Ala Carte Renovation Home Owners...Come share your contacts!


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Hi there,

I have this contractor whose name is Raymond. He did my house and some of my collegues place too. I just tell him what i want and he will liase with the supplier, NO HEADACHE for me at all. Very responsible contractor. Good price too. He just did my friend's spa at changi Village. Nice & cosy. His email add:
[email protected]


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Anyone can share the contact of kitchen top supplier for granite or solid top?

I have a carpenter already, so i need contact for doing the kitchen top


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Hi chovin,
I have replied to your PM. Cheers!

Hope my contacts help!


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hi hippo,
can you share your contacts with me? I also want to be my own project coordinator. You seem really a pro at doing up ur reno prep. Many thanks!


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Just to share, I engaged several different people to renovate my place over a 2 week period. My reno was done 1.5 yrs ago. This is what I did for my 5-I flat (which is 10 yrs old):

1. Overlay toilet tiles
2. Install hot water tank and run hot water pipes to both bathrooms. Also change the taps and showers in both bathrooms, plus change toilet bowls and sinks in both bathrooms.
3. Install medium sized bath-tub in both bathroom
4. Repaint whole house (including filling up gaps in walls - this is pre-fabricated HDB walls)
5. Install split unit air-con in 3 bedrooms and living room. i.e. two compressor units
6. Built in wardrobes for all bedrooms
7. Ceiling to floor louvered door cupboard for shoes in the living room
8. Install new lights for living room
9. Change all the switches and electrical socket points in the house (30 over pieces, can die...)
10. Install aluminium grilles for whole house

Everything done for $20k. Do PM me if you are interested on any particular areas.

The tricky bit is co-ordinating the installation of the air-con and the installation of the built-in wardrobe because depending on how your rooms are designed and where you want to install the air con, the built in wardrobe has to conceal the piping for the air-con. And you need to know where the air-con guys are going to run the piping before you tell the carpenters how much space is required for running the pipes.

Have attached some photos to share the before and after.

Living room before and after

Common bathroom before and after

Master bathroom before and after