All about rebonding


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ooops, din realise i forgot to mention the stylist's name.
her name is Jess. can call her HP: 96215212


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hi sheron,

so can I say I am recommended by you.Wow u r on so good terms with her till u got her hp no.,I was expecting Jiwon's shop no. hehe


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hi babybbsg,

me not buddy buddy lah but it is her style. she give her client hp tel. (dun tink she know my name!)
fyi,there is a 10% till end of this year. ;)


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i wanna rebond my hair soon
like touch up haf of it..almost a yr since i last rebonded it
is kimage graduates reliable or senior more reliable for a nice rebonding service:D


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I had bad experience with graduates b4. Really regretted. Now I only go back to my regular hair stylist, though much more expesive, but I feel assured.


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how much it cost?hee
i duno my frens was grads or senior stylists hers was long till the waist ..
den they charged her at 260
duno the grads or senior stylists did it..
nearby my house got 1 neighbourhood 1..they always claim to use japan products
duno how good
i scared it doesnt stay
ur regular stylists do they do rebonding that relly lasts?


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Hi everyone,

Can rebond and coloring be done together? If not, whcih one should come first and the time gap between the two?


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Hi nutty,

I was advised to do rebonding first, rest 2 mths, then color. If color first, then rebond, your hair color will lighten further.


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Hi Nutty,

Metta is right. I have a friend, last time she did color 1st, her hair is long so cost her about 100plus. then after tat she did rebonding maybe few weeks or a month later. Then she said, most of the color she did last time all come off! waste her 100 over dollars and then after rebonding she go back and color again... so together the whole head cost about 300 plus lor.

so rebonding 1st then color. but some hairdresser may say no need wait so long, cos rebonding help to open our hair cuticles and if we do color at the same time, actually the color absorb better but it's very dry and bad for our hair. if your hair's condition is not that good, then better let hair rest 1st then do color.

hope above helps..


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Hi Mandy,

When I went to YESS salon at Raffles Place, they were very particular about whether I have coloured my hair or chemically treated my hair in the last 3 months.In fact, when I was asked about 3 times . The lady who arranged Gary to do the rebonding for me wrote down that I have done my rebonding a year ago. The senior stylist, Gary and a junior stylist doubled check with me again after referring to the paper. Gary told the junior stylist to treat my hair for a longer period of time because my hair was chemically treated before.

The whole process took 4 hours because it was very crowded but the effects was great given that I paid only $200 to rebond long hair.

I went to YESS more than 3 years ago. Not sure if the service is still as good. However, after doing my perming @ Jean Yip, I realised I should have gone back to YESS salon to ask for Gary again. Hahahahaha


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Hi babysheep,

I agree their service is not up to standard. I will never go to that place again. Because I was very pissed off by the way they misled me by showing me some pictures of the latest perms. grrrrrr


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Hi satin (satin),
I had my rebonding done at yess 1 yr ago was very happy with the result so silky smooth & natural. I was please with their service cos they will show me what type of product they are using. I had paid $200+ for long hair & my hair stylish is Flora she is very friendly & good.


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hi aerdna,

u did it at Yess at malacca street rite? I am glad u like it. I am think of soft straight or extenso as i have damaged and bleached hair? Any advice or reccomendations? Thanks


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hi, i've just done extendso 2 weeks ago. prior to tt i've done rebonding twice.

overall, i didnt quite like the dead flat straight hair. i only liked tt it tamed the hair down so much tt it's comfortable putting the hair down.

ive natural curl hair and it's thick. so it's frustrating w lots of hair everywhere.

i'm waiting for the dead flat effect to be gone so tt i can hv some volume again.

my stylist says extendso is not damaging like rebonding.


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I have a thin hair texture.. but if i let it dry naturally, the whole hair will be very frizzy and 'big'. I dunno how to explain, but i recently did a mistake of perming my hair, which as a result, make it even frizzier..

Wanna try rebonding, but im not sure whether the shop will turn me down and i will end up doing something else!

Please help me as i really need a good shop that will allow me to achieve the hair i wanted.

any recommendation for hougang / sengkang / ang mo kio area.. ?

Saw hair inn, but heard lots of feedback on their hitachi branch.. how bout their hougang branch?


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Hi babysheep22

Agree with u, i tried having my hair rebonded at JY (Thomson Plaza). It's terrible. The senior stylist kept reassuring me that it's ok to rebond and highlight on the same day. I did wat she said and it turned our horrible, all dry and frizzy.
I think they are totally unporfesssional. PLs do not go JY for rebonding...


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Hey gals,

After hair rebonded, do you all follow up with good hair mask?

I used to use loreal ore relax range but now like no effect anymore...anyone can recommend good range?Thanks

My hair is one that take up most of my spending as I have problematic hair...that is natural curl and has to spend to upkeep it...


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for me, i dun do hair mask one. i only use a good hair cream after i towel dry my hair after wash to keep it moisturised.


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Hi friend,

i just did my hair at 'HAIR OPTIONS' -Tras Street. very impressive result & good service.

My hair is actually naturally-curled and it has always been very stressful whenever its time to do rebonding :p Have tried out many salons but the result was always not satisfying.

My hair always end up very dry or fizzy. Then i happen to know this salon through a friend who highly recommend them for rebonding services.
So today i went for a try ( Hoping tat this time the result will be good ! ) True enough, it turned out really wonderful. First time i dun see frizzy hair ends & also first time i feel my hair so smooth & silky after the rebond :p The stylist was very attentive to the rebond process as she say my top portion hair is very wavy but lower portion is very dry so she has to apply the chemical in 2 sections & different timing, taking every care to ensure tat its not overdone or underdone. i would say she's really very professional & attentive. Other hair stlist do not do tat ... they just apply the chemical throughout my hair at the same time and it always turns out tat my top portion hair is straight & smooth but bottom portion is totally damaged.

I would highly recommend my stylist to ur :p
It really feel great to have finally found a stylist who can handle my stubborn hair..Ha Ha..

HAIR OPTIONS is situated at 73 Tras Steet #01-01. Tel : 6220 5770 .The shop is just a 5 mins walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. She rather busy so i think better call her for appointment before going over :p BTW her name is 'JUNE LEE' :p

They oso sell a wide range of hair products which i am now trying their shampoo & conditioner. Will feedback ur after trying :p



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Hi gals,

Need some advice here. I'm having my AD Nov next year. Is it advisable to rebond my hair now? Thanks!


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hi ladies, my aunt do rebonding n other hair services. she use to have a saloon in hougang. n she resides at sengkang. but now she work from home. her charges are reasonable, definitely cheaper than the outside saloon as there is no rent to pay. ;) if interested, pls PM me for her contacts. btw, need to make appt with her first.



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Hi BTBs... fret not...
Im a fan of rebonding...
If u wan good n cheap...can recommend Extreme Look Salon @ Serangoon Avenue 3 B237.
I had my rebonding w them 3x n e finish qite good...Smooth Straight n w proper care + maintenance (with straightening gel/hair drying)...e effects STAYs! (around 9-12 months)


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Hi all

Anyone has got good recommendations for salon that does rebonding as in touch up for roots in bedok area?thanks


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Hair Option is good for rebonding, I have been their loyal customer for the past 3 years, they have shifted to Orchard now. Price is also reasonable


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Actpoint at Beach Rd. I went once for rebonding (Anson) and once for cut (Jess). No complaints. gd service and consultation. Knows what i meant what i explain, and wont be over-adventurous since I dont like too layered styles. I am going to send my husband there for his haircut before our PS and AD next yr. Haha.


i went to a salon call Papilio..they r famous for rebonding..alot of ppl go there to rebond their sis been going there for the psat few yrs and i went there for my 1st rebonding in march, till now still straight and no outgrow yet (i have curly base)

their price range from
short hair - abt $90
long hair - $120
any length over back bra strap - $150 (max)


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hi all,

i had done rebonding at Yishun Incut, they are very frendly but result out make very me sad & dissaponted...
i did go to deir shop(next day) to talk to dem tat my hair not straight enuff and there r few part near root is feel damage or burn.. dey said not strait is bcos my hair dry( i had never done any chemical more den 1 year) and dey said is not burn and ask me don worry.. but i found my hair keep on fall and found is like burn at d root of d hair and keep on fall.. very sad and dissapointed..
fren, pls don be d victim at dis shop.. pass to ur fren on dis msg..
i still very worry cos hair fall is d top of my head.. can see clearly..


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Hi all

My photoshoot in nov this yr and actual day in marcg 2010. Do u think can do rebonding? My makeup artist is against it, say diff to style hair after that. But my hair like birdnest now..almost cannot tahan anymore. Any suggestion?
Hi valerie,

There is still 3 months from aug to nov...Should be ok leh..the "straightness" should soften by then and it'll be easier for yr makeup artist to style. For my wedding, i also did rebonding in Jan, and my AD is in end problem for my MUA. haha. :D

Otherwise, you can choose to do a soft rebonding first?


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thanks audrey. Having my PS this friday. So after friday, will go and do softbond. Really cannot tahan anymore. heh...


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I just had my soft rebonding ytd..... it was very flat. furthermore my length is like touching shoulder. it turned out not nice. Tot of going back to salon to perm a bit wavy type. Wiil this damage my hair? Pls help me, can anyone advise. Tks!


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hmmm think gt to wait for some period wait for hair condition become better then go back to perm. otherwise it will damage ur hair de. may be after for awhile ur hair won't be so flatten le


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I have been a regular customer to a senior hair stylist for more than a decade. Recently she neglected some portion/ area of my hair. I only know when I went for a haircut. The hairstylist flipped through my hair, teased me, asked where I went for rebonding. Actually, I did not feel right with my hair when the senior hair stylist finished her usual procedure. Combing my hair was not as smooth as the previous time but still I think I may be thinking too much. Never did I expect that senior hair stylist failed to deliver. Although it was verified by another hair stylist, I still find hard to believe, as all along that senior hair stylist seems focused when carrying out her job despite chatting on her other customers' matters with others. I then forwarded to that senior hair stylist the neglected portion, asked her if she can redo for me. Surprisingly, she did not reply. She then replied that she will focus next time when I asked her again few day later. I insisted her to re-do for me as I can't possibly pay full price for incomplete result. Anyway, I managed to arrange a date for the re-do session. Now, I am worried she may pull off stunts when I am there for the re-do session. What if she 'buay paiseh says : oh then I only redo the neglected portion OR : since u have some new hair growth, might as well do again, pay again.

What should I do if hair turns damaged aft the redo session? I worry she may do something since reluctant to redo.

Need some advice. :(


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Hi gals,

Need some advice here. I'm having my AD Nov next year. Is it advisable to rebond my hair now? Thanks!

I feel that japanese salons do a better job when it comes to soft rebond or even curls compared to the neighbourhood ones. I did a curl before at a neighbourhood salon in tiong bahru it was so bad $380 and the next day my hair was lifeless and half dead went back and she permed again causing my hair to fry so i chopped it off and rebond it:(