An emcee script for the wedding dinner


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hi can i hve a copy of emcee speech as well.. my reception will end at 2am.. anyone has exp in organising what games to play or what entertain to last that long w/o getting the friends and relatives get bored? tks [email protected]


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Common...why the culture here like that one?
If you want the script, should PM the person to request and not stating your email addresses and expect the person to email you.

It's like 30+ people requesting, and you all expect him to be always emailing you all whenever 1 requests?

That's just not the way. Im appalled with such manners.


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hmm,, quite true. but the thing is, some time those user who requested for other to pm them didnt activate their private messaging.. =p

but if they does. Its always polite and more efficient to pm as they probably didnt come to this thread again or something.


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hi, im urgently helping a friend to find a emcee script in both languages for her wedding in Feb. any kind soul willing to help & to share with us pls. thanks a million.



I'm also looking for a copy of English and Chinese emcee scripts. Can someone share yours with me at [email protected]?

Many thanks