Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers


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hi keruri,

can semd me the link via PM??



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gomenasai mina-san,
just emailed to elaine77, prissy, stubbilla, ilyena, mist, winniepooh, pup_pup, ahjo77, dancingant, marilynwilliam and rainbows.

Rosalind, what's your email address? dozo.


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hi <font color="119911">fat</font>, u're welcome. ya, think they oni got two designs. why don't u ask if they can customise for you? i think most sites do customization these days. it's quite common since many couples will wan to add a personal touch to their own wedding. maybe u can try a hexagon box, round box, etc. haha.. just tell em ur reqts lor.


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hi <font color="119911">Smiley, wedding9999, tigger, c1980, dokie_dokie, may79, christine, weoseek, neth&amp;dear, dkny, Jonic, </font>
just emailed you the link. check ur mail.

<font color="0000ff">Meixia,</font> i dun hv ur email address. u wanna PM me?


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Hi hi....

was just curious with the ang boa box...had never seen it in any weddings i went to.

Is it for relatives and friends to drop their angboa? but i thought usually they are pass to the bride or groom (friends) and parents (relatives)...

Is it common nowadays....will the guests find it funny to drop angboa to the box...seems like a 'donation box' idea leh....but quite unique loh i think....but if relatives and friends don't know must put angboa there how...then it is wasted right?