Ang Bao Box


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Am selling my ang pow box. Suitable for Garden Wedding.

Note that ribbons at the corners have been cut. However, can easily buy new ones and tie the corners up again.

PM me if interested. Can send clearer pic. Thanks!!



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hey gals..for those who wan to DIY..if u dun mind a standard rect box...can consider use those carton box for those A4 size paper we used in office - buy some wrapping paper and Wrap it up... economical...

Btw- any gal can advise where can i get those ribbon bow use to decorate the box? I cant find ....


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kerokitty, can try spotlight or daiso. Think it's cheaper and can be quite nice. I bought my ribbon for ABB there too


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kerokitty,there is a shop along arab street that sells ribbon. but they sell by rolls and not loose form.

yanzi, popular has those red plain craft paper that you can consider... art friend (bras basah) probably will have what you are looking for too.


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i have displayed 2 which one are you interested?
Will pm you the pricing.
The chinese dolls is brand new while i used the pink Ang bao for my church


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Hi BTBs - anyone know where I can buy birdcage or birdhouse? I want to transform it into an ang pao box for my outdoor wedding.

yan_zi - alternative to paper, you can wrap ribbon around the entire box and decorate with pins (those with round heads - can get cream color so it looks like pearls)

I DIY 2 ang pao boxes for my sisters' wedding using A4 boxes, wrapped with red paper bought from Popular and decorate with lace, sponge/paper flowers & paper leaves bought from Spotlight. I used the remaining lace and flowers to make corsages for the jie mei.


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for my ang pow box, i uses A4 size paper box and cut it into smaller box... then i wrap with fabric and decorated with some lace and bling bling....


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gigi - The last two that I have made for my sisters were all empty A4 boxes which I got it from the office. Bought wrapping paper from Popular and decorate with lace and sponge/fabric/paper flowers bought from Daison, Spotlight and Taka. But these are rectangular. If you want a square one, can buy from Popular. It is made with very pretty paper and you only need to buy additional accessories to make it prettier.


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Dear all, i have a good as new angpao box for sale. It's very delicately handmade and unique, complete with a dainty ribbon on top. Willing to let go at only $25. pls pm me. Tks. ;)


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Hi everyone...

I have a silver and pink themed AB box for sale.

Silver box with sweet pink ribbons and french alecon (corded) lace.

Pls pm me if interested. =)


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Hi all BTBs,
I have this lovely box from my wedding, made of ivory satin cloth & ribbon. Very unique, elegant & classy. I really want to keep it but also don't want it to go to waste. If ivory works with your wedding colors, you can have this box for just $20, self collect at Sembawang MRT (or $30 if you want to meet up somewhere else, pls PM me). I hope you'll enjoy having this beautiful box on your AD!


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Hi all,

I had my lovely garden themed wedding in August and i guess it's time to sell some stuff away to free up some space at home.

My cousin made this pretty box for me as I wanted a customised one. It's big enough to hold my ang pao of 40 tables.

Lid of 2nd tier can be opened to empty box. Ribbon - Fuschia Pink.

Please reply for more information.

Selling for S$25 only! Its a steal!!




Hi brides,

Sorry to interrupt, but I have 1 x Pretty Ang Pao boxes to sell off @ $10/ea.
Please PM me if you're interested.

Best of luck &amp; enjoy your wedding!.