they anyhow take out promotion and worst when they no mood, they close down...

we will live in fear from the day we sign up with them....


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I mean cant they upgrade their website to serve their customers better?? I think its good that they are upgrading themselves...

Btw just to share... My animation is going to complete soon.. so nervous... cant wait to see the final product.. keke...


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Hi all,

Being the neutral party, pardon me to express my comments after reading the postings.

In design industry, we are always looking for new ideas. forgot to mention, i am a interior designer myself, that's why maybe i have high expectations over creativity.

Indeed the newborn myweddingcartoon did not lay a good image by providing pirated work from Eco Workz.

Hope myweddingcartoon is in process to be a different with their upgraded website.

Babie is right in her concern. signed up with registered company is more encouraged but maybe Babie can also give free-lancers chances to grow.

I feel the exceeded protection and promotion postings had made us doubt the identify of Jane. Quite unusual for a customer to be so pro-active to every posting.
Jane, stay cool!

By supporting pirated work, we are killing the spirits and creativity of the originators.I urge every BTB to support orginality in arts of design & music.

Sorry for being KPO, we want peace and joy. :p



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hi Alan,

.. i agree wif u...:> HTB and i felt like cheated..
sad.gif first myweddingcartoon had a promotion say last till end jan, but today feb, promotion still not back at website...
this got us feeling bad abt them...


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hi all.. irregardless of what you guys are thinking.. i am just sharing my views...

very happy to tell you guys dat my animation is almost completed with some minors amendment...

will upload for u guys to see once its completed... =D


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Hi curry fav or, or anyone who can help?

Can share a contact/phone number of

I submitted my particulars online but they never get back to me.. cos my AD drawing near, would like to work faster on this.


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hi winnie,

... one of my ex-classmate engaged ecoworz PG n cartoon. Happen to knew it last sun when i attended their weddin...:>


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Cute Cute, thanks for your info.
I signed up their combo alreadi:

Do you have any recommendations on wedding favours as well?


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Hi Everybody,

I am going to sign up with wedding cartoon as they are freelance and the price and content can be negotation. They are very flexible. As I meet ecoworz they had comment that they can't meet wedding cartoon package or make changes in the packages content or this will sound that they are very cheap po.

What i understand that ecoworz charge $20 for personal song and if you need the animation to be chinese and english there are alot extra charges.

Wedding cartoon allow customer to finish their story line maybe 4min but i view ecoworz it is very rush and i don't think my guest will understand my story.

I understand everybody worry that their $ will be cheated but this does mean we don't give a chance to free-lance. Do you think a register company will not close down.


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Hi Elim, finally got someone understands that wedding cartoon is better... =D

My animation is finished.. do let me know if u wanna view it.. Just FYI hw it wil look like.. keke...