Angbao rates for vendors + helpers 2017/8

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  1. Jac2018

    Jac2018 New Member

    Hi lovelies

    I know this has been discussed countless of times but just wanted an up to date rate.

    What are you guys giving? And who?


    Tea ceremony
    Bro who open car door
    Hotel coordinator

    Anyone else that I've missed out? What do you guys usually give?

    Many thanks for your input!

  2. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    I've Friends who been bridemaid of another Friend. She received $80 angbao including some gift like the dress, shoe etc.
  3. Jac2018

    Jac2018 New Member

    Doesn't bridesmaid already get gatecrash money still give 80 on top of that?
  4. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    Is like some kind of 'good luck' wishes and thank them for their effort. My traditional mum wants me to give them on top of gate crash. Not sure how much to give.
  5. Jac2018

    Jac2018 New Member

    Yea was thinking more like 28 or 18 not 80! Lol maybe I'm too stingy
  6. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    Hahaha! That Friend of mine is rich. I can't afford $80 each too.
  7. Jac2018

    Jac2018 New Member

    Fair enough. My gate crash angbao is pretty decent to me. And also bridesmaid are not really needed to buy anything specific to wear etc just items for gatecrash. So 18/28 is reasonable I hope?
  8. piperly33

    piperly33 New Member

    Just to ask, gatecrash ang bao to bridesmaid comes only from groom or both bride/groom to share? Then after that as a couple we must give them additional ang bao for helping out whole day right?
  9. Jac2018

    Jac2018 New Member

    During my friend's wedding her mum gave us a small angbao and then his mum gave the guys. And we split the gatecrash angbao minus what we spent.

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