Ala Carte Renovation Home Owners...Come share your contacts!


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Hi breathe & davy,
You've got mail!


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Hi earthbaby,
Yes, it's the same Eric recommended by House_mover. So far, I am very pleased with his service, esp one of his workers is very good.
Very accomodative to our fussy request to hide the trunking here and there. Hehe...


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Yes I used Eric for my electrical work too, a very nice and helpful guy. I asked him to our hse a few times due to some changes and he also dun show face.. I feel the workmanship so so only and he very busy and forgetful too.. maybe his business too good lah
Overall, is pleased to engage him

He also got good lobang for ceiling which is his friend. When he told me the price, I was quite surprise it is so cheap.. Those engage him consider using his ceiling work contractor so lesser coordination work.


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Can I have the contacts for the ceiling guys too? I need to remove a simple cornice and do some ceiling plastering. Thanks!


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I looking for someone to do cement base only.(for kitchen cabinet & fridge). Anyone can help and kindly PM me the contact. Thanks!


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errmmmm guys ... one question if we want to do al carte , how do we know what sequence of things to do first ????

flooring , air con ducting , kitchen floor, L-box false ceiling, electrical , carpentry , etc etc can anyone please advise the whole list etc?



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1. wet work - hacking, laying of tiles
2. windows if you are changing
3. plastering
4. electrical point
5. false ceiling
6. painting
7. these 3 can be any sequence
a. plumber - if changing to stainless steel water pipe
b. install lightings & down light
c. install window grilles
8. carpentry
9. curtains


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i ala carte the whole house. so quite a number of people I liaise directly with

I overhaul the whole house at $40K. If used ID, probably have to pay $80k because of the amount of extensive renovation I was doing plus their high markup

1 main contractor (provide tilers, plumber, painting) and I negotiated directly with his subcon for doors (fire-rated entrance door, bedroom doors) and false ceiling

1 window contractor - factory direct
for powder coated casement windows & grille, wrought iron main gate
(paid $2800 for windows & grilles. one ID quoted me $5500 and I don't even get double hollow 2mm tube for grille!)

1 electrican $2100 to rewire whole house, SCV point, TV point, PUB testing.

sockets & switches we buy factory direct at wholesale price from Ang Mo Kio industrial park

1 curtain contractor - factory direct

1 caprentry company


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Hi Hippo,

i'll also be starting on minor renovations for my flat, soon. I would like to have your contacts if you don't mind. I need someone to do window grilles, an electrician, a curtain contractor and a painter. Will be very happy if you can forward me your contacts. My email is [email protected]



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hi hippo,

can share ur contacts pls? got a few quotes but still way outta my budget.....

decided to do ala carte......

thanks so much...