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hi Grace, no pillars in the middle of the ballroom. I think you can take a look at the virtual tour link found on Amara at the Banquet section of SG brides.

We had our wedding held last Sat. Our compliments to Tiffany (wedding coordinator) and Jeffrey (banquet manager) and their team who made sure that our evening was relaxed and took care of us all the way. Just like Ling, we are happy that we had chose Amara for our wedding banquet.


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amara just sent me details for their wedding show on 20 Dec. for more details, i think best to contact them directly at [email protected]

they're quite prompt in replying emails even though i have not signed up with them & have bombarded them with quite a few qns =)


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yes, i would say amara replies emails very promptly... thus service wise is really there...
i have also been sending them emails n asking them a lot of questions lor... haha...

oh ya, anyone knows izzit rebecca has left? cos the person whom replied me is a new ger and is tiffany's assistant! so i dunno where rebecca is now...


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Brides-to-be, Rebecca is still around. No worries.
I emailed her recently and she's still the one replying my concerns.


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Hello ladies,

I will be goin for the amara wedding show this sat. I am considering taking their solmnisation package too. I will update again after the wedding show.


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Hi Jeslyn, the solemnisation there is good, particularly because they have a very nice poolside view. Pictures taken during my solemnisation turned out well even though my hb & I are average looking. The food is palatable and there is a wide range of food you could choose from. Lastly, thumbs up for the service provided by the hotel staff!


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Dear all,

I have signed up with Amara hotel for the solemnisation package for 2009. The hotel staff were really helpful, Serena who is a senior slaes manager (in-charge of hotel rooms) showed us around the hotel, from the poolside with solemnisation decorations, to the delux rooms, executive room to bridal suite as well. She has throw in additional perks for me with permission from her boss. I'm so happie because I signed up today, I got more perks.

I think the ballroom and carpet actually very different from most hotels. The lighting is so nice and carpet different from the usual plain colour carpets in other hotels.

However, I dun think i will be taking my banquet wedding dinner package from them cos other hotels are giving much better perks. but if Any one considering solemnisation by the poolside/ function room, I will recommend AMARA for sure.

I have decided to have my solemnisation in their function room instead of pool side because, mine is hi-tea buffet, the timing is 3-5pm or 4-6pm, It 's kinda hot although very the romantic to have it at pool side la, but if weather is hot hor, EER perhaps my guests will be eating and perspiring at the same time. Therefore, opt for function room (connection room 3&4) cos the lighting very nice just like the one at the grand ball room. I think it's impt for your guest to be eating comfortably in a air-con room rather then perspiring under the hot sun. dun get me wrong, but the tables for makan time of cos is under the shades is only during the solemnisation time, guest have to sit under hot sun lor.

I have already pay a deposit of $800 today at the wedding workshop. I will be goin to different hotel to check out their perks, funciton rooms, bridal suite etc for my banquet in 2010 once their 2010 package is out.

Hope to hear good news from the rest as well.


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Dear All,

My past experience with Amara had been good. The staff were very helpful and everything went well.

It has a very nice ambience and the pooside was nice.

Hope you guys like it too.


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Hi Jeslyn

Can share which hotels give better perks? Went to the wedding show last Saturday & found they were not really open for negotiations.

Anyone got any comments for the food & their services?



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Dear Black Berry,

Are u looking at wedding package or solemnisation package for 2009/2010(till march 10)

I have done some comparisms btw the different hotels. U need to let me know what is your budget too, looking at week day or week end?

I have the package for the following hotels:
1)Merchant court swissotel
2)Hilton Hotel,
3)Pan Pacific
4)Meritus Mandarin
5 Marina Mandarin
6 Marina Oriental
7)M- Hotel
9)Grand Copthorne
10)Grand Plaza at City hall
11)Holiday Inn at PArk view SG.
12)Orchard hotel

I have choosen merchant court as my 1st choice, their prices from 888 nett to 1028 nett.
They give 2 barrels of beer, complimentary one bottle of wine per table confirmed, free corkage fee for both duty paid wine and hard liquor, free one night stay for wedding helpers, complimentary full 10 course food tasting.

These are what most hotels dun give or rather they only give if u sign up with them during wedding shows.

The 2nd hotel with very good perks is holiday inn. But I personally will not go choose here cos of the service lor but u can consider too. price is $818 - $888

Free flow of beer thruout dinner, free one bottle of wine/ confirmed table, waiver of corkage fee but waived at $10 for subsequent wine open, they give 80% of invitation cards INCLUSIVE of printing, which most hotel dun give too. They also have 2 options,u can choose rm for your helpers, full course food tasting mon- thurs or one complimentary table on AD.

THe rest of the hotels, more or less is the usual package lor but hor complimentary use of LCD is all included in the paackage one, so is waiver of corkage fee for hard liquor and wines. But some of cos although have good perks but very ex per table can be 900++-1288++. But actually I can tell u any of the hotels i listed all definitely have better perks then amara hotel.

I can email u the package if u want but u need to let me know which hotels have u short listed.


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Dear Jeslyn

Sorry for the late reply due to the breakdown of my computer.

I'm actually looking at wedding packages for Year 2009. Just started planning, only shortlisted Amara, M Hotel, Grand Copthorne, Grand Plaza & Orchard Hotel. Your choice on Merchant Court sounds good. I might consider it too. Really appreciate for your information.

Btw, were you wearing pink top last Sat?


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i think ultimately for the packages, it is how u negotiate with them la...u will need to tell them wat u wan/need and wat u dun wan/need...and from here, u negotiate with them...

for us coz we dun need the guestbook so we managed to change it to something else...


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Black berry> Glad the infor is of help to you. I was in green not pink. Le me know if u need the 2009 package for the hotels u shortlisted. i have all of them. my email is [email protected]

Starnitedrop> agree with u, it's how u negiotiate. I personally feel that if by looking at the package, certain hotels ae already giving what i want, i will rather just go ahead to choose that hotel so that I can still negiotiate for other things too. cos negiotiation will need skills too. haha. Of cos agn the package must be within the budget la. heehee.
Btw which hotel are u taking and when is your AD?


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hi jeslyn, i have signed up with amara nx sept already...
coz only they have the date which i wan and of course within my budget...haha...the rest are too far off liao le...
managed to bargain n negotiate quite a few things with them...

oh yah..another thing is how u feel working with the coord...if u feel tt u cant get along with the coord, then no point choosing the hotel also...coz u r gonna b stuck with them for until ur AD is over... =)


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hi blinklash, my coord is rebecca... =)

but i believe a few of the btb's coord is rebecca...the other one is tiffany...

but i heard from rebecca previously tt they may be rotated to do other stuff not sure if there are more wedding coord now...


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Hi all, I would like to get your opinion on Siloso Beach Resort in Sentosa. my wedding will be in october 09. i've been down to the premises and i think it's a sweet place, i love the poolside, it's got such a dreamy feel! Would like to get your thoughts if you have any before i make my decision. yet to discuss in detail the package with them.


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Hi all,
I have the following items for sale from my wedding last Friday.
All items are brand new and only bought few days before my actual day.
Please send me an email at seanngyl@gmail for more details.

1) Martell VSOP, 70cl, duty paid, 8 bottles, $70 each

2) Berri Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, 75cl, duty paid, 22 bottles, $18 each


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hi all,

i hav signed up with amara last yr...but would like to know if there is any new additions to their wedding favours...

can anyone with the 2010 package juz drop a note here?

many thanks in advance! =)


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Hi guys... I just want to relate my bad experience with AMara to you so that you take precaution.

We had our wedding dinner there last dec. Served by Tiffany... everything was great. She is really nice and accomodating.

But the worst thing possible happened on the actual day. The food served was COLD!! It was really upsetting for us as that is the most important thing in a dinner! When we spoke to the F&B manager, he seemed very nice and understanding. He accepted that fault was on their part and apologised. He also said that he would fight the case for us with the heads to get a good compensation. We were shocked when we were offered buffet dinner for 10 in their restaurant! We spent almost $40,000 for a dinner where most of our guest went back hungry and the food remained on the table! And that was all they were prepared to offer! So we went to CASE to report this... and guess what?! They lied in their letter saying that the food was hot but our guest did not eat it in time and so it became cold. How ridiculous!! This was definitely not the case! the food came out cold from the kitchen. And I think guests would be smart enough to eat once the food is served as they themselves know that it will get cold if they don't!!! Sigh...

We got married after courting for 8 years.... It was really impt to us that everything was perfect, and are very upset that people are still talking about the cold food. Sigh.

Just wanted to share this bad experience as i dont want any other couple to go through what i did. Vaguely remember seeing another post a few months back about cold food. Should have avoided this hotel in the first place.


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Sorry to hear about ur bad experience... we have juz went down to AMara hotel this afternoon and my HTB was quite satisfied with their poolside view. we are planning to have a poolside buffet lunch there.. guess i need to re-consider now...


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Sorry to hear about this.. I will be having my ROM at the poolside this coming 09-09-09. Hopefully the food is hot since it is buffet style. Otherwise feel so pai say for my guest to purposely take leave to eat cold stuff.. *pray*


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Hi Jeslyn Tan (baosy_87) :

Can i have the package details as well. Looking at the 2010 packages for Amara, holiday Inn and M hotel.


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Hi All, I am a bride-to-be in August this year. My htb and I were really happy when we discovered Amara's poolside earlier this year. He was the main person to liaise with the Senior Sales Manager, Jenny from Amara Hotel. Our first and last appointment with them was a total flop and utter disappointment. Jenny stood us up and and we only realised she was on MC that day when we turned up for our appointment a few days back. When the counter staff contacted her, she wasn't apologetic at all and had wanted us to come back the next day or something. I was shocked at the service standard by Amara. There was no follow-up done by Jenny at all the next day until she received a complaint email from my htb at noon time. No sincere apologies and no concrete actions at their end. Despite the "nice" ambience we thought Amara has, their service really suck big time. And Jenny claimed she was the only one in charge of all weddings in Amara and that's why there was no one to replace her duties. I guess if this is the kind of service standard for pre-wedding, it won't be any much better on the actual day. So we dropped the idea of having our poolside dinner @ Amara.


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Hi Chokollit , have you pay the deposit?
oh so sad to hear that by the way my Ad is on the 25/10/2009 this year . mine is lunch reception so i now abit scare about their service .i was serve by jenny .


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Dear Chokollit and Blinklash, I can assure you of the service in Amara, as although Jenny is the only one in charge of all weddings in Amara, she tries her best to serve all her clients. She didn't mean to stand you up.


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I do know Jenny and how she works and no how can i be Jenny when my name is Emily?
No offence taken but i do work with her and i can vouch for her service as well as the service in Amara


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Hi, I feel that we should believe in Amara's service and the people they employ. My personal experience with a number of employees there (the wedding planners, banquet managers, bellboys, waiters) are all very professional. Could there be some misunderstanding?


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I totally agree. To put personal feelings and the fact that I work with Jenny aside, I mean try to be fair, you can't just judge a person or the service in a hotel in this instance just because of one incident. And what you are saying here is making Jenny lose her customers and some people even subsequently boycotting the hotel just based on what you say, which will make the hotel lose business, have you ever thought of the implications of it? I mean you should try to understand how we work before you judge us as a hotel on the whole


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Maybe you'll should consider the feelings of those of us who have been affected as well.

I would never have posted my post if Amara had treated my situation well. I agree that mistakes can be made. But i think in my situation, there was a much better way to make things better. That would have proven to me that Amara does provide good service.

Btw, they rejected our suggestion of mediation through CASE. How willing are they to satisfy customers?!


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im considering amara as well, but wondering have anyone done outdoor ROM and indoor banquet on the same day? would there be additional cost incurred?