Animation Cartoon (Doing a cartoon instead of montage)


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Hello!!! Any recomendations for animation clip?? Would like to do a cartoon instead of a montage. Anybody who has done this b4 for your wedding and would like to share??


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Hi Anomaly,

you can give them a call lor. different people like different things so i cant tell for sure if you would like them or not.


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Hi Sther,

I signed a few packages at same time,
therefore Dreamzcoffee given me very good offer.

They have combo packages which help us to save, maybe you can check on their latest packages.


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I personally love Dreamzcoffee mascots which look so real. Visted Fresh Harvest too before signing up with Dreamzcoffee but i think their animation a bit too still.

Eco Worz offering at only $399? I done my research previously, but didnt know such a good deal!?

Hi curryfav, have you check out their work?


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Hi pepperbb2000,

I saw the portfolio at website and actually quite attracted to the work at the price, heehee!
Yes, done research too, didnt find any company offer better than Eco Worz.

I already filled up the sign up form,
no harm giving a try for such good deal, heehee!


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Hi pepperbb2000,curryfav

fresh harvest animation seem ok for me leh.
i think their service really good also.

can i have more info of Eco worz?



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Hi Churryfav,

I saw their web but unable to view their artwork. Jus to check with you, you sign up with them doesn't mean you book the package right coz I couldn;t find their contacts.


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Hi curryfav,

thanks for info.
i found it too slow moving and quite bored.
ya. the price is $399, the CHEAPEST in town, but only 2 minutes leh.

others charging higher but the clip is 3 times longer.

i found that fresh harvest provide very detail drawing and background.i'm impressed! Anyway, anyone here use them before?

Any other recommentation?



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Hi suzukai,

You can't see their work?
Did you click on the demo button?

You can fill up the form at Sign up now just like me, then they will contact you.

I met their salesperson up to book the package already. heehee!


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Hi flowerfern,

I think for fresh harvest charging nearly one thousand dollars is too ex lor!

moreover, i don't prefer their work which i seen on website.
My hubby and i don't feel worth it even for longer duration.

We already spent so much on wedding stuffs...
As long as we can save up and yet with an reasonable package and work, we are happy.

Anyway, if you can afford and like their work,
go ahead with your selection. Wish you good luck


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Hi flower fern,

thank you for the voucher buying.
congratulation for you and steve.
hope to see your animation montage clip soon.



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Hi fellow brides mates,

I have to compliment Eco Worz for their great job.

Their production is prompt and good,
really worth the amount paid.

I will be sharing my animation shortly,
still trying to find where to upload to.


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anyone know where got cartoon artist?
will like to create a montage myself, but need someone to help me draw the characters...


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I sent an email to the new coy mojoieas days ago.
Poor service! No response at all!

Cant handle enquires, how to handle the wedding day?


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Hi Yi Ling, thanks for the info!!! I have already sent them an email. Waiting for their reply... I hope they are still available... I saw their mascots... so cute!!! =D