Ang pows for bestman/sisters/helpers & gatecrash

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by spamfries80, Apr 15, 2018 at 1:30 PM.

  1. spamfries80

    spamfries80 New Member

    Hi everyone! I’m calculating how much I should buffer for the above. Is there a market rate?

  2. blurbtb18

    blurbtb18 Member

    Hihi! No market rate perse, it's more of the budget you have in mind.
  3. alexendra

    alexendra New Member

    I will be helping out as one of the best men, do I still need to give Ang pow? lol
  4. felirocious

    felirocious New Member

    I gave angbao when I’m one of the brides man. And we discussed that we should put the gate crash money back into the angbao also.

    Angbao is a form of blessings for them.
    It’s your choice I Guess.
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