All because of my Insecurity


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I had a big argument with my boyfriend over the CNY period. He was very patient with me initially with my texting but I went overboard. He was very pissed off and told me to leave him alone for the time being. He needs time to think over the relationship as he couldn't handle me anymore. It has been two days since his last msg. I tried texting him but he isn't replying to any of my msges. I am lost and not sure what to do. Deep down I fear to lose him.


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Err... what do you mean by you went " overboard " ?
you texted him nasty things or texting non stop relentlessly ?
The formal is subjective, but the latter is certainly an obsessive behavior disorder.
if it's a medical condition, please seek treatment. No normal person will
be able to live with patient who refuses treatment. It just matter of time
he will be worn out or burn out.