Amount of makeup on affect my confidence level while outside with husband

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by rockerfella, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. rockerfella

    rockerfella New Member

    Whenever i see someone prettier, i will wonder if he look at her. It feel worse when I am not dolled up well. I am afraid that in the long run, i will have depression or anxiety sickness as youth does not stay forever.

  2. lostmypurpose

    lostmypurpose Member

    If you keep feeling that looks is what is keeping your hubby to you then you are setting yourself in a vicious trap.

    Marriage is more than just looks. Everyone ages. It's the memories of good things that make you stay together. Most guys will be attracted to younger beautiful ladies, but that is just visual attraction, doesn't mean he would want an affair with them. Is there anything else that makes you insecure in your marriage?
  3. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    My wife hardly put on make up. I'm comfortable with who she is. Of cos, she look great with make up. On our family photoshoot, my jaw literally dropped. The makeup artist did a great job and she was so stunning. Still, it is in the DNA for men to check our attractive unfamiliar faces. If he doesn't stop looking after several seconds, feedback to him. The initial reaction is human, no one can stop that frankly. If you will get into depression over this, then you are going to be depress for life. Get real. There is nothing so insecure about the human nature to look. Studies have time and again proved it is human and normal, that people will check out others. For men, its more newer and unfamiliar faces while women, tend to pay attention to people that they are familiar with.
  4. lostmypurpose

    lostmypurpose Member

    Exactly. It's like it's probably quite known (and perhaps accepted?) That most guys watch porn, but it doesn't mean anything on its own, and you probably won't worry as far to imply he may find someone to perform the act.

    I really think you are over worrying, and that's going to destroy your life. Perhaps what you really want is assurance from your hubby, and you need to let him know that insecurity of yours. But a large of that you have to deal with your own mind.

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