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Hi everybody,

I'm Wei from Pasir Ris. I signed up for this forum so that I can share with you the horrible experiences I had with Allbest Aircon.

I would also like to invite everyone who had to go through a similar ordeal as me to join me in taking some action.

My wife and I signed up for aircon installation by Allbest at one of those renovation fairs at Singapore Expo in June 2010. The promoter at the booth showed us a lot of "certs" and "awards" that the company received for aircon installation. He seemed relatively knowledgeable about the types of aircon as well, so I paid the deposit on the spot to engage them.

Installation date was fast. They fixed up the air con by July 2010, and immediately there were problems.

We signed up for an LG System 3 for our Master bedroom, the living room as well as the guestroom with an extra large inverter because we were told they needed that to power the living room aircon.

Once the installers came, they said that they cannot extend the trunking to the guestroom. I was like WTF???? I paid for three air cons and what they were saying then was that they can only give me two of them. My contractor was there at that time and said that it can be done, but it just require more work.

The installers were extremely reluctant and we ended up calling Allbest who say that there was a provisio in the contract that says the installers have the final say after "consultation". They refused to return me any of the money, but gave me a larger unit for the living room. They claimed that the difference in price between the bigger unit and the smaller one would make up for the price difference for the third unit. At that point in time, I wanted to just get the ordeal over with and actually agreed to that.

Big mistake.

The installers did a shit job with the trunking and the trunking was zigzagging through my bedroom. They said it was necessary to tilt it at an angle so the water will run....

Anyway, we were told we needed to run the air con for 24 hours to make sure that the installation was smooth. Within 8 hours the air con started leaking water. I'm talking about waterfall kind of big pools of water. We called up Allbest and they said the earliest they could get the installers back was in a week.... which incidentally was when our cheque to them would be processed. I complained and KPKB all the way up to the manager and the attitude of all those I talked to were HORRIBLE. The basic message I got was take it or leave it... I can get my own pple to finish up the job if I was not willing to wait.

The aircon guys came back a week and tore open the trunking to fix the leakage and did not even bother to put the trunking back properly. It was an eyesore. My contractor had to paint over the wall again to get the trunking back to the same color as the wall.

All that was in 2010.

In the two years since then, my air con had broken down FIVE times. FIVE!! times in two years

It's really no joke, and since I bought the extended warranty, I got them back every time, but the general attitude is we've already paid for it so there is no rush to service us. The longest I had to wait for the repair guys to come was THREE WEEKS because their repairmens' schedule was all filled up. THREE WEEKS without aircon in the hottest months in Singapore.

And the repairs were not minor either.

They had to rewire the entire trunking because the low quality wires they used had been burned through after one year of usage.

Some parts in the inverter had to be changed, so they had to knock open a hole in the wooden panel that was used to conceal the wires. I had to pay my own cost to cover up the lobang. And since it was a year since that wall was painted, I can't get the paint to match the rest of the wall now.

My blood boils everytime I had to call them because the girl at the service desk has a HORRIBLE attitude and would scream at me for daring to interrupt the nothing she was doing. I refused to be put off by that since I bought the extended warranty, I need them to honor that.

The last time we got them in for repairs was in Feb 2012. I said I would sue them if my aircon breaks down again. The manager actually dared us to do that and said that many have tried and failed and we are just wasting money. He was arrogant and unapologetic.

My air con just broke down again.

I just want to find out if I am just suay or did anyone else here have a similar experience with AllBest. I am gathering names so we can go for a combined class action suit at the small claims court. They cannot be allowed to go about their cheating ways anymore.

For those that are considering getting an aircon unit from them.


They are slightly cheaper than the rest, but it is really not worth the heartache. plus the repair costs will eat into whatever money you saved. yes, repair costs because the EXTENDED warranty only cover manpower and not parts.


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Aiyo... Allbest is well know for their lousy service and aftersale service..

If you from renotalk, u should go find Aron. His company did my aircon 2 yrs ago. although i didnt sign with him any contract for servicing, when i go back and ask him for help, he still helped me. this is what i call by good service.


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Hi Everyone

I had a very bad experience with Allbest too, went to CASE & now to Small Claims Tribunal.

Just 1 year after installation, there is water leakage & subsequently wire got burnt in my master bedroom.
I had to engage another Company to repair the wire as it is so difficult to get an appointment from them.
Then I was told that they did a poor installation job.
I had to tear down the cement used to conceal the trunking for them to redo the insulation & they refused to pay for the costs.
Now they replaced the insulation of my masterbedroom but burnt the wire of my living room & 3rd bedroom aircon units.
As these wires are concealed behind the cabinets, they insisted on not paying for the costs in removing the backing.
They claimed that I am responsible to provide the access for them to carry out the repair work.
This is ridiculous!!
The 5 years extended warranty is all bullshit!
Please do not keep quiet, we must fight for our rights as consumers.