All looking for Condo


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depends on price lor. If you are going to rent i think freehold or 99 yrs does not really matter-but if you intend to sell it later, prices might drop for a 99 year old project. Have you checked out URA past transacted prices? Go to for a better listing.


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Hi Seahorse

If you haven't got your unit yet, you might want to consider Papillon.

It's in district 12, I think the 3 bedrooms are still available (should be 1200sq ft) and there's swimming pool, children's play pool, bubble pool, etc....

Their developer is Hiap Hoe.


Hi Nicole,

I didn't. Only went to this showflat near parkway parade . WOW. almost a million and then I got scare and stop looking. U?


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HI gal, i visited a few like the posh east grove at almost all taken even b4 official launch but a bit exp la...also went to city square..ermm how many bedroom unit are u looking for? i m looking for a 3 bedroom unit not more than 600k. u think possible?


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but I brought during their soft lanuch which the price is cheaper than now.

Did check their price during their offical lauch. abt 30-40k more compare.


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do you find that the market is moving up? i have been looking around and developers seem to be increasing their prices! have to pay 20k more! terrible!


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yes... at this rate I'll never be able to own any property. And we're not eligible for government grant for first timers due to some circumstances....

Looks like we'll have to consider renting for a few years and see how it goes


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hi, roooller

I have never heard of this news... are u sure?

May I ask...effective dec 15 this year for all new condo?


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this is a new rule for the carpark ratio for the new condo. It is 20% less than present rule.

I don't know when it is effective.. but .. it affect new condo. Those already build or in-process will follow the old rule which almost 1 lot per unit.


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gosh, it's crazy to bid for carpark lots, isn't it? does it mean that the monthly maintenance fee will be adjusted accordingly as well, for those non-car owners?


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The way things are going I think Condo would be a better bet. Hi all, I just joined this Forum. I've just started Condo shopping. Glad to stumble upon this discussion.

I'm looking for a Condo:
- in the stretch between Upp Serangoon to Bishan.
- FH
- 2 to 3 bedrooms
- some facilities
- need to move in by next year
- brand new development to about 6 years old

Anyone any ideas? Thanks.


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Hi All,

I just visited the show flat at Savanah Condo Park. Impressed with the Ground floor unit as it comes with a Patio which is quite big. What i love best is the whole layout of the apartment and the washroom...As it comes with a sunken bath and rain shower and glass panel
Feels not in Singapore.. Think this is what we need most in the busy life of Singapore..
Does anyone have any opinion on the executive condominium? As thinking of looking at it and compare between a condo and an EC...


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Hi everyone

I am also considering buying a condo and need some info. hope you guys can help.

a. down payment has to be made in cash? how abt cpf?
b. can mthly installment be in cpf?
c. roughly how much is the mthly maintenance fee?



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Fiona, only diff btw EC and condo is tat EC u can't sell it within the 1st 5yrs, cos bounded by HDB rules. Also it has to be nuclear family or something lidat, rules are similar to buying a HDB. There's income ceiling of less than 10k for the household. All mentioned are not applicable for condo. EC in general are cheaper and 99 yr leasehold.

I've went to Savannah to see b4, yes I love the sucken bathe too. U got see the penthse?? It's so nice to hav the roof terrace to urself, can BBQ up there at ur own privacy!!


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If you buy a resale EC, you do not entitled to housing grant. The last new EC is available for sale is La Casa @ woodlands.


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I tot EC are in only recently? So fast has got resales le ar cos the 1st owner needs to stay for 5 yrs leh? U referring to Florida?


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Related Info - List of EC Projects Launched

EC owners may sell their apartment in the open market after meeting the minimum occupation period from the Temporary Occupation Period (TOP) date. The TOP dates for the various EC projects are as follows:

Eastvale 27 Jan 1999
Westmere 27 Feb 1999
Simei Green 28 Apr 1999
Windermere 16 Sep 1999
Chestervale 20 Mar 1999
Pinevale 28 Jul 1999
Yew Mei Green 1 Sep 2000
Summerdale 8 Sep 2000
The Rivervale 28 Jun 2000
The Florida *18 Feb 2000
30 May 2000
Northoaks 3 Oct 2000
Woodsvale 5 Aug 2000
The Floravale 13 Oct 2000
The Eden 16 Apr 2003
The Dew 19 Jul 2003
Bishan Loft 26 Sep 2003
Lilydale 29 Mar 2003
Nuovo #31 Aug 2004
Park Green 30 Sep 2004
Whitewater *31 Jan 2005
1 Mar 2005
The Esparis #22 Jun 2005

* Project received phased TOP


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i am not entitled to housing grant anymore cos i am now residing in a HDB flat purchased direct from HDB. thot of buying a new flat in town but need to pay for the levy in cash and the price is very steep. so thot of getting a resale EC but still cannot make up my mind.


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I have a FH apartment along Kovan. 5 yo. with lift, pte carpark lot, washing bay, backyard and garden. 3 + study + balcony, >1200sqft. Maintenance $100. Walking distance to town centre and big playground. Any interest?


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with the current market condition/prices..i personally feel it's not worth buying a new condo unit/EC esp if you are considering it as an investment as well (unless you are cash rich and not planning to take a big/long loan).

perhaps what's worth considering is old condos with en-bloc potential if you are looking into investment. or old condos w excellent location which are going at low prices - these are good for rental income (also assuming you don't take big loan/long loan term). or even old landed properties (which might require rebuilding) that are going at low prices 'cos too dilapidated - reason being land prices are high, construction costs low - buy cheap, rebuild as new and the property price is likely to appreciate much.

but if you are considering it for long term stay...then forget about whether condo prices are going to appreciate or not ('cos you'll never be able to predict accurately!) and with the current situation (high prices)..more often then not your asset value will depreciate esp for leasehold units..not forgeting the increasing mortgage int, monthly maintenance/sinking fee!

in any case..even if the price of your condo unit were to appreciate in future and you decide to sell it..the market conditions will be such that you'll sell high and buy high too - cancelling out most of your profits!

now is unlike the past when properties were undervalued and chances of striking gold were high. now with over supply, reduced demand due to high prices..the attractiveness of property as an investment has greatly diminished.

when buying a place for long term stay...just go with your needs/wants and budget (avoid big loan/long loan term)..of course the unit must be generally good in terms of location, amenities, public transport etc...but what's 5-10years down the road is really too difficult to predict. don't waste too much brain juices thinking what's to come.


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I have an alternative view. If you can afford it, go and buy your dream home. I was choosing between an 800k home and a $1M home. I would have been happy with the 800k one but ecstatic with the $1M one in D10. I'm taking a 65% loan to secure that dream home of mine.

I've only x number of years to live and I fully intend to enjoy living in my dream home with my wife and children after living in HDB for the past 20 yrs.

I fully expect my new home to appreciate in price. Indeed, I just heard the Channel 5 news mentioning that property prices increased by 3.8% last year. You can still find good deals in D9 and D10. Wait for next year or the year after and you should expect to pay at least 5 - 10% more. If I didn't put down the $ to get my D10 place, I don't think I would have been able to afford it in a few years time.

Life is short & u only have that one life to live. If you can afford it, why hold back?


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Hi there

I bought my FH property in D12 last June, one month before the new ruling of 5% cash payment came effective.

We were quite glad we bought during that time because after that the prices of properties went up (due to the 5%).

We bought this 2 bedroom unit for long term stay (just ROM-ed), and I agree with KPO to buy based on needs/wants and budget, and the location must be generally good in terms of location, amenities, public transport, etc. We did take into consideration of all these, and our priority is high level and near Novena Square.

I felt that the most important thing is what you want. My mom never liked our new home, as it is too small in her opinion, but we are very comfortable with it.


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Hi Kendrick

I'm actually looking at some brand new FH condos at the St Michael area right now. Pretty attractive prices at less than $600/sq ft. Thanks for your offer too. I'll have to say the most attractive part is the very low maintenance fee! Especially when there's a lift! May I know, how many units are there altogether in your development and how many units sharing 1 lift please? Thanks.


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i do agree w D..if you are planning to get a place for your own stay..just get the best your budget can afford..some place where you genuinely feel comfortable and won't mind staying for a long long time (in case you are stuck with it 'cos its value has depreciated). of course if you can afford private - good for you! and yes, life is is earned to be enjoyed (of course still save some for rainy days la)...but if you stack $ up high in the bank - the notes are all but paper!

condos do have their plus points - privacy, better security, facilities, status symbol...but if all you can afford is just a can still make it a warm and comfortable place even without the extra frills! just don't blow your budget or risk the possibility of putting your family in financial hardship just so to stay in private property.

no doubt private properties prices are going up (so is the interest rate!)...but i'm not sure if the upward trend is going to be really significant in the long run. it's no longer easy to speculate properties now especially when they are one of the least liquid form of investments.


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i've a leasehold condo @ district 23 for sale..anybody interested can email me @ [email protected] (no agents please!)

TOP 1998, 1119sqft, 3+1room, move-in condition, full condo facilities, near amenities & accessible, very attractive price (almost HDB pricing)! the place is currently rented out (tenancy contract beginning Jan2006) sale is with tenancy.


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i've a leasehold condo @ district 23 for sale..anybody interested can email me @ [email protected] (no agents please!)

TOP 1998, 1119sqft, 3+1room, move-in condition, full condo facilities, near amenities & accessible, very attractive price (almost HDB pricing)! the place is currently rented out (1-yr tenancy contract beginning Jan2006) sale is with tenancy.


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Hi D,

you mentioned that the down payment is 5% cash + 5% cash/cpf, but i heard from others that it's 20%. Not sure does it vary for diff developer. Am not experienced in this, and will appreciated advice.

Thank you.


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it's 5% + 5%. The 20% rule changed to the 10% rule last year. The down side of a 5% + 5% is that you have to take a 90% loan with high interest rates


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hi everyone,
i am new here and happened to chance upon this thread. spent quite a while reading the earlier posts and must say many of you have good knowledge and advice to share. so, i am very glad to have found this.

was wondering if anyone has any comments about cairnhill crest?



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i went to see a new apartment at Siglap. Very nice place. Freehold and selling less than $600 psf for the 3 bedroom layout.


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Anyone interested to buy far east org condos? Referral schemes allow you to have additional 0.75% off your purchase price. Int? Can pm me. Thanks.