Am i ROM too early?


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Just to share... I met my FH last year Aug,got together in Sep, the topic of marriage came out in Dec, this year Mar he proposed & we r getting ROM this Jun. I'm 25 & he's 4 yrs older. I think most impt criterias of a husband is security & love. My FH dotes on me. And of cos there's love too. I told him this before, he makes me "gan dong" rather than "xin dong". Becos he's not lomantic but caring.
Friends & colleagues will question if its too early but I think even if a couple gets married after 10 yrs of dating, that doesnt guarantee forever lasting r/s too. As long as u feel that he's the right one, just follow your instinct bah.


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Yupz. Its true. My FH and I are only together for less than half a year and we just got our flat. We are going to ROM next year.

I just broke up from a four years r/s. My ex and I spent alot of time talking about marriage but in the end, it still did not work out.

At the end of the day, it is still fate and destiny. Trust your instincts. If you feel that he's the one, just go for it. When you still have reservations and hesitating about it, then you probably need more time to think about it.


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I totally agree about the fate and destiny thingy. And yes, trust your instinct!!

All my exes and I were together for more than a year yet ended up nowhere...

My FH proposed after we were together for a year. We're planning for ROM right now too.


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I had a 4-year relationship where we were supposed to get married but it didn't turn out well too.

My FH and I are together for less than a year too and we're getting ROM later this year.

Honestly, there isn't a fixed period of time you should be together in order to get married. There are couples who divorce after 6 months even though they were dating for 9 freaking years whilst some are happily married with kids when they only dated for a year. It's not the time. It's the commitment and love that eventually overrules everything isn't it?


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but if u've been together for too short a period u wouldn't have even seen each other's "true colours" yet... afterall u'll still b in the honeymoon period


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hello there...just to share a story with you..

Before i met my FH...i was in a terrible 2 yrs plus r/ship my ex treated me like at ATM machine when needed he ask me money when i wasn't working f/time and he earns more then me...when i do work...but then in oct 2005 i met my FH (my bf back then) after 1 month (on our 1st mth anni. i bought him a couple ring - and another couple ring on our 1st yr. both is our engagement rings the 1st one already not nice so got new ones.) we decided to get married and will ROM only on our 2nd yr anniversary which happen to be this oct. He been there for me when i needed him the most and most importantly he treats me like his gf and love and care for me....

I didnt actually want to ROM so fast that why we put at 2 yrs mark. And i didn't know he would have treated me so gd and help me get over my ex...and make me feel like a princess..

Eventhough my friends thought that we wont last 3 months but then we going to be together for 1 yr plus soon (18 months). He told me i m the longest gf he have and the last one.

This sat we getting our Wedding rings..


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Hi all,
happened to come across this thread. My bf and I decided to ROM this dec. Got everything (even the wedding bands) ready but I'm still worried. Not becoz of my bf but more on my parents. Well, I'm the only daughter in the family and the only child. No doubt my parents will be overly protective over me. But i'm 24 soon and I know my bf is the guy that i want to spend my life with. Been together with him for 2 yrs plus but knew him for 7 years.

My biggest worry is how am I going to tell my parents that I'm going to ROM this dec? How can i convience them that he's the right one, I'm ready for marriage? ayez... headache....


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libragal i already got the rings...its Fjord...

janice...i still haven't told my parents..he will tell them...and i also only child...and will ROM in 6 months time...


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dun worry...tell ur parents your sincerity, be responsible and tell them that your old enuff to make your own decisions...get them to be rest assured.

after all these, u will be surprised that ur parents may be less traditional than you think...


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Hi Janice,

Yes, I agreed with Jacken. I went thru the same situation as you when my bf propose to me. Am very happy & surprise when he propose to me but on the other hand, am worried what will be my parents response.

Had been worried for 2 weeks and keep on thinking on the negative side. Out of surprise, when i told my mum about the proposal, she share my happiness and just say that she will respect my decision.. I was very happy at that moment till my tears drop..

So, don worry too much.. The things might not turns out as what we think.. Afterall, this is your future and they will respect you..


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u're in a relationship
for a while (maybe couple yrs).
u know u wanna spend e rest of
yr life with him/her, but when
in your opinion is the right
time to get married?

we plan to get registered nxt
year. From her view, she feels
it's the right time & gives her

But I just realised while I wanna
get married, I'm not too sure
if nxt yr is the right
time to be married. Need some
advice, thanks.


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Hi fish-out-of-water ,

Just happened to come across this thread and saw your note

I think getting married is where 2 person are committed to each other and BOTH ready to move on to the next chapter in life.

I don't quite understand when you said you just realised that you wanna get married but you are not sure if next yr is the right time. Do you mean that next yr is too soon for you to ROM? If yes, is it becos of finance issues or is it becos you are not sure if your relationship is stable and ready for the next stage?


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hi michelle, maybe i'm confusing myself also. I'm facing outsourcing at my job, so prob the fear of having no job security is clouding the ROM issue. I'm also going to attend the marriage prep course partly cause of this, to know each other better & have an idea of what marriage life would bring.
sorry, just rambling.


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I have got over a 3 years relationship for 3 months before I started dating with my fiance, whom I knew for 2 years but bearly see each others for that 2 years. We started to talk about ROM 2 weeks later since dating and 1.5 months later he proposed to me once he has gotten my parents' consent. Now we are preparing for our wedding cum ROM in 7 months later.

To me, there isn't a right period of time before we shall commit ourselves in a marriage. I know that he is the right one for me compares to my ex-bf as I could see that he is a very responsible man and willing to contribute full commitment to his family. I believe he will sayang me as long as he could. Probably I am too optimistic??


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Fates always happens. and i believe fate plays a very big part in my r/s wid my htb. we known each other for almost 5 yrs, but we didnt chat nor contact each other. until last yr sep. we started chatting and we got to know each other. we decided that we were meant to be and got together. on valentine's day this yr. he proposed to me. and i believe we truely love each other and that we are fated to be together. we will be holding our rom on the 09/09/2009 which is my birthday too. thou im just 19 and my htb 26 this yr. but i do have a very mature thinkin and wants to settle down instead of playing around.


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Wow...u dig out this thread...and I saw my posting ages back...

Just to update, my marriage failed...


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ene, 3 yrs plus then...

Share wat with u? long story? nah...i dunwan to tink abt sad things already...i blog it...when i complete the whole process then perhaps i give u that blog link.
I juz want to say...
1) Dun marry someone u dun understand
2) MARRIAGE wont change a person
3) what he is before marriage will be the same after marriage


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hahax. yupx i do agree. i wished my future husband wont change. he treats me real sweet. cos its more like we didnt get together before cos i minded his looks. but now we are like the sweetest couple. wahahha. anyway i do have a blog on myself. mayb you could email me and i can send you my link :)