Amara Santuary Vs One Degree 15 Marina (Sentosa)


One Degree is not bad. just had my wedding there on the 8 Oct 2011. All the guests commented that food very nice, venue very nice etc...


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We are actually looking at both venues as well. HTB doesn't want a formal banquet so we're looking for more casual venues. I find the glasshouse at Amara abit rundown. There was actually a solemnisation the day we went and the decor they did was really bare minimum and not up to standard imo. For eg, the table cloth was crumpled -_- So i was abit disappointed.

One deg was lovely but abit small and divided into 3 levels (the location we planning to have)so might be troublesome for guests and couple as well.

Min- can i ask where at One deg did u hold ur wedding? Tks!


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We recce both Amara & 1degree15 and had finally decided to hold our solemnisation cum wedding at Amara Sanctuary last dec 2011. Since then, we had not regret our decision and recommend AS as a perfect venue for wedding. Why?
Great Food – All our guests could not forget the taste of Codfish with its crispy skin but yet tender & juicy meat. My family is a fishfarm operator with high requirement for fish quality and my dad even commented that this was the best fish that he had eaten despite fishing all his life! Another retiree friend commented that this is the best wedding dinner that he has ever had. In summary, heavenly food with generous serving. Kudos to the chef!!!
Great Place – Grand ballroom with NO pillars & equipped with its extraordinary lighting system that dance to the music tune, venue is exclusively for 1 couple – No sharing with others. The building and reception is exclusively just for your guests only. Their florist Sing See Soon also did a wonderful job and we top up to include aisle at the stage. Table clothing is also unique with crumpled design. The glass pavilion & wedding bells is also another stunning feature of AS for solemnization purpose.
Great People – The banquet team comprising of Jason CHONG, Alan & Affandi are all nice people to work with. At the initial stage, Jason was my key manager. He is extremely accommodative and open to new ideas. In fact, Jason has given us a lot of creative ideas to make our wedding a unique and special one – E.g Champagne-opening with Sabre, display of wedding frame at the central partition at recep, etc… Halfway, Alan took over as the key manager and he has demonstrated extreme dedication and diligence to make our wedding night a great success. Kudos to banquet team!!!
Great Location – AS is easily accessible unlike 1dgree that is situated at one far corner of sentosa. Guests may have difficulty finding the venue and cause delay.
We strongly support Amara Sanctury as the ideal choice for a perfect Wedding Event!


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See pics for our wedd shots at Amara Sanctuary


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Hi there, I am selling away my AS wedding dinner at a great discount of 4K only 22 minimum tables required. Pls contact me for more information.


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Hi guys, I'm keen in AS too! Can anyone share their wedding package? Meeting up with the sales manager to discuss this Friday

Queby, can send me details of your wedding package as well pls? My wedding is likely to be end of this year. Thanks!

My email add: [email protected]


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I'm sooo mad with AS. FREAKING POMPOOUS ASSS!!!!

Sales Manager Samuel. Super "helpful" during the meeting, promising to send this and that. However nothing was followed up after the meeting until I had to chase for it??!?!? URGH.

Plus it is SO ridiculous when it comes to dish upgrade. OMG. They actually expected us to pay $50++ and give up our tasting table to upgrade our dish to abalone (just one level upgrade).

OMG!!!!! I'm so freaking mad.